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Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting to know... Room 8008!

Do you know who is Kiki Chen?

With one of the most recognisable faces in the online shopping community, Kiki Chen is the owner, model and photographer behind Room 8008. :D This is the blogshop that shoppers swarm over every Sunday night for their previews - where you get first dibs at discounted rates - and then Monday night for their official collection launches!

This is the blogshop that other blogshop owners shop at! ;) The joke on the grapevine is that all you have to do is check out that customer list on the sidebar of Room 8008, and you've practically got the yellow pages on the online shopping community. :D

And there's little wonder why.

Complete with exclusive sneak peak at their upcoming updates (see: photos in this blog post!) and latest items still available, this is one feature interview that you can't miss!

Amazing photographs. A gorgeous model. The fun-loving personality of the entrepreneur behind it. And of course, a long list of loyal and beloved customers - well, they're more than just customers ...

They're roommates.

Let's get to know the woman who came up with the magical concept of roommates congregating in Room 8008 every weekend for some power-shopping!

Q&A with Kiki Chen
Owner of
Room 8008

  • YSK: Who are the people behind Room8008? :)
  • Kiki: Room8008 is handled all by myself...alone (sob sob) an old woman ^^ i am a big blur queen who likes to do something crazy, something that people never thought i will do but i do it ^^ i'm a dummy for online and the stuff call computer, i even use one month to find out what is blog and how to post up the picture in blog, i like to chill out, y so serious rite ^^ but starting this blog make me learn a lot of stuff , especially my EQ, i have a hot temper and low self esteem person, but with room i try to handle all the problem by myself of coz without throwing temper toward my customer ^^
  • YSK: Tell us the story of how Room8008 began. What inspired you to start this blogshop?
  • Kiki: room 8008 began with 4 silly gal, like to hang out around after class ^^ ha hahaa we r uni opssssss id college friend, ya ya actually the room8008 is our secret gathering place.. everytime when we feeltired or wanna skip class we will meet in that room and began chit chat, gossip and talk about our dream idea and exchange info hahahhaha, but now all off we already graduate and work in different field so when i decidde to start the blog i was thinking that what name shud i put then room 8008 just pop in my head ^^ coz i was thinking to memorise those moment hanging with them ^^ and maybe i can find another soul mate here ^^ that y i din call my customer is customer or client or buyer, I CALLED THEM ROOMATES / ROMMIES fell more closer and intimate ^^ my purpose open this blog not all is for profit , i have my own company so i have stable income ^^ beggining is for fun but lately i become passionate toward fashion, i feel happy when roomates like my collection (mean i have my taste in fashion) hahaha u cannot image how touching i was when i saw my roomates wearing the cloth that she buy from me and tell me how lovely they are... *(we r bump in to in pavillion) ^^
  • YSK: When did Room8008 start? How long has it been around?
  • Kiki: err.. the excatly is in middle november 08 cause i use almost 1 month to figure out how to operate the blog.. i'm not familiar in computer n net stuff ^^
  • YSK: Why Sunday night previews and Monday updates?
  • Kiki: 1st time i think i wanna make diff with other blog so i set up preview 9but now i think alot ppl also follow the preview strategy, kinda bored, i must think smething differently ) but MONDAY is roomday, i always update in monday since i start the blog
  • YSK: Where do you get your supplies (imported or local) and what factors do you take into account when you are choosing stocks?
  • Kiki: It depends.. mostly is HK base n bangkok , but lately i been to taiwan (taipei) i think the good is cool, planning next year will directly fly to KOREA i think will be awasome ^^ i hold this principle when i choose my stocks: design, cutting, material!

  • YSK: Here are some questions buyers might have in mind - What are the price range of your items, what kind of clothes do you sell, and how do people pay you? Do you COD?
  • Kiki: price range is from 29 till 89, modern stuff, i like chiffon and comforatble soft cotton ^^, normally they will pay trhorugh maybank2u or cimb, now i have paypal, cod only in bangsar n times square
  • YSK: What is your favourite item you have ever sold on Room8008 and why?
  • Kiki: yayyaya the tutu skirt love it so much! u can have the picture here.

