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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogshop of the Month of APRIL: Oh, Popsicles!

Oh, Popsicles!

Meet the owner of April's Reader's Choice Award and Blogshop of the Month -
Oh, Popsicles!

Q&A with Veronica Chew
Owner of Oh, Popsicles!

  • YSK: Why "Oh, Popsicles!"?
  • Veron: The name was chosen because we want a fun vibe to be injected into our boutique. Like how kids would get overly excited over icy popsicle sticks. We want OP to represent an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • YSK: Who are the people behind OP?
  • Veron: At first we started off with my younger sister and i, she withdrawn a shortwhile after to focus on her studies. So, currently i am handling the boutique myself but a partnership is in the making :)
  • YSK: How long has OP been around, and why did you decide to start it?
  • Veron: We started since July '08, out of a passion for fashion and we love hunting for bargains!
  • YSK: OP is an immensely successful blogshop in its own right - but were there challenges you had to overcome before OP got to where it is today?
  • Veron: It was quite tough at first - having to juggle between studies and the blogshop. But now that things have gotten on track, the only obstacle, i would say, is time management. I have to really manage my personal time from the time spent managing OP.
  • YSK: Are your stocks local or from abroad?
  • Veron: We mostly handpick our products locally and we have brought in some pieces from abroad like the Missy Annie dress and said batch. Nonetheless, we've plans on bringing in more stocks from oversea in future.
  • YSK: Walk us through an interesting day in the life of running OP! :)
  • Veron: Well, the craziest day of OP would be the day we received our restock of gladiators. Hari raya holidays is just two days away and we had to rush to post out all the shoes within a day in order to reach our customers in time. I had to use my whole family's manpower to wrap everything. When we arrived at the post office with all the parcels (in two trolleys), the expression of the post office staffs were priceless!
  • YSK: Tell us more about yourself. :D
  • Veron: Personally, i'm a final year business student who loves art and design! I will be seen scribbling and sketching on my lecture notes all the time *grin* and traveling is one of my biggest passion. So, do expect more overseas stuffs coming in soon.
  • YSK: How do you select your products for OP?
  • Veron: The items on display are actually kind of like - ME. They are usually feminine but with a quirky/edgy twist in it. I am personally a very picky person when it comes to apparels so only expect quality clothings from us. We would never compromise on quality.

Now you know the owner and the shop...
so come get to know the clothes! :)

Your Shopping Kaki asked Veron to tell us about some of OP's products:

Veron's Favourite Picks

Missy Annie | Tropikal

Veron said:
Missy Annie - "Brought this piece back from overseas but couldn't fit in because I'm too petite. :( The cutting is flawless and not to mention the material is so good that I have the urge to keep it for collection. :)"
Tropikal - "I love colours and this piece preps up any simple outfit effortlessly! I'm so envious towards my customers who managed to get it as I didn't keep one for myself and have regretted since."

Bloom *Still available in all 3 colours!*

Veron said:
"I totally adore the bold ruffles that is matched with such edgy zippers.
Especially when it's matched with a cut-in turtleneck.
It makes the whole piece so elegant."

What are OP's hottest-selling items?


Quilted City Bag

Tropical Blossoms Maxi Dress

Your Shopping Kaki's favourite picks?

Want some customer feedback? ;)

"I have been buying from her for many times and she has never failed me =) Veron is very friendly and delivers on time. There was once my parcel gone missing and she helped me to contact the post office only to found out that i gave her the wrong address. I especially like her shoe and bag collection as i am a shoe + bag fanatic!" - Amelia, Sabah

"I'm new to this online shopping thing and oh popsicle is the 1st one i purchase from. she's very patient to me although i ask alot of questionss hehe. i rate 5 out of 5 for them. nice dealing with them." - Amira, KL

"Hi, I would love to praise oh popsicles for all her help and services. she was one of the 1st few people i bought from and she was most patient with me, as i could not cod till 2 weeks time and she waited for me!=) she is also one of the sweetest owners i have met. she will reply patiently my 101 questions about anything and everything. she even learned the way to my college to cod with me cause i was having full classes and didn't have time to make it to the designated place. on top of that, she exchanged one of the skirts for me that the colour ran when i washed it. i was really upset and i called her and she was super nice, she immediately changed it for me the following week! i have never ever been disappointed with the clothes i have bought from her. the quality she supplies is definitely top notch, trust me i have quite a few pieces and the people in my college will constantly ask where i get my clothes from! she is by far best, the most efficient and sweetest owner i have met=)" - Sharon, Selangor

Wondering what more OP has in store?
They'll be joining Absolute Bazaar on 18th April at 3K Inn Hotel (Subang Jaya) - so check out the launch of their new "Basics" line at the bazaar! :) It caters to individuals that prefer more simplistic apparel or are in search of daily wear.

Last but not least... A special promo for readers of this blog!
Shout "I HEART Your Shopping Kaki and I go to Oh, Popsicles! for my daily dose of shopping" and receive free postage for purchases of 2 items and above! *excluding shoes*

Now, which lucky blogshop will be May's Blogshop of the Month winner?
Head over to the BOTTOM of this website to vote -
you decide who wins the next article! :D

Please Note:
  • The next BOTM write-up will only be written and published after mid-June.
  • There will not be any Blogshop of the Month vote or award in June (exam season), but weekly reviews will go on as usual. :)
Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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