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Monday, September 20, 2010

Product Review: Jeggings

Say with me now: JEGGINGS!
Love 'em, hate 'em, gotta have 'em :D

The easy-to-match and casual style of jeans + the unbeatable comfort of leggings = JEGGINGS!

Jeggings masquerading as superskinny skinnies on Jessica Alba and Kristen Stewart! :D

Of course I had to try a pair of jeggings from the online shopping world :) Here's my product review to share the tried and tested tale!

Product: Jeggings
Laly Lulu Plus Size
Price: RM45 RM42
*promo price*

How's the sizing? What if I'm not plus-sized?
  • These jeggings come in two sizes: XL and XXL
  • I'd recommend opting for the XXL if you're taller, so that it's longer. These jeggings are not that long, I'm 168cm and it hangs about half an inch above my ankles.
  • If you're plus-sized but petite in height, these jeggings will be perfect for you!
  • If you're not plus-sized, I wouldn't rule out these jeggings immediately - if you're size UK10 and up, they're not so huge to be overflowing on you - so if you'd like a breathable pair of jeggings, go for it!
  • The material has a very easy stretch - makes these jeggings suit every size easily.

Which colour should I go for?

  • These jeggings come in 2 colours: black and denim blue.
  • I got the pair in denim blue because I figured most buyers would go for black - so here's in case you want to see what denim blue looks like :)
  • It's quite a nice shade of blue, very much like blue jeans :D
  • But black would definitely give the illusion of leaner legs.

My stats: Waist 96cm, hips 121cm -
XL and XXL will fit very large sizes, but XXL is longer.

What do I wear jeggings with?
  • If your jeggings are sheer, you need to work with the same principles of pantyhose or sheer leggings. Always do the BOT (Bend Over Test)! :D If you can see the colour or pattern of your undies after bending over, you need a longer top :P Hehe!
  • In this case, the jeggings are not sheer at all - so you can wear anything as a top - long or short. But if you can see cameltoe, perhaps it'd be better to go with a longer top :)
  • Now the best thing about jeggings is the fact that you can show off all your shoes! Unlike jeans, which probably cover the fanciest parts of your footwear, jeggings serve to complement, not overshadow! :D
  • Sandals or flip-flops, Balenciaga booties, Uggs, Doc Martens, stilettoes or five-inch wedges - it's your call! :)

Comfortable, casual, cool, effortless! - jeggings take on the streets of fashion.

How's the quality? Is it worth it?
  • Quality is definitely good! :)
  • I've seen awful quality jeggings in my online shopping experience before, and this one really is in a whole different league than the others :)
  • Worth the price? To be honest, I wouldn't say it's very cheap, because leggings are usually priced at about RM20 - but after surveying the market prices for jeggings, especially in malls, I think RM40+ is a really good deal :D
  • And you can enjoy free Pos Ekspres if you buy 2 pairs! :D I'd highly recommend getting one in each colour.

Get your jeggings today at
Laly Lulu Plus Size Fashion! :D

(The promotion doesn't last forever!)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


NN said...

I want to buy black denim jegging.

Im about 160cm height and 52 weights, so what is my size if u can recommend?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hmm I'd recommend the smaller size :)

Anonymous said...

im plus size too but im not as tall as u.im only 158cm.should i buy XL or XXL?


Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous :)

Depending on your measurements - if you are on the smaller side of plus-sized, I'd recommend XL. But if you are curvier and prefer a longer pair of jeggings (longer is better than shorter, in my opinion), go for XXL.

And definitely it is better to ask the blog owner what she thinks, as she has seen both sizes whereas I have only seen the XXL :)

Anonymous said...

hi..i really looking for blue legging.and i think this would be perfectly just i need.pls tell me how to purchase and is it still available? pls email me at gedikhoho@gmail.com...tqvm

felysia fred said...

hello..im looking for denim jegging dark blue..do you have?

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