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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two words. One Dream.

Anna Sui.
Marc Jacobs.
Karl Lagerfeld.
Alexander McQueen.
Diane von Furstenberg.
Emily Laurine.

Two words that mean four:
Trendy and affordable fashion. ;)

From bodycon dresses to studded vests, funky printed leggings, zipper tops,
argyle cardigans, chic blazers, studded belts, lace-back tank tops,
vintage bags, white knitted cardigans, denim shorts, ruffled playsuits,
to the current "It" necklace featuring oversized diamante studs ...

Emily Laurine just keeps getting better and better -
and you'll be really really proud to be their customer,
supporting them from their freshfaced beginnings! :D

Q&A with Laura
Co-owner of Emily Laurine

  • YSK: Who are the people behind Emily Laurine? Tell us about yourselves! :)
  • Laura: We started out as a sisters’ team, both my sister Emily and I. That kinda explains where we got our e-boutique name from, lol. I’ve just graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Universiti Malaya this August, so am currently in the midst of filling out job applications and running our e-biz full time. Emily’s back to campus for the new semester (coincidently she’s also taking the same course as mine in the same university, so in a way we share loads of things in common!). Hence to date I’m considered the sole “guardian” and owner of Emily Laurine till her semester break begins.

Emily | Laura

  • YSK: Why did you start Emily Laurine?
  • Laura: Fashion is my passion. And I’ve also dreamt of being an entrepreneur for the longest time! It still amazes me how I first got into online shopping late last year – frankly I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it! But as time passes, I see the opportunity that the online realm opens up to budding entrepreneurs, and I just knew that I wanted to be part of this exciting growth. To be able to marry my passion with a potential future career is one of the best things that can ever happen to me. And I am determined to make it work. There are still lotsa things to learn, so right now I’m simply enjoying the experience and at the same time, making as many friends and contacts as possible. :)
  • YSK: What's your vision for Emily Laurine?
  • Laura: My vision is to make Emily Laurine a synonymous brand name with trendy, chic and affordable fashion. Not only that, I try to keep our blogshop as personal as possible with our customers, from the way we present our items to our services. I would say that we’re still a newbie and in the infancy stage at this point. But if all goes well according to plan (and hopefully some pleasant surprises spring up along the way!), we’d like to move to a dot com site with a more organized layout and nicer overall outlook and display. Also, we hope to open a physical store in KL or Selangor whereby our customers can have a wholesome dose of retail therapy- seeing, touching, feeling and trying on the items. Oh, and bazaars! I know there are like a gazillion of bazaars going on nowadays, but I’d LOVE to participate in one in the near future. That’s what I can see from where we are now, lol.
  • YSK: What kind of stocks/range/items do you bring in?
  • Laura: At this moment, mostly clothes sourced from local suppliers. We’ve just came back from an oversea spree so there are imported goodies in store as well. We’re planning to expand our business to shoes and bags soon, so stay tuned yea! I’m a shoes and bags fanatic, so do expect some really gorgeous finds. ;) We’ll also be making more overseas trips to Bangkok, Singapore and Taiwan to source for yummilicious one-of-a-kind goodies. We know wat girls are looking for and honestly it takes going to the right places to find the right items yea, hehe. :)

  • YSK: What's your best memory so far in running Emily Laurine?
  • Laura: When customers come back to me satisfied and loving their purchases, it really makes my day! Nothing beats that! Oh and the photo shoot sessions we had were always such good fun- Mixing and matching clothes, taking outrageous shots when we run out of ideas on how to pose. Well, many of them outrageous ones failed and had to be disposed, but they were hilarious nonetheless. It can get a little tiring at times, but honestly, in the end it’s all worth it :)
  • YSK: What do you love most about shopping online?
  • Laura: I would say the ability to get unique items which we seldom get to see locally. Also, designer-inspired apparels, at a fraction of the original price! Everything at just a click of the mouse. Shopping online is definitely catching up in Malaysia, and I believe that this is the way forward.

Photo: At the suppliers abroad!

Emily Laurine will also be participating in Enspired Bazaar this October 24, Saturday!
Prices as affordable as RM20, ladies. ;)

And because you're a YSK reader, look what special offers are in store for you! :D
Enjoy 10% discount on all items reviewed by me - in this post & in future reviews too!
Enjoy 15% discount off your total bill for purchases of 3 items and above!
*Note: Discounts not applicable for sales items*

Password: "I'm a YSK reader!"

Emily Laurine is their dream -
but the fashion they bring in? Yours!

*Click here to visit Emily Laurine now!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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# Emily Laurine "Hey Sha-Lene! I know i've said it b4 but... thanks for everything sweetie! Hehe it's been great working with you ;) cheers! xoxo"
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2009-10-14 3:24 AM

# Rachel "I love the ads that you write la, babe :)"
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