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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"8 Dresses For Salad Days"

Dresses, oh, dresses -
How we love thee!
Colourful, floral, long, short or black,
…You make us happy!

While Your Shopping Kaki busies herself reciting badly-rhyming, made-up poetry,
feast your eyes on today's delectable dresses! :D

Celebrate your "salad days" (i.e. youth) with your favourite kinda dresses!
There are 8 types to choose from below, after all. ;)

1 - Floral Dresses

Runway Closet RM49 / Miss Shopaholic's Closet RM52

Both blogshops above have special offers for this blog's readers! :) Yay!
Runway Closet: Get a 10% discount - only RM44 for the gorgeous layered dress.
Miss Shopaholic's Closet: Get free shipping via Registered Post.

All you have to do?
Mention that you're a YSK reader! :D

Vivi Fashion RM55 / Trendy Confessions RM69

Now these are what I call contemporary vintage-inspired dresses! ;) *Psst... if "vintage-inspired" isn't up to par with you, read on for some gorgeous vintage finds!*

2 - Mini Dresses

Secret Garden RM40 *preloved*

When this stunning zebra-striped mod dress first hit the blogshops, you could only have it if you were willing to fork out RM55 - which is a lot, especially for those of us who are still studying. Then, the more competitive RM52 price tags started appearing.

And now? This is the first preloved one I've spotted, going for RM40 only!
*However, I'd recommend it for sizes UK6-8 only ya!*

PlusFabulous RM46

Cute as heck! :P
Our resident plus-sized blogshop brings you white polka dots on a purple pinafore minidress.
Can be paired with leggings if you're feeling a little shy about showing off too much leg. :)

Autumn Closet RM60

Yes, it really is Autumn Closet - and they're back after a very long hiatus! :D
They've also changed URLs, so this here is the new one.
And this faux-buttoned mod dress? Gorgeous!
Will make your legs go on for miles. ;)

3 - Vintage Dresses

Vintage Adore RM18 *steal!*

Wear it belted or just plain, this is a really sweet piece. :)
Would personally prefer to go without the oversized black necklace and keep it simple.
Note that the cincher does not come with this dress ya! ;P

Creampuff Wardrobe RM35

Loving this Bohemian-style tunic! Relaxed and earthly.
But the drawstrings don't suit those of us with wide hips,
so Your Shopping Kaki recommends this for the slender - not the curvy. :)

4 - Colour Block Dresses

Quadruple Queen RM28 *RM50 for 2*

It's been a few months since Lindsay Lohan started the craze over colour block dresses,
but there's no doubt that we still love candy-coloured colourful dresses today!

Miss Capsicum Price Unknown

I don't know the who-what-when-where-how much of this dress' details (since all Miss Capsicum has posted up is a very delightful teaser) - but the Miu Miu inspired colour-block dress is also on my Oh, Wow list! :) If it's on yours too, then head on over the site when she updates! :D

5 - Little White Dresses

Moi Closette RM45

There comes a time when the LBD has to step aside and let the LWD take over for a while! ;)
This simple, demure white dress is perfect for picnics, strolls at the beach, shopping at Central Market, that kinda thing!

Twilight Preorder RM48

If you're slender enough to pull off poufiness and layers, this is a pretty cute and feminine dress to wear to parties and dinners! :)

6 - Tube Dresses

Ancient Orchids RM79 / Bows Lover RM49

*Psst... Ancient Orchids is having a storewide clearance sale! Offer her your price, and if she thinks it's reasonable, then whatever you want is yours! For the turqoise fishbone-structured dress above (left), Your Shopping Kaki recommends the offering price of RM40!*

Closetz Galore RM53

This lantern-inspired, pearl white dress is such a lovely piece!
You can eat your fill at that buffet dinner and it wouldn't show at all. ;)

7 - Evening Dresses

Preloved Gems RM42

Forgive the pun, but this is a preloved gem indeed! :)
Bought in Hong Kong, and now being resold - brand new!

Oh, popicles! RM65

Pretty toga dress! :) All reserved already, but restockable in black and violet.
If interested, place your orders with them today! :)

Mention that you're a YSK blog reader to get a special offer!

8 - Maxi Dresses

Self-explanatory review of maxi dresses! :)
Here are all the blogshops I spotted maxi dresses in. :D

Our Mutual Passion RM40
*cheapest price in the blogshop-sphere for a maxi dress*

Wait, it gets better!

Our Mutual Passion is an enthusiastic participant of our YSK-readers-only Special Offer program, and they offer you a storewide discount of 15%!

So this maxi dress will cost you only RM34! o.O

Glitz 23 RM50 / Ministry of Clothes RM50

And these two maxi dresses above are priced at the standard RM50 online norm. :)
Ooh, and Your Shopping Kaki actually owns an exact same piece as the one on the left -
and can testify to what a gorgeous dress it is! :D
Unbelievably comfortable too!

Note that the Glitz 23 one has a straight hemline, like the usualy maxi dress,
whereas the maxi dress from Ministry of Clothes has an asymmetrical hemline.

House of Allure RM69 / Lovely Lolitas RM70

These two blogshops above are known for their extensive collection of beautiful maxi dresses, although the price tags are a wee bit steeper.
But if you're willing to splurge on a really awesome maxi,
then head on over to HOL and LL! :)

Sassy Chic

Tube Maxi RM65 / Toga Maxi RM67

Yes, I was saving my favourite for last! :P
These 2 maxi dresses above are only the tip of the maxi dress iceberg on that blogshop -
it's pre-order, but the dresses come in palettes of colours, and all sorts of designs! :D

~ Hope that has helped you in your search for dresses! ~

**Dearest Blogshop Owners**
If you are selling any dresses that fall under the categories above,
feel free to leave a comment below to let readers know you have dresses to offer as well! :)
Remember to leave your URL!

Last but not least - Happy Birthday to Weili from My Clothes Affair! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Irenelim said...

Lovely! I like the faux-buttoned mod dress, really cute and somewhat sexy! :)

Anis said...

we have a new maxi dress in a hot-pattern, plaids.


L' Coquette said...

hi gals, we do have a printed maxi dress! it's look elegant with a pair of high heels~ do come and take a look~


The It Girl Fashion said...

hey girls,

we have nice dresses here! feast your eyes!

(click on links to view pics)
dual-tone tube dress:

body-hugging cocktail dress:

dual-tone corporate feel:

come order now at The It Girl Fashion!

The It Girl.

Wonder said...

Pretty dresses available @ Wonder Wardrobe!

Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3
Dress 4
Dress 5
Dress 6

Come visit ya! =D

butterflylurver said...

hey babes!!! we have tube, halter & floral dresses as well!! so do check us out k? =)


♥ My Junks! ♥ said...

Hey gals,

I have halter maxi dress up for grabs! Take a look ya!


ColourMePretty said...

Just updated with a floral tube dress for only RM35. :)

Bows Lover said...

Bows Lover has many gorgeous tube dresses for you to choose! with BOWS especially! ;)



Our Mutual Passion said...

we've floral dresses now too! ; D


ColourMePretty said...

Maxi dresses going for RM40 only. :)

Party n Mint said...

Yo shoppers,

We have basic T to sexy clothes for sale below RM40. Our clothes are selling like hot cakes. Grab it now!!!

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