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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Event Review: The Butterfly Project

Hi shopping kaki! :D

Last weekend, online shopping took itself offline for the first round of The Butterfly Project, a make-up and beauty workshop where small groups of women learn the secrets of make-up, beauty enhancement and hairstyling. And I'm happy to say that I'll be reviewing the event now so that you can decide if you'd like to join the next workshop! ;D

The Butterfly Project
Sunday, 19th September 2010
Venue: S2 Slimming Centre, Subang Parade
Organisers: Tammy Miu from Plusizekitten.com, Stacey from Poshies Ladies, Michelle from Supermodel's Secrets
Emcee: Fatin from Chocolate Cats

L-R: Tammy and Fatin
Fun fact: The idea for The Butterfly Project popped out over cakes and pizza by Tammy's condo swimming pool :P

This was my first beauty workshop - all others have been nerdfests like public-speaking and writing :P - so I gotta say this gave me a really good first impression! One of the coolest things about this workshop was the theoretical feel of it: there's a sort of pre-show, first act, intermission, second act, and closing ceremony (haha!).

"Come on over and dip your hands in paraffin!" It was the first time I heard of paraffin hand treatments. They're supposed to moisturize your hands and soften them - sounds great right? :D So at first I was a little bit freaked out that I was gonna dip my bare hands into a pool of hot orange liquid - but phew! To my relief, not only did it not hurt, it was kinda fun :P They put plastic bags on our hands and when the paraffin dried into a wax-like texture, they cleaned our hands :D We were all playing the role of Edward Scissorhands Edwina Plasticbaggedhands for 5 minutes.

The pre-show also involves pre-shopping or
pre-checking out the products available for sale on that day! :D
Lots of discounts, seriously a LOT of discounts.
You can also buy them AFTER the workshop, of course! :)

And a mindblowing pole dancing performance by Viva Vertical -
where anyone can take pole-dancing classes (from beginner's level) :D

First Act
The workshop had two presenters - Stacey (Poshies Ladies) for make-up, and Michelle (Supermodel's Secrets) for beauty enhancement and hair. Stacey took the first hour, teaching us basic colour theory and then demonstrating it on an eager participant :P

Stacey: A former marketing manager, she was a total natural at
entertaining and interacting with the participants! :D

ZFC cosmetic products: Look at all the pretty eyeshadow colours! :D
She demonstrated (and sells) make-up equipment as well, of course :)
My personal favourite: the vibrating mascara - which I'll probably buy when my mascara runs out/dries up. It's so cool that the mascara applies itself for you! :P

From base and primer, to eyeshadow and eyebrow shading, until the finishing touches of
blusher (they have 2 different types, interesting!) and lip colouring :D
Professional make-up secrets were revealed, which I find uber useful -
but you'll have to join a workshop to find out what they are :P

Artful makeup, right? :D Instantly pumps zest and light into a face! :)
Don't worry if you really can't make it to a workshop but want to learn make-up
techniques from Stacey, she holds private sessions too (read more HERE).

Second Act
After the "intermission" a.k.a. tea break filled with delicious pastries that I had to physically refrain myself from finishing all of (so that there's some left for other people :P), Michelle from Supermodel's Secrets took the stage :D I gotta say, it was really really useful to see her demonstrate how to use bumpits, hair volumizer, cleavage-booster clips (a.k.a. bra clips), bra inflaters, and more :P

Even if you have short hair, you can still use bumpits! :D
Each package has a bunch of different sizes, yay!

Demo of all the hidden secrets behind celebrity beauty :P
Prepare to be AMAZED at the instant effects!

Feel it, try it, test it out! :D

Closing Ceremony
Usually, I don't really care about lucky draws - but the prizes for this workshop's lucky draw were soooo cool! I didn't win anything, but like half a dozen participants did :D

My personal favourites from the Lucky Draw prizes:
everything-you-need package from Supermodel's Secrets, and a bag organizer from leading bag-organizer-blogshop Tidy & Neat!
*Psst, Your Shopping Kaki will be doing a product review on their bag organizers real soon! :D*

For a better glimpse at The Butterfly Project, check out the little video I made below! :)

It's great that the workshop is done in small groups - so you can ask questions!
See you at the next Project! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Miu said...

Oh my.. i am so glad u're a virgin to beauty workshops!!!! muahaha!!! your post made me regretted not being a participant in this workshop! believe it! I didn't it was so O_O cool.. like a story..with an opening, body and ending. Thanks for reviewing our workshop and for giving us such a wonderful and positive review! Will be meeting u soon again.. n aww!!! i am sorry u din win lucky draw T_T but.. hehe.. u dun need it in the end too!

Supermodel's Secrets said...

i so love this review Sha! Thanks for writing about it in such positive light. glad u enjoyed it overall. thanks for taking such nice photos of me demo-ing the bumpits, bra clips, and showing the butt. lol, it somehow looked hilarious - me holding the butt, smiling to the crowd. Btw, we are meeting soon~ Tammy will be contacting us for makan! yay!=D

Stacey said...

hey there, nice to know you are enjoying the event, hope next time i can do a make-over on you. Do apologise as i had really very forgetful and do not remember about the pre-arrangement.

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