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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Shopping in the 80s"

Ah, vintage!

Probably the style wave that's hit the online shopping community even harder than...
studs, glads, florals, maxi dresses, peplum, and fringe put together. :D

Time to get groovy and raid your mum's closet! ;)

Below is one of my favourite collages (huge thanks to whoever made it, sorry there's no credit) -
it shows off the best of vintage, trademark styles like geek glasses, blazers,
loose florals, mod-length dresses... and so, so much more. :)

Shopping online for vintage stuff is great because ...
you'll likely never bump into someone wearing the exact same thing -
and the quality is usually better too. :) They don't make 'em like they used to!
So, here are some vintage beauties to start you off! :D

From Cute Granny RM15 | RM12

Yellow dress + Polka dots = Sunny love!
Bright Hawaiian floral top = Total head-turner!
50% storewide sales = OMG.

From Couple Birds RM29 | RM34

Here we have a loose polka-dotted blouse, great to tuck into high-waisted skirts/shorts/skorts.
A very relaxed sorta chic. And the purple minidress?
Petites could wear it as a dress - really sexy to cover up the top but reveal 'em gorgeous legs! :D

From Vintage Pod RM30 | RM15

Just look at that paperdoll-cut dress! Adorable.
Wearing it would be like wearing a song about your personality. :D
And see that soft, willowy pink pleated skirt? It's gorgeous!
And there are already 2 people waiting in line for it. ;)

From Sasha Vintage RM35 | RM45

Kitschy Mexicano prints all over that blouse! :D
Cinch it or pull on a vest over it, with short shorts or a high-waisted skirt.
And isn't that Barbie-pink dress unbelievably sweet? :)
Gold buttons, clean lines, very vintage.

From Modern Flashback RM60 | RM40 | RM60

Vintage bags! :D
The strongest vintage comeback of all.
These have flooded malls as well as local blogshops & pre-order boutiques.
Am loving these three bags above: classic black with intertwined braided straps,
go tanned with gold labelling, or quirky patchwork colours on a black base.

From Mocking Bird RM29 | RM36

My only question is: Why on earth are these two items still available? Lol!
Someone had better grab this cute fuschia blouse and navy blue blazer.
Such great vintage finds at highly affordable prices. ;)

From Nenene"bubu" RM8

My favourite place to shop for vintage earrings! :D
Such a huge variety, and really affordable - under RM10 for all I noticed.
Definitely a site to bookmark. Our mamas are cool people, and so are their earrings!

From Vintage Biri-Biri RM32 | RM29

Possibly the queen of vintage blogshops! :D
Everything gets sold out really, really fast - so you gotta be fast!
Forget those black blazers (everyone has one!) and go for a more unique shade of brown. ;)
Oh, and that white skirt with gold buttons? Totally unique too!

From De Oldies RM25 | RM28

Floral dresses! :D
Just lovely.
Dreamy floral prints, very feminine, flattering necklines.
Pull on a cardigan and wear them to work or campus. ;)

From Vintage Japan RM38

Trenchcoat-inspired checkered dress, anyone? :D
Wear a boob tube and unbutton those top few buttons -
you can even show more skin if you're bold enough!
Like in one of the pictures in the collage above.
Or walk the modest middle road and wear it as it is. :)

From The Vintage Socialites RM54

I can't seem to be able to take my eyes off those vivid prints!
Electric blue, abstract circular patterns.
Take my word for it: all eyes will be on you! :D

From BungaBytka RM30

Blazer and polka dotted dress comes together! :D For a steal of RM30.
But I'm not sure if the two are attached or detachable.
The latter is better (coz then you get to wear each with different clothing!) -
but the former is cool too. :) Kitschy blazer, no? Meringue shade of orange!

From Precious Junk RM15

Not a vintage dress, I reckon. But definitely a vintage-inspired design,
with a more updated look for those who don't feel like going all out on vintage. :)

From Trend Reports RM49

Vintage-inspired floral sling bag! :D
Something a li'l different from the Anna Sui-inspired ones.
Colours are a li'l more muted, would go well with striking outfits. ;)

Next Week:
"8 New Kids On The Block"

Let's celebrate the ever-growing online shopping community
by welcoming 8 newbies with a review just for them! :)
A treat for blogshops that open anytime June 11th onwards.
If you fit the criteria, leave a comment below and you might just be included! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

hi sha-lene
can u plz include http://sachimieko.blogspot.com to the review..thanks!!

A Season In Summer said...

Hi Sha-lene,
Is it ok to include www.aseasoninsummer.blogspot.com to your review? Thank you very much. :)

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