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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bazaar Review 3: Youthopia

I was supposed to write these two bazaar reviews yesterday, but yours truly was ever the space cadet, and totally forgot to put the 70 photos into her pendrive. -_- Imagine my horror. Lol!

Anyway, picture the well-sculpted Tarzan swinging from the shopping grapevine, yelling...


Organised by Chics Closet, it was a bazaar heralding a spankin' new shopping mall - the Tropicana City Mall. :) Free parking, free WiFi, and there's a shuttle bus that can take you there too - visit Chics Closet for more details.

It was my first time at Tropicana City Mall, and my shopping kaki and I reckon that it shows Curve-esque promise. Which shopaholic doesn't like the idea of having a new mall, anyway? :D

We were pretty beat from our "tour" of Absolute Bazaar - hehe it's a tour because we didn't buy anything :( - but the whole Youthopia vibe definitely did a good job of perking us up again!

So Your Shopping Kaki will hereby share with you snapshots from Youthopia! :)

Pictured above: organisers Angeline Chin and Melissa Lai
Thank you for being such wonderful "hostesses"! <3

Pictured above: Dance group 1608
I may be a shopaholic with no dance knowledge whatsoever, but I thought they were pretty awesome. :) I liked their Girl Power philosophy too - check out their website for more info.

La Belle Vita | FL Adorn
I was intrigued by the shiny owl bag. ;)

The New Colour | French Kiss
Such nice girls! :)

Sheri Shopie | Sheri Shopie's cool offline nail art skills!

Schizo Crafts Gurl | Beading Addict
The red team on the left were so sweet | And I like Beading Addict's blog :)

Phelauwer | eleven06
Gor-ge-ous maxi dresses | Has offline shop :)

Only after meeting the Il!s Closet owners for the second time (the first was at February's Jumble Sale) did I realise their name stands for I-Like-It-Simple. Lol! :P

Rainbow Charms | Roopa's Accessories
What's a bazaar without bead soup specialists and accessories? :)

Cuppielicious Madness | Rockers Endless Divine
Home-made and hand-made goodiiiies. RED custom-makes bags too!

Shuga Crush
She let us try her mum's homemade pineapple tarts,
and they were crumbly pastries from paradise. Gosh.

Flowerpot Boutique | Red Cube | Kyo Fashion
Their headbands are so kitschy! :D | Kyo had tonnes of adorable accessories.

Precious Junk | Lush Serendipity
I really loved some of their preloved stuff! Wonder if they'll be at the Monash bazaar...
And after meeting Mrs Lush Serendipity, I finally found out how their cute blogshop was able to make it to two bazaars at the same time! Hehe!

Er Nicole | Trendy Confessions | Just Bag It
Print anything you want ON TO roses - so cool | Gorgeous plus-sized clothes | Bags to die for

Carryall and all - so smiley the ladies :) | Art Junkish

The Meowing Cat *sweet newbie* | The Chocolate Buttons
Loving those studded belts? :D
Remember that Your Shopping Kaki is having that Studded Belt Giveaway Contest!

Armoire Closette | Super funny caricatures courtesy of the caricaturists at Youthopia! :D

~ Hope you enjoyed the pics and review as much as I enjoyed the bazaar! ~

Don't miss Youthopia at Tropicana City Mall again!
Every FIRST and LAST weekend of the month ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


CHICS & CO said...

Thank You Dah-Ling! You are super sweet yourself! :-) Hard to resist :-) Look forward to hug you again at Monash!

Chics Closet Team

fl-adorn said...

Hello dear :) Thanx for the review you made!!It really made me happy :) You are really a nice person to know :D And another thing,even without your pic,i still recognize you ;)

Anonymous said...

Saw this website from my daughter's blog (my daughter Chloe is writing this comment). This place has good potential :-) Not bad for first event at a relatively new mall. My family loves this type of bazaar, something new for a usually quiet mall. Keep it up!

Mrs Wee & Family

Hazlin said...


Looking at all the pictures really makes me regret missing Youthopia... I look forward to more of these so I could make up for what I missed :P

Anyway, does anyone know how I can contact the sellers of the stuff toys? There is a stuff toy there that I have been wanting, and I would very much appreciate being able to get in touch with them. Can anybody help?

Thank you :))

Anonymous said...

Yet another great bazaar. Jean from French Kiss is a nice, sweet person. Absolutely heart the sisters from Trendy Confessions and Just Bag it. Organiser Angeline is so friendly. Congrats on the great bazaar!

p/s: again no points for guessing who i am...keke

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