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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Product Review: Luscious Soap

Thanks to the technology of today, a bar of soap can be a bar of magic. The most popular soap in the U.S. of A has arrived on Malaysian shores - or at least at Snazzy Sally! :D

Nope, not the Gmail, iPhone or XBox controller soaps ...

If you want to whiten, brighten, detox, maintain (and increase!) your skin elasticity, and protect your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals (from sunlight) ... and see obvious results in 3-4 weeks ... boy, do we have the soap for you! :D

Actual photo of Eelin, owner of Snazzy Sally :)

It's the Luscious Soap to the rescue! Wash your face, make a wish, and let the plant placentha and glutathione work its magic! :D

"Hello, my name is Luscious Soap and I'm an anti-ageing soldier!
I fight wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation!
Take me home today for only RM69.90!"

It all sounds swell, but does it really work?
  • It really works!
  • After trying this out for over a week, I can safely say that this is a really, really good soap that is totally worth buying! :)

What does it smell like?
  • It has a very mild and pleasant scent that is powdery and herbal.
  • Trust me, it is a very slight scent that is unnoticeable unless you're sniffing at it to write a product review (like I'm doing now :P).
What is this like to use?
  • It retains its shape very well, even after more than 10 times of usage!
  • You can use it in the shower - and unlike most soaps that get all slippery with water and slide out of your hands, this is practically drop-free :D
What's the effect?
  • Besides all the positive effects (whitening, anti-ageing, etc) that I mentioned earlier, this is a moisturizing soap - your skin will feel very soft and pleasant after using it, not dry and taut at all (like how some other soaps can be).
  • This is good for the skin, neck, and even your entire body (or parts you want to whiten, lol).
  • This soap is most effective after removing make-up, because usually the face is quite oily after that - and the soap neutralises the skin :) But it's just as good for when you're not wearing make-up, or for people who never wear make-up.
How do I use this soap? Are there instructions?
  • Yes, of course there are :D
  • And lucky for us, the soap comes with instructions - just follow them step-by-step!

Buy this now and you'll have noticeably better skin in time for Hari Raya! :D
And imagine how awesome your skin will be by the time the next Raya rolls around ;)

Click HERE
to check out this soap at Snazzy Sally! :)
And if you've tried this soap already, do leave a comment below! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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