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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advertorial 4: "The New Colour" On The Block!

Happy April Fool's Day! :)

To add even more colour to what is meant to be one of the most colourfully funny days of the year, Your Shopping Kaki brings you an advertorial on the hottest "Dot Com" newcomer in the local online shopping scene!

Affordable, Trendy & Fun Clothing for Women

trendy womens clothes

Your Shopping Kaki's Review

TheNewColour.com hosts a selection of clothes and add-ons (i.e. cinchers), handpicked both locally and from abroad. With its easy-to-navigate layout and quirky categories (example: Kimono Kisses!), each visit to this e-shop is not only a shopping treat, it's an enjoyable experience on its own! I also love the concept behind the store - read more about it below! ;)

Q&A with Melissa Lai
Owner of TheNewColour.com

  • YSK: Why "The New Colour"? Any story behind the name? :)
  • Melissa: Well, we often hear that pink is the new black, black is the new blue, there’s always the new ‘in’ colour. Hence, TheNewColour, the name of our store.

  • YSK: So who are the people behind The New Colour?
  • Melissa: People behind TheNewColour? Just the two of us! He (my boyfriend) built the shop and I put clothes in it :)

  • YSK: What made you decide to start TheNewColour?
  • Melissa: Well, I’ve always wanted to own my own business. I have a lot of free time now as I’m in between jobs so this was a good opportunity for me to live a dream.

  • YSK: What are the influences that go into your selection process?
  • Melissa: The clothes that I select are based on a few principles: it has to be comfortable, it has to be fashionable, it has to have quality. I don’t sell apparel that I know will rip upon trying. I presume that comes with a price too. I don’t select anything that I know even I wouldn’t buy. Sometimes I feel like keeping all my stock for myself (hahaha!).

  • YSK: Tell us a bit about yourself, like a day in the life behind your blogshop activities! :)
  • Melissa: On normal days, I split myself into two – one part works on TheNewColour while the other is a dedicated PA to Miss Angeline Chin of Chics Closet. I enjoy both of it, and the freedom to work from home. With TheNewColour, my daily routine includes looking at review sites like Your Shopping Kaki to see what’s current (and to check out my competitors), adding products to the shop every two weeks, and packing and shipping out items (usually right before I hit the gym). Chics Closet is organising YOUTHOPIA and Monash Music Festival – two events that I am so proud to be co-managing. It’s a simple task but the preparation process can be somewhat tedious. Both jobs have allowed a completely new experience from my actual profession – I’m an Environmental Consultant.

  • YSK: Could you offer our readers a sneak preview of your upcoming updates? ;)
  • Melissa: Sign up for our newsletter to find out :P We will be at YOUTHOPIA (18 & 19 April 2009) and Monash Music Festival ( 25 April 2009) so we won’t be updating the webpage. Do head there to see our new arrivals from Bangkok.

What are Melissa's 6 favourite picks from TheNewColour?
*click on the picture to go directly to its page!*

Melissa: My absolute favourite is this dress which is no longer in store now. It was the best thing I brought on my recent trip to the beach as it was light, great over a bikini, washes and dries in an instant!

While the gorgeous print kimono above is out of stock, the lovely goodies below are available! :) So don't miss out again! ;)

*Psst... I especially love that bandeau tube dress! It's so girly and fun-loving!
Wanna see how it looks on a real person? See if you can spot it in a customer's photo below! :D*

What are Your Shopping Kaki's favourite picks?

Truth be told, I'm normally allergic to non-colourful clothes, but TheNewColour's strength is, I believe, in providing a range of timeless, black-and-white apparel that charms off even Your Shopping Kaki's rainbow-coloured socks! ;)

Black Clincher

First of all, this actually fits sizes UK6 - UK14, so yippeee for the curvier babes! :D Besides its plus factor of accomodating the plus-sized, this cincher will go with so many clothes, you'll want to wear it all the time! ;) Picture this with your favourite oversized boyfy tee, or to add some edge to an otherwise girly dress!

Black Knot Sleeve Blouse

Fifty quid well spent on this figure-flattering piece! The gorgeous cut will outlast the fads and trends of summer, spring, monsoon and MegaSales seasons, because there's really no outdating beautiful designs! ;)

Butterfly Short Dress

And lastly, here's a familiar piece that's been one of those key kimono prints ever since last year. :) The butterfly sleeves are flattering to the shoulders and arms, and the plunging neckline gives you the perfect chance to wear your Freebra/Nubra for! ;)

Be A Happy Customer Today!

Here's an interesting story (italics by Melissa) -

I jump for joy when I get feedback from customers.

Here’s one that really made my day:

Stephanie’s husband, Danny, wrote in requesting a recommendation. He said his wife was a stewardess and is too busy to shop sometimes. He wanted to surprise her with a dress for an upcoming formal event.

(So sweet!)
I suggested an Elegant Short Dress (our top seller) with two colour options – black and navy blue. She felt like Audrey Hepburn that night.

I immediately received an email from Danny:

I’ve also got international customers i.e. in London and in Singapore. *Click here to read other published reviews* We ship overseas and we receive a note each time they receive their products.

Here’s a photo strip of some customers who sent in their photos wearing dresses and blouses purchased from TheNewColour! We offer a 5% discount on their next purchase when they share photos and experience with us! :)

So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over to TheNewColour.com now and check out those gorgeous clothes for yourself! :)

*Psst... 5% discount for bloggers - read more here!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


TheNewColour said...

Nice! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great interview Mel! :-)

- Da Boss -

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