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Monday, May 11, 2009

Click. Did that get your attention?

A New Vote On Your Shopping Kaki!

A photograph is all it takes.

In the realm of online shopping, shoppers can no longer touch the clothes themselves, can no longer see the "real thing" for ourselves...

How does it happen? Why are we convinced to buy things we've never actually seen or touched?

The answer is simple: Photographs.

Online, what we buy is sold to us through photographs. It doesn't take much mental math to figure out that pictures are very, very, very important for a blogshop to do well!

So here's a voting poll that's a li'l different from Your Shopping Kaki's usual Blogshop of the Month votes (which will resume in the middle of June) - this is still a vote, you (the reader) still get to choose your favourite out of the nominees -

The only rule is: Base your vote on the blogshop's photographs! :)

And in Emmy-Award-fashion, "the nominees are ..."

An Old Flame

Like Seriously

Cup Clothes

Clothes For Fun


Autumn Closet

Shopaholics Unite

Tic Tac Toe

Shoppers, this is your chance to be heard!

What kind of photographs do you like from blogshops? You decide! :)

The winning blogshop will win an 8-picture post on this blog - of 8 of the blogshop owner's favourite items. :D

Vote at the bottom of this webpage. Thank you! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

No offense... But I don't think any of these pictures are any good...

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. If you visit the actual selling sites, you will notice there are nicer pictures, and more importantly, the pictures drive an urge to buy. I think Shopaholics Unite is one of the better ones.

Anonymous said...

autumn's closet? are you kidding me..?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, even A Model Studio and French Kiss pictures are even better

Anonymous said...

No depth of field
Flat lighting
Not consistent white balance
Look how pale the skin tones are
Composition of pictures are distorted

picibel said...

I'd actually like to commend the blogshops that actually put an effort in trying to make their products look good. Not everybody starts off with a big picture of fashion marketing & photography aesthetics; or at least, at a level which allows them to do maximum publicity quality with minimal resources. Of course I personally would like to see people getting better at this; but at the same time; sometimes we must also think on the owner's persp. Time devoted to touch up/ plan shots, are not always proportionately rewarded; at least monetarily. at the current local market where competitiveness is mainly price driven- sometimes that becomes the deterrent factor; the passive way the public is trying to say:"price above frills." I'm not saying everyone thinks like that tho. we're all making really small steps of progress.

Anonymous from May 15 said...

Dear picibel,

Well said I must say. But in this particular post, it is a vote for best photography for a blogshop.

Isn't it quite apparent that there are blogshops that put way more effort into their photography eg: French Kiss and A Model Studio.
So I think where judging is concerned, every aesthetic value matters here.

Having said that, the online boutique business is a fairly new industry and have a lot of potential to grow. Complimenting you, I would love to see it grow as well.

But unlike the real tangible shopping at real boutiques, customers cannot touch or try on clothes, so it is important that the photography assist the buyer in evaluating the quality of a product.

From the way we see the textures in an item to how it fits onto a model matters. I think it is the responsibility of a boutique owner to improve on its standards, if they want to expand this online business to a whole new level.

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