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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October's Blogshop of the Month: glossyaddiction

2,789 votes later ...
We have a winner.

After garnering 1,506 votes in two rounds ...
Congratulations to

Banner designed by lilmissmei@gmail.com

Very recently, I met one of the three owners of glossyaddiction for the first time - Charmin, during a COD for The Studded Bag. :) And meeting her, it was really no wonder how they managed to get that landslide victory - against a very formidable opponent who received an overwhelming amount of votes too. Charmin is so nice and so grounded (i.e. down-to-earth, not punished-by-parents) that what usually was a thirty-second COD turned into a 45-minute lepak-ing session outside my campus gates. :D

I guess what I'm trying to say is, Charmin (fun fact: she's a mother of two, btw!) represents that kind of awesome customer service that propelled her blogshop to victory. :) Super friendly, personable, and sweet! Rest assured, the 1,506 votes from their customers, fans, supporters and friends are vouching for what I saw for myself that day. :D This is one blogshop stamped with the YourShoppingKaki Readers' Choice approval!

Pictured above: The Studded Bag

And golly gee wheez, The Studded Bag truly deserves some gushing over! Soft faux leather, no weird bag smells, primly flawless, and studded to perfection! A studded drawstring bucket bag that lives up to its name. :D After several restocks, there's one last piece in black - looks equally gorgeous! - and YSK readers can grab it for RM64! (See the RM5-discount-for-all-bags promo below!)

Oh oh and latest news on the grapevine from Charmin - they've opened a restock list for this studded bag! :D So, you can place your order for black, dark brown, or light brown (like mine!) - and it's only RM64 for you!

Q&A with Charmin Yeoh
Co-owner of glossyaddiction

  • YSK: When did "glossyaddiction" start? Why?
  • Charmin: Umm, August'09. Well, It's more because of interest than anything else. How did it all started? I only have my sister to blame lol. Well, i was introduce to the world of online shopping by her like a few months back and found it so addictive and exciting. It's like everyday you practically find great stuff which makes you wanna spend and the list of e-boutiques to choose from are just endless. So, i figured it must be something interesting to venture into since i'm currently not attach to a full time job anyway. Together with my sisters we decided to give this a try.
  • YSK: Who are the people behind "glossyaddiction"? Tell us about yourselves!
  • Charmin: 3 ordinary girls with extra ordinary passion and taste. Sisters. Charlie's Angels. Whos names happen to rhyme at the beginning lol. Charlotte, Charmin and Charlene (in order of age!) Charlotte is totally in control of the ka ching ka ching $$ ~ book keeping and numbers, her forte and whom we depend on for sound business advice. Charlene is studying abroad at the moment but she'll be the designated model in future cause she looks so good in everything! and Charmin the one running the day to day business and maintaining the blog while getting very grounded advice and ideas from her siblings. And yes, she's the one who's been answering your mails and taking your orders.

Charlotte | Charmin | Charlene

  • YSK: How would you describe the style of "glossyaddiction"?
  • Charmin: glossyaddiction = Sensual, Intimidating, Alluring. Our collection are pieces that's to our taste which we would absolutely buy and use! We would like to impose a kick ass edgy feel to our blog ;> That's why we added a music feature to elevate your shopping experience with us. Won't tell what's playing, you'll have to come and click on the "addict zone" icon to know :) We are very practical beings, so what you see in glossyaddiction are not really runway styles but pretty neat buys that makes you feel all high just looking at them. I'm sure you know what i mean Sha-Lene *smiles cheekily*

  • YSK: What kind of items do you sell, and what's the price range?
  • Charmin: We sell clothing, accessories, belts and of course our main driver BAGS! and What's glossyaddiction without bags rite? We started of focusing on women apparel but couldn't contain our excitement when it comes to bags! A self pro-claim Bag-a-holic i am, its just natural for us to include bags into our collection. But little did we know, it eventually helped loads to the business. Our pricing i'd say affordable for most items. But then again we look for neat, quality buys that we feel would appeal even if it's slightly pricier. So some items may come at a price, but quality is definitely assured.

YSK: I bought that studded bag in light brown! :D Love it to bits.
Still available in black, RM64 for YSK readers!

  • YSK: First the MNG bags, then the studded bags and Chanel-inspired bags. "glossyaddiction" has created quite the storm over tasteful bags! Are you going to specialise in bags in future?
  • Charmin: First of all, what a statement! lol Oh yeah, those bags did flew out the door like within hours of posting. While we do admit our bags are getting really good response (thanks babes!), we are still at a point where we are unsure if it's wise to put all eggs in one basket. If given an option, we definitely would love to. I mean to be able to just focus on something i personally love is totally awesome. Probably in future we would if our bags keep flying off the shelves like they do now haha, yeah why not.

A sneak preview of upcoming updates!

  • YSK: Why name your blog "glossyaddiction"? What does it mean?
  • Charmin: I've been trying to think of a name that would reflect what I'd personally want from an online shopping experience. And to me, it's really buying something which makes me look and feel good while knowing i'd be back for more. Hence, it's like the high feeling that you've just walked out from those addictive glossy covered magazines and which you're totally dying to see what's in store for the next issue/update!

  • YSK: What's your best memory of running "glossyaddiction"?
  • Charmin: Two actually. First was getting our first order! We've waited like 2 weeks i think before the first order came in and i was so excited i actually squeek in excitement lol. And then i quickly message my sisters to let them know and sat there reading the mail over and over again, and it really wasn't that long lol. I'm sure blogshop owners would know what i mean. Secondly, meeting a lot of nice and helpful reviewers like you. I'm sure everyone would agree on this one :)

  • YSK: Your blogshop won the most votes (a whopping 1353 votes to be exact!) not only in this October contest, but in all our voting polls this year! What do you think is the cause of this record-breaking support, and the secret to your success?
  • Charmin: Oh gosh, i really dunno. We did rally in Facebook for votes but definitely didn't expect this outcome. We are really encourage by this response. Heartfelt gratitude to all who voted ~ family, customers, friends who totally bought in my SOS messages, facebook supporters, and YSK readers of course. Thanks for giving a newbie like us a chance to shine :)
The Very Special Promotion for YSK readers
1) FREE POSTAGE FOR ENTIRE MONTH (applicable to everything except Bags)
~ 1 piece via Pos Ekspres
~ 2 pieces and above via Pos Laju

2) BIG BIG DISCOUNTS STOREWIDE (applicable to all except new arrivals) - In conjunction with Oct BOTM victory!
~ We are talking like tops - nothing over RM35 and dresses - nothing over RM40
~ Everything must go to make room for more goodies


Example: Free bra straps that came as a gift along with my studded bag! So sweet ya!

4) SPECIAL FOR YSK READERS (by mention in order form)
~ RM5 discount off any bag!

The above promotion offer is valid for the entire month of October '09 unless stated otherwise.
So, what're you waiting for?
Click *HERE* to see exactly why they won!

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Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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