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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"8 Reasons To Go To Class"

Aside from the pursuit of life-changing education,
going to (boring) classes doesn't sound like fun at all!


What if the things you put on can make you feel like going to school? :D
What if your latest purchase can make you look forward to wearing it to campus,
to excitedly show it to all your friends? ;D

See, who ever said shopping couldn't go hand in hand with school? ;P

Miss Capsicum RM28

Powerless, black-rimmed "nerd" glasses have infected shopaholics everywhere! :D
Look the part for school, while looking cute as heck!

Fashion Loop RM25 | Lazy Shoppers RM30

Cardigans are the be-all and end-all of freezing lecture theatres across local campuses.
Wear it patterned or wear it plain, buttoned up or unbuttoned...
you can have a different cardigan for each day of the week! :D

Letric Love RM59

This top just screams urban chic! ;)
Pair it with a miniskirt, a pair of shorts, jeans (or leggings if you're petite).
Looks flattering to the figure, especially for the curvy!

Stephanie's RM28 | Ladies in the House RM12

Now, let's not forget what big differences the little things can make! :)
Accessorize with Steph's gorgeous rings, which are made of imported cabochon sakura and adjustable gunmetal base - or with LITH's cute rainbow-coloured belts! :D

Peek At Ally's RM30

This brand new pre-owned black babydoll tunic, originally from Dainty Dresser,
is up for grabs on this cute little preloved site! ;)

Click To Shop Boutique RM45

Keep it simple with these single-coloured babydoll tunics -
or use these as excuses to wear your cinchers! :D
Maybe one of them can go with your studded belt too. ;D
The yellow one looks very cute with a tan-coloured belt!

Luscious Lips RM55

Ah, the studded skirt!
I've seen girls wearing this on my campus, and it looks really cute!
Perfect for going to that one class on Fridays and then
hopping over to the nearest mall to chill out with your friends. :D

So... quick! Find your reason to go to class! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


stephanie said...

Thank you dear for featuring Stephanie's :)

Tr.Trove said...

Thanks Sharlene :)
Hi ladies, I've a handmade Cabochon flower earring here as well. Apricot Bliss. Come over to take a look at http://treasure-trove-box.blogspot.com

cele said...

Thanks for share this post with us.

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