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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Water Cooler Stories: Best Bazaar Ever!

Hello, Sunday! :)

Aching feet. Permanent shopping bag strap marks on fingers. Bliss. <3

How was your Saturday? If you attacked bazaars as enthusiastically as Your Shopping Kaki and her shopping kakis did, then Saturday would've been just... blissful! ;)

No photos from my end though. :( Maybe next time! :D

First, we went to TwoMAds Bazaar at the infamous 3K Inn Hotel. Okay, so we were a bit too early (having, to quote Dan Humphrey, "overbudgeted for travel time") - 10am, and most vendors were just setting up! Lol. We were so early that I could count how many shoppers there were.

I can't say much about the TwoMAds Bazaar, because we were only there for about an hour - then we headed over to A Shopaholic's Den's Birthday Bash Bazaar! :D

Yes, we were too excited about the goodie bags, lucky draw, discount coupons and just shopping at 100 stalls!! :)

So... again, we were too early.


But the vendors were 98% fully set up, even though we arrived a quarter before 12pm. And it was just... wow!!! The whole space was awesome - roomy, cooling, great to shop around in (even though the rows in the middle were a little too crammed - but maybe because there were SO many shoppers! :D). The very fact that there were 100 vendors gave me shopaholic goosebumps! ;D

The Alice Wonders lucky draw with the "Mad Hatter" was cool too! I didn't win anything, but Rena did, and I'm so happy for her! She chose that red quilted Chanel-inspired bag that so many online shoppers have been going crazy over. ;)

Ancient Orchids had a chocolate fountain (marshmallows and strawberries, yummy!), BunnyNoo's mannequin crashed to the floor and made everyone think there was an earthquake (LOL! Yes, Pearl, it was that shocking! Luckily no-one, including the mannequin, was injured), Ablinc's studded shoes were drool-worthy, and plenty of gorgeous studded (and zipper!) cinchers at Jes' table!

LovelyLolitas gave out free smileyfaced earrings (yay!), PhatCulture had quirky hats that I reallyyyy loved (but didn't have the guts to buy, haha, check them out and you'll see what I mean! :D), My Clothes Affair had an arsenal of tights (from babies to plus-sized!) that sent shoppers a-gaping (I got an electric blue pair of hosiery myself! :D Loving it, thanks Weili!), I finally checked out that plaid vest I liked at ClosetCharacters (only to find that it wasn't as Serena Van Der Woodsen as I imagined - so I didn't get it, heehee), and I totally missed out a bunch of vendors (even though my friends and I were there from before-12pm until around 3pm) that I wanted to meet! Gah.

Next time kay! :)

And thanks so much to Yien Yee for organising today's awesome ASD Birthday Bash! I'm so excited for her next bazaars! :D This one was just that good!

Lastly - if anyone wants to leave comments about the bazaars (share your experience at the bazaar, or moan about how you can't believe you missed it! :P), feel free to do so below this post! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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