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Monday, July 6, 2009

Advertorial: It's cool to be So Random!

Woot! A feature advertorial on one of my favourite new blogshops around! ;)
Welcome to a fresh new paradise of handpainted bags. :D

So Random

The people behind So Random: Ainaa & Ain | Their mum & Ain

What do you get what you add some brilliant, funny artists ...
... with paint and a fun hobby ...

... and home-sewn bags in 3 different sizes?

The answer: Handpainted bags at So Random! :D

The Latest Updates
The first two are my personal favourites. :D
Which one has your name written all over it?

Q&A with Ain
Co-owner of So Random
  • YSK: Who are the people behind "So Random"? Tell us about yourselves. :)
  • Ain: “So Random” basically consists of me, (Ain) and my sister, Ainaa. Oh. And of course! Not forgetting, our beloved tailor/factory (lol!), our mom. XD Well. im the weird one who draws and paint random things on the bag while my sister is the extremely particular one. and that is why she is basically the one who outlines the drawings and do all the last minute touch-ups to make the bags look extra professional :D:D Lastly, my mum is the hardworking one. Day and night, she’ll be sweating over the sewing machine to keep up with the endless orders for remakes. And she does it for free too! XD To show her support for us! And that is why we think she’s pretty awesome :)
Ain | Ainaa
  • YSK: What was the inspiration for "So Random?"
  • Ain: Personally, i like to doodle and buy weird bags with weird designs on it. And my sister loves drawing and is a certified perfectionist. My mom, on the other hand, loves to sew things. A lot. So we thought that if we put all our whacky talents together, we could actually start something totally new and awesome. And we did! :D well. i dunno if it's actually awesome. but i hope it’s awesome! Teehee~ XD
  • YSK: It's awesome. ;) Why did you decide to call your shop "So Random"?
  • Ain: Hmmm. Well. we thought long and hard about what to name our blogshop. but in the end, we settled with “So Random” because when i asked my friends and family what they thought of my designs and my idea of opening up a blogshop; all they could say was , “Omg. That’s so random!” So yeahh. We figured that since that’s the only reaction we keep getting from people about our ideas, we might as well just call it as what it seems to be. Which is just: “So Random” :):)
  • YSK: What are your future plans for your blogshop?
  • Ain: Ummm. Well. we were hoping to branch out to T-Shirts as well. especially for guys. because a lot of my guy friends love the designs but would never buy a bag because apparently, the bags are too girly (lol!) so we figured that one day, if all goes well, we could design on T-shirts as well :]:]
  • YSK: How exciting! :D So when did So Random begin?
  • Ain: “So Random” actually began at the end of the month of May when i was on a long holiday and basically had nothing better to do. Lol. It started out as hobby but expanded into something more. The blogshop was just something we wanted to try out at first. but the overwhelming support and response we had from the website was just icing on the cake :]:] But to really put it straight, it all began one day when my mom showed me a bag she made for my little sister. the i thought it’ll be cool to make a plain one so that i can paint my very own design on it. So after forcing my mum to make one bag for me as well as painting on it afterwards, i thought it turned out quite well. so after much contemplation, we decided that it’ll be a lot cooler to spread the love to all the other good random people out there. Also, the fact that i was a notorious online shopper and had always wanted to open up an online shop added to the motivation i needed to open up “So Random” as well.
  • YSK: What's your best So Random experience so far?
  • Ain: Hmmm. My best So Random experience so far was when, after closing the orders for remakes, some guy emailed me and literally begged me to accept his order. In fact, the subject for his email was, “I beg you. Plz”. I thought it was hilarious until i opened the email and read the justification behind it. This guy actually wanted to buy a bag for his girlfriend who was leaving for overseas soon. Apparently, his girlfriend only showed him the website recently and thought the bags were really cool but didn’t order one because she saw my latest post about how i wouldn’t accept anymore orders. So he, without his girlfriend’s knowledge, tried his luck and begged for me to make one bag for his girlfriend. I mean. After that, how could i say no? XD so in the end, i made the bag for him to give to his girlfriend and he even asked for me to add the words “remember us forever” at the back of the bag which i thought was extremely cheesy but sweet at the same time :D:D i think this experience was by far the best one because it made me feel really important and special and that my bags meant something significant to someone out there. Also, i really do hope his girlfriend liked the bag. Heehee.
  • YSK: Which is your favourite So Random bag of all?
  • Ain: Well. my favourite “So Random” bag is one of the new bags in the new batch actually. It’s the one that says “sometimes, i feel so small”. It was made when i felt very emo and fragile about something so i thought that it was the only bag that had some emotional attachment towards it. So that’s why i think it’s my favourite :):)
  • YSK: Do you use your own So Random bags? :)
  • Ain: Ummmm. Actually. Not any of the designs on the website. But this is not because i don't like any of the "So Random" designs. Lol. Of course not! In fact, this is only due to the fact that i havn't found any time to actually make a bag for myself. So yeahhh. But when i do find the time to make one for myself, you can probably see me on campus flaunting off my awesome bag for everyone to see (for promotional purposes as well! lol!)! :D:D

Customer Feedback :)

"hey,juz received the bag and i think it's uber cool! thanx so much,my girlfriend would love it" –Muhammad Azzim

"Hello I got the bag and i really love it. Do add me to your mailing list if you have one. :D"
-Melor Hidayah

"heyy babeee finally got my bag after requesting mr.pos laju to re-attempt delivery
(coz i wasnt at home yday lol)
and i love love love itttttt, plus the packaging & note on it made my day!
really lived up to ur name, definitely so random lol
keep me updated for any latest stuff ya
would love to do business with u again, keep up the awesomeness! :)))" -Qills

loved it!!!" -Isis

"hye precious!!
got d bag yesterday..
btw,it's sooooo cute..=)"
-nabilah ab jalal

"haha, thanks~!!
it looks so nice~! i love it ^^"
-yuet leng

We even have a couple of photographs from customers! :)
Aww, don't the bags look super cute? :D

These bags are environment-friendly, unique, quirky -
and show a fun side of your personality to the world! :D

What's your waiting for?
Get your bag at So Random today! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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