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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guest Blogger: Monochrome Rainbow Massacre

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Don't you just love online shopping? The ecstacy of waiting for the postman to yell your name to collect the parcel, the frustration when postman decides that he shall not care what's in your parcel and fling it above your pet dog at home. And of course the sheer joy when unwrapping the parcel to unravel the item you have awaited so eagerly ;)

Look at my recent buy! Look! A laptop? A netbook? 

The Nikita Shimmer Palette all nicely, securely and densely wrapped ;)  ;)

If you don't know my fascination towards makeup, let me tell you again, I LOVE MAKE UP! I AM VAIN!  =P

I have been searching high and low for the perfect and most reasonably rated 88 colors eyeshadow palette and finally found one from Pafassion. The Nikita Professional Eyeshadow palette are of shimmer based hues. Yes, there are 2 types available in the market, the shimmer based or matte based.

I have a matte palette thrifted online too before getting the shimmer palatte. By far, Pafassion offers the cheapest rate, to my knowledge ;)

Basically, the color concentration varies and the tones too varies between a matte palette and a shimmer palette. A matte palette would be a suitable for those who does a lot of day make up for work. A shimmer palette would be suitable for those who work in the glamorous industry of course! And also perfectly great for evening to night usage ;) But do not be constraint by the typical generalisation as you can mix both to create something in between which is suitable for wear and carry it from day to night.

The shimmer palatte. notice the spcks of glitters and its shiny surface?

I personally likes the texture from a shimmer palette more as it is silky and is easily blended. As I normally uses make up for work, I combine both the shimmer and the matte :) Shimmery tones can be used as highlighter to brow bones, mid part of the eyes and corner of eyes to brighten the eyes (according to Michelle Phan)

Matte based eyeshadow

As many of us out there who like to experiment with makeup, I believe there are also alot of you out there who are hesitant in dabbing some shades to your eyelid for fear of lacking skills ;)

Putting on make-up is like going for a session of drawing. The more you draw and practise, the easier it gets. Before the shimmer palettes comes into invention, many of us experimented with limited shades of eyeshadow bought from the local pharmacy at RM12 (for 2 shades from Silkygirl perhaps) to RM29.90 (for 2 shades from Maybelline perhaps). Which sounds like a heavy investment if you like to have more color variation.

Most probably you won't be able to figure what can you do with all those 88 colors in a palette. What can I say but to experiment! ;) I have some snapshots here (which may appear irritating, but how else do I show you the wonders of an eyeshadow palette!) of my experiment with layers of colorful eyeshadows.

Lizards Step on My Eyes- I used a layer of grey shimmer as base, followed by a matte vermillion blue on lower lid, topped with a light shade of lilac shimmer and brown shimmer on the eye socket. The lizard's footprint (as Sha-Lene says) are drawn with eyeliner from Daiso ;)

I used a layer of white shimmer for brow bone and corner, silver shimmer for lower lids, topped with peacock blue shimmer, a dab of ocean blue shimmer on the centre of the eyes and finished with coral brown shimmer for the eye socket. Eyeliner from Daiso and eye primer from ELF ;)

As I am running out of time, I decided to do one concept an eye here =P 

I have the Camouflage Rambo on the left and the Fairy Fly on the right (those are the names I gave to name my experiments =P )

Fairy Fly are created with a thick layer of shimmer grey, topped with a layer of cobalt blue, a layer of lilac,  and another sweep of deep purple at the socket. Finished off with a dab of silver grey again on brow bones and corner of eyes (all colours from the shimmer palette)

Camouflage Rambo are created with a sweep of silver grey shimmer, a full sweep of light bronze on lids, olive green on the outer corner blended inward, shade of leaf green from inner corner blended outward to meet the olive green shade and finished with turquoise green in the centre. (all colours from the shimmer palette)

Black Massacre (below) look similar to Fairy Fly because my camera is daylight sensitive -__- It's totally blended with different shades. 

Black Massacre are created with a thick layer of matte grey (from the matte palette I had) on the lower lids, layered with silver shimmer towards the upper lids to brow bones and inner corner of eyes, and thick blends of graphite black shimmer blended from lower lids and outer corner towards the inner area of lids. Finished with a layer of white shimmer at the inner corner and brow bones again ;)

All above are done majorly using the SHIMMER PALETTE from Pafassion. You can refer to some tutorials done by make up guru Michelle Phan on how to create more amazing looks with the 88 colors palettes. If you would like to watch how I did the Lizards Step on My Eyes done by me, tune in to my unedited version in my YouTube channel  ;)

If by now you are convinced that every girl should have an 88 colors eyeshadow palettes for all ocassion, head on to Pafassion and get your hands on a set while stocks last =D It's on promotion now, only RM50 - what a total bargain!

Happy Shopping!
By Guest Blogger, Cynthia Lee
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Shopping Cart said...

I like to visit your blog when I have time becaue it will be the best one to see the blog post.

Regina said...

How long did it last on your eyes ?

Cynthia said...

HI Regina,
It really depends on your skin condition. Mine is oily. It will stil stay more than 6 hours only that it may smudge out. To counter that, I think you can put a base first with either concealer / eyelid primer before you starting putting on your eyeshadow :)
I suppose you can also try to put a layer matte eyeshadow on top of the eyelid primer before starting on the shimmer ones :)

Bag Manufacturers said...

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