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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You've Been Studded!

Haven't we all!

I know I sure have! ;) Ever since Sex and the City hit the silver screens with the (now-infamous) studded belt on Carrie Bradshaw's svelte waist, shopaholics and fashionistas all over the globe have been scrambling to get their hands on their own studded belts (and studded everythings!) as well. :D

So, for Your Shopping Kaki's first contest (yes, there will be many more contests coming: nearly one every month - so watch this space for freebies beyond a shopaholic's wildest dreams!), I approached The Chocolate Buttons to sponsor a studded belt for this blog! :D

And to my delight, they agreed! :D

So, congratulaaaations to ...

Suat May
Contest started: 10.00 pm
Her entry: 10.01 pm

Wow! Talk about fast! ;D And thank you to all the wonderful people who participated in the contest - you will not be forgotten! :) Your Shopping Kaki is your online shopping kaki - she'll be sure to keep things fun and full of wonderful surprises!

Also, thank you to The Chocolate Buttons for sponsoring our first exciting contest! Oooh and remember, to all YSK readers who want to purchase a studded belt from TCB, you get a 10% discount! :) That basically means your belts will cost about RM27, making that the lowest price online for these gorgeous studded belts! (correct me if I'm wrong :P)

Before we give a final curtain call to YSK's Studded Belt Giveaway Contest, here are the correct answers to the trivia questions (in case anyone wants to know! :D):

1. Rebecca Bloomwood *not Isla Fisher, like nearly half the entries said, lol*
2. Eyebrows/eyelashes/facial hair *these answers would have been accepted*
3. Cash On Delivery *every entry got this right! yay!*

*** And now, what's Your Shopping Kaki's next contest? ***

This time sponsored by Chics Closet, famed bazaar organisers for youth and family fun, we're going to have SIX winners (one is a little too few, wouldn't you say? hehe!) -

3 lucky blogshop owners will win free booths at the Youthopia bazaar for a day,
while 3 lucky shoppers will each win RM50 in cash!

Want to find out how to join? Full details and instructions will be published on this blog, this Friday! :) *Hint: Spare some time on either Saturday or Sunday!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

PS: Do you have feedback on the Studded Belt contest? :) Bring on the constructive criticism (by leaving a comment below this post), because Your Shopping Kaki will be bringing you a lot more contests, and we want to keep improving! :D

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