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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bra Clips & Chanel Bags!

Ola, shopping kaki! :D

If you've enjoyed our previous Product Reviews - non-commercial, honest & fair stories straight from my personal shopping bag - you're going to love the ones I've got in store! ;)

Today's product review: Bra Clips!

Bra clips from Agape Boutique, only RM5 each

Personally tried and tested! :D
Not only did they keep too-loose bra straps from falling off my shoulders,
they are also superbly useful when wearing racerbacks!

Inspired by the original U.S. product, which is probably way more expensive :P
Accomplishes the same purpose! Gives a push-up effect without looking unnatural, too ;)
So it's like turning all your bras into a WonderBra :DDD
You can adjust the length of your bra strap to whichever is comfortable for you.

Using the bra clips is like having a cross-back bra strap effect,
which is impossible to do for some bras where the straps are not detachable :)

Two ways of wearing the bra clips (as pictured in the instruction picture above).
My advice would be to buy at least two pieces - it'll only be RM13 including Pos Ekspres :)
Because these are plastic (though not the flimsy plastic, this plastic is really quite sturdy),
if it does somehow break or spoil, then you have a spare.
Or you can give your mum/sister one :P
But all of Agape Boutique's customers have sung praises of these bra clips :D
So we are definitely vouching for the effectiveness and usefulness!

See what I mean? :D
But on a final note of caution: The bra clips are not meant to be worn for very long hours, ok?
Just like the NuBra or FreeBra, this is not meant to be a permanent replacement/fixture.
I think that if you put the bra clip on your bra straps for too long or too often,
they may damage your bra straps. Because it pulls at them, so please use them carefully!
With careful use, it should be fine. :) With great power comes great responsibility yea :P


Photo credits to me :P Pictured: 4 out of 7 bags to be reviewed :)
Chanel-inspired quilted chain flap bags
The name just gets longer each time I try to describe it :P

I will be reviewing the bags from:
AliceWonders.com | Triplebee | Bagz Pool | Nakalicious
Garderobe | B-Zenn | Agape Boutique

The bags from the first row are the ones in the picture above -
yellow from AliceWonders, red from Triplebee, black from BagzPool, white from Nakalicious!
We are still waiting for pink from Garderobe, white (gold chain) from B-Zenn,
& haven't-decided-which-colour from Agape Boutique. :P
Yes, this product review has been months in the planning!

As you can see, they are very different sources, prices & very different
variations of the bag (zipper, pockets, material, texture, colours, shape). :D
I thought this would be really, really helpful for those of you
who are interested to buy Chanel-inspired bags but uncertain on which!
(The kind of review I wish someone would've written for me to read, lol!)

So, stay tuned for this and more product reviews!
Coming SOON to a cinema near you!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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