  • YSK: What is a memory of running Room8008 you'd like to share with us?
  • Kiki: yeah.. i always been cheated.. other blog like to kacau me, tipu tipu say she like my stuff and hold it for 1-2 week then cancell it or some is MIA, spam my email said the model is ugly ( i am the model hahahhahaha) fat, like bulldog but i don care, my mom say i am pretty what ^^...
  • i handle so many MIA and back out stuff i neve scold them and neve blacklisted also cause i und some ppl memang like that their mind always change like whether some time like some times dun like ( BUT PLS TAKE NOTE, SHOP WITH 8008 MUST HOLD ONE PRINCIPLE, PLSSSSSSSSS DO INFORM ME IF U CANCELL THE ITEMS DONT BE AFRAID , I WONT BITE AS LONG AS WITHIN RESERVATION PERIOD, I'M OK, IF OVER THE RESERVATION PERIOD I ALSO UDAH RELEASE THE ITEM LAR SO I DUN CARE TOO ^^)
  • i remember got one gal beg me ( u see beg me ok) for letting the dress for her, then i agree in the end (acc the dress is need to pass to other waiting list punya) and she wan cod in 8.30am morning i agree to cause she need urgently but when i reach the cod place tomorrow morning she din turn up, i call she din pick up,, i call many time she directly turn off the HP, i wait her there for almost 45 min, sigh.... i nearly cry there.. damn scary the street is empty no shop open just left me and few foreign worker... gosh
  • YSK: Room8008 is definitely one of the most estalished and successful blogshops in Malaysia. What words of wisdom do you have for newcomers to the industry? And what would you say has been the secret to your success?
  • Kiki: A dummy like me also can start and pursuit my dream , dun care what other ppl say, if u think u can do it just try, but pls take note starting ablog is not like a piece of cake , c'mon where got so easy, u need to maintain and reply hundred a mail a day, pppl will scold u and bias and say many bad thing a bout u n ur blog, u need to be strong .. a good start indeed...
  • YSK: You mentioned there's a question your customers often ask you - maybe you can answer it here for all of us to read: How come you don't usually smile in your pics? :D
  • Kiki: ah ya... if u know me personally u will know that i always like to smileeeeeeeeeeeee, laugh and joking person, i din smile while taking picture is becoz i using self timer to take it, all the pic i taking my selft, i am the hair dresser, make up artis, photogtapher (all in one) so i cannot stand my smile till 10 sec then the camera just clicksssssss.. i will die to hold my smile ^^so roomates be understand sikit ya ^^

See you at Room 8008! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Su Mei ♥ Kelly ♥ said...

LOL her answer to the last question is SO hilarious and cute!!love room 8008

SuetLe said...

Yeah Kiki is the Best !

SweeLee said...

Yeah Kiki is the Best !

Amnesty Ding said...

Kiki is a fun-loving person :) I first get to know her as a client and then now we are frens. Everything she stated in the interview question is true :) Way to go Kiki :)) Love you!!

ROOM8008 said...

hihihihihihi.... i forget to add one more thing... i verylazy make up so when ppl cod with me dun be scared of my bare naked skin face ^^

nii said...

i love room8008
kiki is so superb
she actually did everything herself!
good luck in ur sales!
will always support you
but provided thats is smth reali suit me!

Anonymous said...

sorry but can u change the model(Kiki). coz truly speaking no offence..she's ugly..pick a model like someone from attireattics or phatculture(the pretty girl) then i think we as viewers will view the clothes in a better way..thanks! we want hot sexy model.not this old lady!

Anonymous said...


Honestly, with no offence, you're so rude. :)

Who are you to judge if one is pretty or not? I think Kiki is pretty, AND hot, and as for viewing the clothes in a better way? I think the (possibly incomplete) list of customers on the sidebar can tell you their views.

Besides, she is genuine enough to reveal her identity *cough*, and we love her and Room 8008. :)

Anonymous said...

I think she has a gorgeous body. But seriously her face cant make it. Sorry ya. But this is what i feel. Maybe she should have crop off her face a little so that customers do focus on her dress more. I guess if something is done here, she will definitely have much more customers than what she has now. :D Go girl.

Anonymous said...

You know what? People like you aka haters that have nothing better to do should just go away and leave darling kiki alone..she is beautiful inside and out and most of all Customers loves her clothes and what would room8008 be without her? Ps you must be some UGLY person since you can say all this insulting things to another person.

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