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Monday, September 6, 2010

8 Last-minute grabs for Raya!

Three days 'til Raya festivities begin, three days left to shop fabulously for all those open houses! :D

From Style Influx RM32 | RM15 | RM22
These elegant Chanel (replica) brooches have got my head spinning with excitement -
so many ways to wear them, and so inspired by Samantha Jones (of Sex and The City)!
If you've noticed, she often wears large YSL and Chanel emblem earrings -
and they look damn fine! :) These brooches will jazz up any old blouse or blazer!

From The October RM43 | RM48
Wheee! Fun, flirty, and suitable to wear with an inner! :D
Also, 'em houndstooth skinnies will instantly pattern up any outfit - plain tanks included!

From The Survival Store RM62 | RM68
Enjoy their Raya promotion - free Pos Laju! :D
These bubblegum pink bags will have your family and friends ooh-ing and ah-ing,
not to mention totally handy to keep those Duit Raya in! ;P
Love the contrast of the gold embellishments on the pink!

From Grazioso Boutique RM65
The easiest onesie to pull off, with style and ease! :D
The harem jumpsuit is my personal favourite, it's billowy and willowy -
and gives you that maxi dress silhouette while being playful at the same time!

Leave a comment below
if your blogshop is having a Raya promo! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


grazioso said...

hey, YSK, thanks for review!! really appreciate it! =)

Garde-Robe said...

hey, we're having a raya promo as well. Free postage for new arrivals. i do hope you can feature us. thanks! :)


BoomshakalakaYA said...

Im having a clearance sale in conjunction with the whole festive season.
50% off everything!
Blah Blah Blahs

Thanks =]

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