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Thursday, May 14, 2009

"8 Accessories Made With Love"

Yesterday was 13 May, an important day in Malaysian history...
And we have overcome the dark day of 40 years ago by spreading the love today!

So, it's only the right time for Your Shopping Kaki to spread the love too -
for handmade accessories! :D

Here are 8 blogshops that specialise in handmade jewellery.
Enjoy :)

From JP Beads RM45 | RM45

Beautiful, intricately-designed masterpieces by wire-weaving guru Jenny Pong!
The earrings and bracelet above are some of my favourite pieces
from her fairy-inspired collection. :)

From Charming Pieces RM26.90 | RM30.90

One of the blogshops that many of my friends recommended to me. :)
Going by the slogan "Charming pieces for charming people" (hehe! good one!),
Shi Min is one talented babe in her timeless designs!

From Crafted By Mei RM23 | RM23

Something old, something new...
something borrowed, something blue!
Something like that, anyway. :P
Love the bubbly bounciness of these pretty blue charm bracelets!

From Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast RM25

Infamous for her amazing beading skills and lovely personality,
Wendy's handmade creations certainly live up to the name of their creator! :)
This necklace is so affordable, too! :D

From Monde de Hera RM15.90 | RM33.90

Another craftsmith with beads, charms and the like! :)
Unique designs, wonderful taste in complementary colours!

From Round Bean Price unknown

Bring on the Hollywood wrap bracelets!
These started off popular on the wrists of our favourite Tinseltowners,
and now they're the hottest online craze in Charm Bracelet World! :D
And if wrap bracelets aren't your thing...
their classic pick-your-charms charm bracelets might be! :)

From Mimpi RM50 | RM38

Ah, if you aren't already acquainted with the ethereal, dreamlike appeal
of Mimpi Murni's necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings,
now is the time! :D

From Dexig Collection RM75 | RM95

Oh gosh, I love these so much!
Dexig Collection will custom-make rings and bracelets for you!
It's too pricey for my student allowance,
but maybe some of you reading this have been looking for these goodies! :)

As for Your Shopping Kaki, someday I hope to buy a bracelet
with words of my choice imprinted on it! :D
Like this below! :)

Have a dream accessory, like me? ;)
Most of those blogs above custom-make accessories,
so go get your dream fulfilled already! :D

And if accessories are the love of your life, you have to check out Little Accompaniments!
It's a review blog that reviews only accessories. :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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