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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"8 First Days of School"

Happy Thursday, happy people! :)

Remember when we were about six years old, when we had to go to school for the first time?
Hardcore, afraid-to-ask-the-teacher-if-you-can-go-to-the-bathroom primary school? :P
Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time - and we've had so many First Days after!
(And so many more to come!)

First day of college...
First day of uni...
First day at your summer job or internship...
First day of work...

But here's to having some fun to think about what you could wear for your first 8 days
back to school/uni/college, because we gotta rock our wardrobes while we still can! ;)

Let's start with...

Day 1: That First Impression

From Fushimii RM26 | From Doublewoot RM40

Think modest, not-too-OTT, yet intriguing and mysterious! ;)
These vintage vespa prints on a simple white tee would go down well with denim jeans.
Simple, chic, and tasteful. Or perhaps you'd like a longer version -
A shirtdress the likes of Doublewoot's inspired art one!
Tops like these show an appreciation for quiet beauty.
Five stars for first impressions! :D

Day 2: Surprise yourself!

An Old Flame RM40 | RM75

I say, take the predictable and twist it up! :D
These AOF pieces: the nautical boatneck tunic and cutout peeptoes - have done exactly that.
The dress shows schoolgirl promise, but its mod length and collar are totally unexpected!
Same goes for the gorgeous tanned shoes - the shoelace effect is reminiscent of
school canvas shoes, but they've turned it up a notch! ;)

Day 3: Peacock

From A Lil of Everything RM39 (incl postage) | From pochi.Ochi RM10

If we were to take the basic concept of Neil Strauss' "peacocking" strategy from The Game,
wearing something unusually attractive would be a surefire way to start a conversation!
Give it a try by wearing a statement piece like a striking handmade cincher
or a gorgeous flower headband in your hair! ;)

Day 4: Dress to Chillax

From Threadbarn RM29 | From In Style Store RM30

Just in case you think I'm speaking Martian, Chillax = Chill and Relax! :P
"Just relax and be yourself" is probably one of the most over-said sentences when it comes to meeting new people or starting something new - but that doesn't make it any less true! :D
Relax in laid-back pieces like tie-dye tank tops or dresses, because eventhough some
in the fashion-conscious community might see these as old-fashioned...
There's something very Chillaxed and unstressful about tie-dye! ;)

Day 5: Get back to the basics

From Clothes Carousel RM22 | RM20

Tank dresses are my all-time favourite staple pieces, because they're so versatile and comfy!
Light up the room with a basic sunshine piece - also comes in blue if yellow isn't your colour. :D
And here's a pair of those three-quarter denim leggings that some of you are searching for!
Going at a very affordable price - and it's the last piece!

Day 6: Bring your puppy to school!

From J's Fashion Diary RM55 | RM55

Just kidding! Lol, more like carry your sense of humour around with you! ;)
Big, roomy, versatile bags are a must-have for campus and out, in general.
Take your pick from this new blogshop, they've got a gorgeous bag collection in-store!

Day 7: Go Bottoms Up with your cup half-full!

From Andmoreagain RM30-39

With names like GAP, Uniqlo and Zara on those labels, go for bottoms without going broke!
Whether you prefer 'em whisker-washed capri, ripped boyfriend, unusually nautical, or flared -
you just might find what you're looking for in this preloved blogshop!
These kinda bottoms are the easiest to carry you through all day, from school/work to play. ;)
Plenty more from the site that I couldn't squeeze into this review. :D

Day 8: Go crazy!
From Shopaholics Unite RM39 | RM55

Your new friends have had seven whole days to get to know the real you...
now go crazy with the most whimsical clothing you can get! :D
Go Gossip Girl with this plaid pinafore dress, or...
Yes! You may very well have heard it here first!
Their heavenly summer tea dresses are BACK!
Go and place your order already. ;D

~ Have a good week back to school! ~

Next Week:
"Lucky Number 8"

Call me superstitious, but it's necessary (and fun!) to have that lucky something!
Whether it’s a lucky shirt, skirt, bracelet, or swimwear (LOL), having that reliable,
wonderfully dependable Lucky Something tucked away in your closet is awesome! ;)
But it also has to be special enough, and maybe means something to you
(even if it may not mean anything to another person) –
but we're gonna kick start your Lucky Something hunt for you! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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