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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"8 New Kids On The Block"

Hola happy shoppers! :D

Enjoying the Malaysian Mega Sales Carnival that's taken over the offline malls? ;)
Don't forget our dearest online blogshops too ya!
And here's a leg-up for some newbies -
the whole point of a review site is to help buyers & sellers, after all. :D

Here are some reasons why shopping with new shops are good (offline/online):
1) Cheaper prices, usually. It's all about being competitive!
2) Eagerness to build good customer base & reputation - thus, good service.
3) Sheer enthusiasm!

Here goes your 8 rows of newbies for the day! ;)

From Adorable Muslimah RM35 | T-shirt Wey RM49 | Passion For Fashion RM40

Admittedly, I've been severely neglecting Muslim chic fashion! :( Well, time to change that. :D
This modest ruffled piece with exaggerated rara hems is pretty fashionable! And affordable!
And the t-shirt newbie deserves a review because the Bono shirt made me laugh. Ha!
And Passion For Fashion is a new ready-stock site with affordable prices! :) Love that dress!

From One Drop Perfumes RM40 | From Dear Dream Maker RM13

So I realised I've never reviewed perfumes before - and I can't think of a reason why!
I'm a huge believer in perfumes, and these cutesy little perfumes are, well, cute!
And affordable. They'd make a great gift too. ;)
Plus points for the blogshop for having tips on how to wear perfume! :D
And are you squealing at those adorable silk bowtie ribbons already? Steal them now!

From Dudes n Duchess RM89 | RM89 | From Vain Pot RM48

Instant love!

The two on the left - flowy and feminine chiffon dresses.
Imagine being the belle of the ball in that snowy white dress -
or slipping into a pair of flip-flops and hitting the mall in that beaded dress! ;)
The dual-tone statement dress (that's a new one!) on the right - adorable!
Excellent photos btw - both newbies to keep an eye on!

From Rob My Closet RM39 | From E-Fu 4 u RM32

Newbies with goodies from here and abroad! :D
Also, so many studded bangles and bracelets that I nearly went blind (with joy).
And E-Fu 4 u is a new ready-stock site - I think that long tank top would be great for petites!
It's 76cm (about 30 inches) - can definitely be worn with leggings or tights. :)

From The Quaint Shop RM26 | Drama Frills RM45 | Sachi Mieko RM55

Hehehehee. So colourful and vibrant!
Will brighten up any old room. :D

From Varieties Shops RM46 | A Season In Summer RM35

If you ask me, 2008's electric blue still has a zing! that doesn't fade away
just because the calendar turned a few pages.
And those gorgeous floral sundresses? Talk about affordable happiness! :D

Last but not least...
Let's see what's new in handmade/custom-made! :D

Handmade cards made from recycled material, RM5 from Heart Eco.

Masquerade masks, custom-designed dresses, or magnetic plaques.
Only at The Artsy Craftsy, blogger turned businesswoman ;)

So - watch these sites to see how things promise to blossom! :D

Next Week's Review:
"8 First Days Of School"

Time to conquer those back-to-school blues with 8 rockin' outfits for your first 8 days! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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