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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Advertorial: Getting to know the girls of Motte Closet

In my humble opinion, this is the blogshop that is synonymous with Studded Belts!

Welcome to Motte Closet. :D

Think quirky, rare, but still affordable fashion! :D
These girls have got an eye for style, and I personally love the stocks they bring in from abroad!

Here are some of many, many available items on the site! ;)

Discalceate RM60 | Secret Blue RM60
First up - footwear!
From casual, earthy sandals to cute peeptoe wedges.
Comfort and style bundled into each pair!

Lacey RM45 | Ideate RM49
Ruffled sleeves!
Lace or chiffon - which ever your pick, they've got it in-store. :D
Loving the Cowboy effect of the lacey one. Feminine but rugged!

Wheeee! It's always a good time to go denim!
Whether cute tops and li'l minidresses or full-length explosive maxi dresses,
quality assured and everyone looks good. :D

Daedal RM40 | Rock it RM50
Laid-back long sleeves on your palette?
Keep warm in freezing lecture halls or work buildings, while looking chic! ;)
Gold satin minidress on the right is perfect for high-tea at a posh hotel...
... or private cocktail parties... or romantic candlelit dinners. :D

We know their signature products...
Now it's time to know the people behind the blogshop!

Q&A with Mandy
Co-owner of Motte Closet
  • YSK: Who are the people behind Motte Closet? Tell us about yourselves!
  • Mandy: First and foremost, the people behind MC are obviously the two ladies you saw in MC, which is me, Mandy and my dear sister Megan. I’m currently working in a fashion industry; my sister is still in college and us both an overwhelming passion and interest in the fashion line. We are both very curious, fussy person. Our curiosity tends to drive us to explore and learn more. Our fussiness somehow made us picky while purchasing stocks desired.

Mandy | Megan
  • YSK: What's the story behind Motte Closet? How did it start?
  • Mandy: We have always wanted to open our own boutique, which is our dream. However, it is never going to be easy. In January '09, we decided to put our knowledge, experiences and talents on an expandable asset. So, we started our blog shop, ‘The Chocolate Buttons’, as a fresh start. TBC went on and was doing not bad. In the process, we are too learning slowly and gaining more experience. After four months, on April '09, we decided it is time to take it all to the next level in expanding our little business making the best of it. Expanding the blog to something more; something more elegant, classic and yet trendy. This was when we changed ‘TBC’ to ‘MC’. Customers tend to ask why we change blog’s name and theme. Well, first of all, we would say it’s to improve on any flaws we’ve got previously and lastly, like I said to take it all to the next level.
  • YSK: Why "Motte Closet"? What does the name mean?
  • Mandy: ‘The Chocolate Buttons’ was our first name created. As Chocolates are sweet and delicious, it also symbolizes passion, as for Valentine’s Day. The name could be said as the passionate buttons or zippers or skirts, but it is all just to project our passion for fashion. As for ‘Motte Closet’, there is also a hidden agenda to it. The definition of the word Motte is a copse or small stand of trees on a prairie. Also to say as dried up trees like those in autumn. We choose this name as we thought, it is impossible for anyone to go naked not wearing clothes in this world. Clothing is a necessity for everybody, like trees need leaves and flowers to look both beautiful and strong. So, MC means a dried naked autumn tree whose cloths were striped odd by the closet.
  • YSK: Oh, wow. That was an unexpected story behind the name! :P So what kind of products do you bring to Motte Closet?
  • Mandy: We carry quite a wide range of products; from head to toe accessories (ex: necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, belts, hand bags, shoes, and "our handmade studded belt" ) and clothing. All choose to fit into our Motte theme. We often try to match and update our products with the current and future trends at all times.

Hehe, these handmade studded belts remind me of YSK's very first contest,
sponsored by none other than the girls of Motte Closet! :)

  • YSK: What's your most memorable experience of running a blogshop?
  • Mandy: Our most memorable experience, we would say was when we participate in the Youthopia Bazaar which was held in Tropicana City Mall. We both gained a lot of experience and additional knowledge from this, and were both excited about it as it was our first time participating. We learnt about customer’s needs and wants and taste, as well as how to attract more customers. Given the chance, we will definitely participate in other bazaars in the future and give it a blast. One more experience was when we first opened our blogshop. We are pretty sure all blog shoppers had that experience. The most satisfying and overwhelming feeling was when we got our first few customers. We were smiling away looking at the monitor screen. Lol.
  • YSK: Do you have a promotion for YSK readers? :D
  • Mandy: Yeah,we do have promotion for YSK readers :) YSK readers are entitled to get free postage with every single item purchase from motte closet.
    Password: Motte with YSK reader
    Valid from 07/07/09 till 17/07/09 *so, hurry!*

Loving Motte Closet already? :D
*Click here to visit them today!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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