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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here we go round the Mulberry bush!

We've seen their shoes.
We've seen their clothes.
Now we're getting a sneak peek at their bags!

Fluorescent Adolescence blows us away again -
this time with imported, high-quality bags at a flat rate of RM79 each! :)

All the bags are available on pre-order, which closes this September 29!
Which means you can receive your bag(s) in less than 1 month! Yay! :)
Buy 2 or more bags, enjoy 10% discount off your total!
*Psst - ask a friend to buy one with you!*

WEB EXCLUSIVE: The following bags aren't even shown on their website yet -
you're seeing them here on YSK first! :D Full collection on their Facebook profile! ;)

Deliciously coloured Mulberry-inspired bags! :D
I'm loving the creamy pink shade, isn't it rather unique?
Although of course, the browns and blacks are staple pieces -
and if you want that extra ooomph!, go for the ones with snakeskin-like strips!

Ah, these are quite the popular schoolbags on campuses these days! :)
Colourful, light, fun-looking, roomy, and easy to open and close.
Makes a great gift for your girlfriends too - just figure out which colour she prefers! :D

Loving the deliberately oversized structure of this bag -
looks like it can fit all textbooks needed and maybe a small Netbook too! ;)
I think it has a rather vintage tint to it, more like a satchel than a handbag or messenger.

Ah, the Chloe designer turnlock! Don't you just love that design?
I can't quite peg down what it is about this turnlock that's locked me in so,
maybe it reminds me of mooncakes ... must be the mooncake festival ... LOL.

I know, I know - you wanna see more awesome bags! :D

There's something for everyone! :)

Fluorescent Adolescence is also having a SALE:
10% discount when you buy 3 pieces of apparel
15% discount when you purchase 6 or more pieces of clothing

For a full look at all the collections on Fluorescent Adolescence,
click HERE to join them on Facebook! :)

*Psst, there's always a promo on their Facebook page!*
*Replies within hours/minutes and items are previewed on Facebook first before blog*
*International customers welcome!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

Hi the mulberry cream pink bag can i just ask what kind of quality is it?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi eileenviolet93 - I'm sorry, I don't know how is the quality of the bag as I've never seen it in real life :( But you can ask Cindy, the owner of the store :D

Fluorescent Adolescence has now moved to: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002058788327

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