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Monday, July 13, 2009

We Give Special Prices to YSK Readers! *gasp*

Hello y'all! This is Yunnie here, Your Shopping Kaki's first guest blogger and this is my very first post! *drum rolls please!*

As some of you might not know, YSK has collaborated with a number of blogshops in order to provide our extremely special readers (yes, you!) with various promotions and discounts! Readers, simply quote the given password to the selected blogshop and receive many exciting special offers!

Password: I wanna grab that!
Promotion: Free postage via pos ekspress. Discounted price for Pos Laju. (Only for items reviewed)

From flirty summer dream dresses and vintage hooks to extremely versatile cocktail dresses and cropped tops! I am personally obsessed with the grey cropped top. Doesn't it remind you of Step Up 2 the movie? :)

Promotion: 5% discount and free postage for any item reviewed by YSK.

Munchy-dunkin Closet has the thing for you! Whether you're a tomboy, princess at heart or simply somewhere in between, you are sure to find gems at Munchy-dunkin Closet!

Password: 8168
Promotion: 15% discount for items reviewed by YSK.

Dangerously chic. Two words to describe all their available items! Wear the denim dress to be street chic, and the secretary themed dress for a lunch date. Zipper dress for that twist for your night out with the girls and of course, the sailor-inspired top for casual everyday wear. ;) Most of their items are sold out but some are still available! Get yours now before they're gone!

Password: I heart Lazy Shoppers
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed by YSK. With the purchase of item reviewed with two other items, free postage will be provided!

Love the variety! Wedged gladiators for the comfort of your feet. Checkered multiway bag for the inner Gossip-Girl you. Cropped jackets to jazz up a simple outfit. Oh, and my favourite, a floral dress perfect for tea parties! :)

Password: Midnight Carnivale is with YSK!
Promotion: Free postage via pos ekspress for items reviewed by YSK.

They sure live up to the midnight carnivale theme with all the masquerade masks! :) They are having a clearance sale right now so items are selling at unbelievable prices! Hurry before it's all sold out!

Password: Shopping is our mutual passion
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed

Our Mutual Passion provides such quirky feminine clothes suitable for all occasions either for college, work or simply casual wear. :) It is sure to bring out that passion of shopping from you.

Password: I am miss shopaholic's shopping kaki!
Promotion: Free postage for any item(s) reviewed by YSK

Providing chic wear suitable for all occasions. I certainly get the Devil Loves Prada feel from their clothes! Fashionable yet affordable! Drools and don't you just love the red bag? So classy and definitely not your average handbag! It's sold out but totally restockable *gasp*!

Password: Unicorn Kaki Unite!
Promotion: 5% additional discount for items reviewed (including promotional items). 10% additional discount after 14 July.

Love the sporty off shoulder grey top! Wear it with jeans or leggings for the laid-back look! They are having a storewide promotion which ends today! Eeep!

Password: I'm A Sweet Toother
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed. Enquire for extra bonuses when purchasing more items!

With such bright-eyed and bushy-tailed clothes, it is impossible not to fall in love! Striking yet not over the top, get yours now for that fresh *seventeen* look! :) :) :)

Password: Dot me!
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed and free postage for all items.

Bringing in unique and trendy pieces such as their graffiti frill top! So artsy yet urban at the same time. You don't see that many going around, do you? :) Now selling at awesome prices!

Password: Because YOU deserve to be pampered!
Promotion: Free eye/nose mask if purchase more than RM 100 Free postage if more than RM 50. For returning buyers, secret discounts will be given!

These items are so delish! Especially the fruit slices which are oh-so-special. I took ages looking at the different pretty pretty designs. D-mask also provides beauty products such as facial masks and cleansing oils! *Based on the positive consumer feedback, it works!*

Password: BOX ME UP!
Promotion: Free postage for items reviewed

So vibrant and funky for that mini-rock star kiddo in you! Love the stripey candy socks, will look great with Converse sneakers I reckon! They have everything from dresses to basic colour tops! :)

Password: We love the SLEEK SISTERS!
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed.

I love their mod retro designs they brought in! You don't mess with the retro, yo! ;) And high-waisted studded shorts? How unique! We love our studs to bits. *giggles*

Password: I'm a bibliotaph too - YSK
Promotion: 5% discount for all items.

Us girls just love chick lit books! Especially for a quiet night in, with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Oooh, the ultimate relaxation night. :) Most books are brand new and are selling cheaper than the retail prices!

Password: A Lil of Shopping
Promotion: 10% off and free postage for all YSK readers on all the products except pre-orders.

A wide variety of goodies to choose from! Rattan bags for your holidays at the beach! Chic dresses for cocktails and parties! Well, it really is a lil of everything. *winks*

Password: Better shopping experience at Varieties Shops with YSK
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed

Trinkets such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it! Varieties Shops has it all and at such affordable prices too!

Password: Nouveauclothes adores YSK
Promotion: 10% discount for items reviewed

Decent clothes at decent prices! Their mission statement, teehee! Either you are quirky or just simple, there is something at Nouveauclothes for you!

Password: Style With Us
Promotion: Free Postage with any purchase from www.stylista88.blogspot.com, clearance items, free postage and 5% discount

With mouthwatering city slicker clothes, what's not to like! The belts are so gorgeous, if I may say so. :) :) And of course, be different and jazz up your outfit with a scarf!

Pre-Order Boutique

Password: Pre-order Boutique & YSK collaboration
Promotion: 10% discount for every item reviewed.

Pre-orders for gorgeous affordable items that are worth the wait. Plus, this e-boutique offers prices that are jaw-dropping! If you're a patient person (and you should be!), what are you waiting for? Hoppity hop over to Pre-order Boutique! :) :)

To check out the original partnership information: *Click Here*
To check out our first batch of special offers (just to see what you've missed in the past!): *Click Here*

Tips To Make Full Use Of YSK's Partnership Project
1. See something you like from one of the blogshops on our priority blogroll?
2. E-mail in to YSK to see if she'll review that item.
3. Enjoy your discount/free shipping!

To Blogshop Owners Interested To Join This Partnership

1. E-mail yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com with your special offer
2. You'll be informed when you get selected! :)
3. Reviewing priority will go to your updates whenever possible
4. Place an announcement on your sidebar and/or as a blog entry to announce your special collaboration with Your Shopping Kaki :)

Your Guest Blogger!
Yunnie :)

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