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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Answer To Your Shipping Prayers: Hello, hassle-free shopping from online U.S. stores!

Take a deep breath.

RM42| RM49 | RM37 | RM46

RM99 | RM88 | RM63 | RM56

RM37 | RM71 | RM88 | RM106

RM81 | RM81 | RM42 | RM81

RM5.35 | RM42 | RM21 | RM56

RM35 | RM71 | RM37 | RM71

RM12 | RM56 | RM53 | RM20

RM63 | RM63 | RM46 | RM37

All these (and a gazillion more!) can be found at Forever21.com.

Have you ever looked at U.S. websites like
Gap, GoJane, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy (and 296,000 more!)
... and wished super duper hard that you could get your hands on them?

Without going to the U.S.?

But oh, woe!
Did these sites not ship to Malaysia?
And even if they did, was there an astronomical shipping fee?
And to make matters worse, isn't customs clearance in Malaysia one big hassle?

Well, as Your Shopping Kaki, I've found The Answer to your shipping woes. :D

Introducing ...
Virtual Shopping Hub
"U Shop, We Ship!"

Q&A with Mr Wong
On behalf of VS Hub

  • YSK: What is your website about?
  • VSHub: We are a parcel forwarding company that enable shoppers to shop online from the U.S. and we will deliver it to your doorstep in Malaysia. We believe that our service will benefits a lot of shoppers, blogshop owners and spreers who want to take advantage of the good online bargains from the U.S. but were often left frustrated because they don’t ship to Malaysia. Even if they do, the shipping charges are often very expensive and risk getting detained by the Malaysian Customs.
  • YSK: What are the problems we usually face when we do this without your help?
  • VSHub: Most US online merchants don’t ship to overseas address. They only deliver to a valid US address. You basically can't buy from those great websites that have fantastic offers in the US like eyelipface.com, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Forever21, GoJane.com etc. More shopping deals websites in the US eg. Brads Deals, ShopStyle, StyleDrops, Overstock, etc. Those that do ship from US will charge you very expensive.
  • YSK: What services do you provide?
  • VSHub: We provide an US valid address for you to consolidate your shipment in one package to be delivered to your doorstep in Malaysia and Singapore. Our service includes consolidation where you can consolidate all your purchases to be delivered in a single package and save big on shipping charges. We will clear the custom for our customers without additional service charge if the items got detained. We promise a hasslefree delivery to your doorstep. We are also the only official CSL mobile phones online retailer. With a large seletcions of CSL, Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones to choose. Kindly visit VSHub.com for more details.
  • YSK: How do we use your services?
  • VSHub: Our service is very simple to use:
1) Register with us for FREE in www.vshub.com/register.php.
2) Get your US valid address and start shopping in the US websites.
3) Forward the purchase invoice to us at invoice@vshub.com and we will start tracking the package for you.
4) You will be notified once your package has arrived in our warehouse.
5) You can choose to ship now or hold to consolidate.
6) Once you have selected the shipping option, we will deliver it to your doorstep hasslefree.
  • YSK: Do you have a consolidation service, where we can split shipping costs with other people?
  • VSHub: You can hold for consolidation. However, the consolidation only applies to your own items. Example: If you purchase from 3 different online sites or merchants. Merchant A, B and C. Each of them sent you three different packages. You can hold for consolidation to wait for all three packages arrive. Once they arrive, we will consolidate and pack it in one single box. Then instead of paying three shipping charges, you will save and only pay for one package to be delivered. You can also share the shipping cost with your family and friends that uses your account to purchase and consolidate all the items in one package.
  • YSK: Do you have a promotion for YSK readers - anyone who is reading this right now?
  • VSHub: Yes, of course! YSK readers get 10% discount via shipping with us. Just send the PROMO CODE: YSK10 to invoice@vshub.com when you send in your purchase invoice.

Aren't you excited? :D
My advice is to start gathering your girlfriends to go on that spree!
And blogshop owners, you'll definitely find VS Hub's services very useful
if you intend to venture into sprees and imported products! ;)

*Click here to visit Virtual Shopping Hub today!*

The entire website can also be translated into Bahasa Melayu (BM) if English isn’t your preferred language.
Also, very easy navigation on the sidebar – How It Works, Shipping Rates, FAQ (very thorough!), etc.

Happy Shopping!

Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

May I know how long it takes for the parcel to reach our house?

vsHub said...

Hi. Once payment is received, it takes approximately 6 - 8 working days to reach your house for standard shipping.

Thank you.

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