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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Found: Bargain basement!

Time to let you in on a secret on how to shop online - a lot - without going broke. Being a total and utter shopping kaki, I find that it is extremely important to find blogshops that will always offer "bargain basement" prices :D

There are a few of these kinda blogshops online, and one of them is Melody Love Fashion! :) They mostly sell all sorts of apparel and some accessories - but today I'd like to focus on a few key items they stock :D Trust me, you'll want to remember this blogshop when you're looking for these items someday - if not right now! ;)

Clip-on wigs or hair extensions (curly or straight, your pick!)
RM100 for 4 pieces (that's all you need for your whole head)
Nylon hair imported from Japan - practically the same as our natural hair :D
Of course this is a bargain basement price - the market price out there is at least RM200 ;)

Korean slim purses RM35 each (free Pos Ekspres + free Dariya hair sheet)
Now, these have been a SERIOUS bestseller on their store -
and there's no wonder why! With the freebie and free delivery,
on top of the fact that these slim purses are stylish, easy to store and make great gifts,
it's ready-stocked TOO! Lol. Recipe for a purchase right there!

Leggings RM25-RM30
Leggings are staple basics, but they also wear out fast when we wear them a lot -
so you'll be happy to know that anyone of any size can get leggings at Melody Love Fashion for RM30 and under :)

Maxi dresses RM30 each
Steady there, shopping kaki! :D
If you've still never tried a maxi dress before, this is probably the best blogshop to try one! :)
And if you're a devoted fan (like yours truly!), this is a great place to get a new piece every now and then! :P
They're all RM30 - flat rate!
The only qualm I have about these maxi dresses is that they're usually short,
so they're more suitable for petites than taller girls -
unless you want to wear it at calf length (which can look great too!) :D

Knock yourselves out in the bargain basement ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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