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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Bazaar Review 1: Jumble Sale"

Oooh, it's Your Shopping Kaki's first review on a bazaar! :)

Well, this won't be a review per se, because I won't be critique-ing the Jumble Sale - other than to say it was very, very, very hot ("panas!") and that it was cool to meet some blogshop owners. :D It's definitely worth checking out if you're in the neighbourhood! Click here for information on how to get there.

Below are some photos, as well as a short Q&A with the organisers. I've decided to write bazaar reviews in hopes that it will help readers decide whether or not they want to check it out tomorrow, help blogshop owners see what bazaars are like (if they haven't participated in any yet!), and to simply show how online shopping can morph into offline shopping! :D

And play the drumroll, for today's vendors! ;D

*I can't find the link to this blogshop - if anyone knows it, please leave a comment below ya. Thank you! :)* Thanks, Euphorics! :)

Oooh, he designs his own tees! :)

Customize your own charm bracelet! ;)

Last but not least...
The organising blogshop itself! :D

Q&A with the organisers!

*Interviewee's answers are 100% unedited to retain authenticity*

  • YSK: Who are the people behind the Jumble Sale?
    Shahs: The organizers are Euphorics which consist of Shahs and Hakim.

  • YSK: What made you decide to organise this?
    Shahs: We decided to have a Jumble Sale because: we are giving opportunity to small businesses/retailers to run their business at a small cost whether they are selling new or second handitems, we were very disappointed with certain organizations that did not take us seriously in the bigger retail market, it's part of our promotion to promote Euphorics, to widen our network and businesses, we also have our own personal second hand stuffs to let go.

  • YSK: Can we expect to see more of the Jumble Sale, other places & dates?
    Shahs: Well, at the moment Jumble Sale will only be at the Big Blue House butwe are yet to have further plannings but will keep everyone posted. However, the Jumble Sale @ The Big Blue House has already run for about 6 months as we started of during Ramadhan. It was a weekly event but now we are currently doing it every 2 weeks in a month - started in January.

  • YSK: Last question - why is it called the "Big Blue House"? :)
    Shahs: The reason why it's called the Big Blue House is because of the house itself.It's Blue and it's Big and no one would miss the house and it's easier fornavigating directions.

Hope you enjoyed Your Shopping Kaki's first bazaar review! :)

Next bazaar review: Tomorrow (Sunday, 28 Feb) at 12am
Heaps of photos from A:fair Weekend's gazebo-style bazaar today (Saturday)! ;)

Happy Shopping,
Your Shopping Kaki! :)


Shahs@Euphorics said...

OMG! You guys look that you r having so much fun. New stuff and new faces. I missed it! Anyway, thanx for supporting the Jumble Sale @ The Big Blue House guys.

il!s Closet said...

Ilis Closet


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