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Thursday, May 28, 2009

8 Things To Splurge On!

Hello, happies! :)

I'm going to celebrate my [exam] month of June by launching a 3-part Recessionista series -
reviewing awesome, gorgeous goodies that are so affordable that we can squeal together -
including swapping tips, bargain tips and price guides as to what's reasonable online! :D

Of course, before that, let's have a pseudo-Bachelorette party with a
Splurge! Splurge! Splurge! piece, shall we? ;)

After all, what's the joy of saving without splurging?
The two shopping habits go hand in hand! :D

Enjoy! :)

From Kiss and Tell RM140 - RM180
*Prices including shipping!*

Humble apologies for missing this awesome update in my original review!
This makes it 9 items to splurge on - but rules were meant to be broken, lol :P
These imported shoes from the U.S. of A are too gorgeous to miss out on.
Check out their site for the full details and the entire collection!
Hurry - pre-order ends 30th May!

From Alice Wonders RM69

These quilted tassle bags are so adorable! :D
Double-chain straps interwoven with faux leather, available in a palette of colours.
And hey, splurge while you save by filling in their survey to get some awesome discounts!

Wanna know even more awesome news?
Alice Wonders is having yet another mad, mad sale!

From Eclectic Cut RM49

Exclusive one-off pieces fresh from the other side of the pond! ;)
Mod-inspired on the left, vintage-inspired on the right. Cute paperbag skirts too!
Well, okay, this review is coming in a week too late -
so almost everything is gloriously Sold Out already :(
But hey! Look on the bright side ...
Now you know you gotta visit EC so you don't miss out next time! :D

From Q-Losophy RM38

Splurge with a skirt from Q-Losophy! :D
Truffle tower skirts with floral prints or tutu skirts, which ever tickles your fancy!
This is one of those blogshops where blogshop owners shop -
Miss OCD, for instance, beat me to the Tower of Bangles! Lol!
Skirts above available in many more colours, designs, and many more skirts!
Go see for yourself. ;)

From Korii Joko RM280

If you feel the itch to splurge, it should be mandatory to visit Korii Joko International! :P
Specialising in handmade jewellery made of luxurious gemstones, each piece exclusive.
Their lariat collection is especially a must-see! Lariat necklaces are very long necklaces,
you can wrap it around your neck, play with the lengths, even wear one as a sash!
The gorgeous one pictured above is sold already, but you can see many more at their site. :)

From Ladies In The House RM50

Aye, this Chanel-inspired quilted bag is no stranger to online shoppers. ;)
But this is the best price I've seen it being sold at - so feel free to splurge and save!
Locally supplied, not pre-order - no waiting period & quality assured.
I just wish they had one in red! :P

From PattyBelle RM42

Hey, feathered headbands are lookin' as trendy this season as studs! :)
Make a statement with one of the many handmade headbands from PattyBelle!
Strictly for the fashionable. :D

From Ladies Fashion
*Couldn't find the price today, but I recall it's RM60+ Edit: RM65*

If there's a dress worth splurging on, it's gotta be this dress!
Why? Because you can turn it into at least 10 different dresses! :D
Tailored to emulate the Victoria's Secret dress pictured above -
you can get your own metamorphosis outfit at Ladies Fashion for under Rm100!
Wear it as a toga, halter, bandeau, skirt, braid, cross-back -
and many, many more: let that imagination go wild! :)

From Impulse Grabber RM59
*YSK readers usually enjoy free shipping for items reviewed from IG, but maybe you can
subsidise a few quid for Pos Laju, yeah? Since the shoes are on special offer now :)*

Check out this pair of zipper glads!
Review requested by hopeful shopper BB. :D
And I can see why she wants to buy a pair of these babies -
intricately stitched satin fabric on the straps, that rustic shade of dark grey,
4-inch heels to give us those legs that go on forever...
and only at RM59 until the 7th of June! Splurge and save ;)

Next week:
"So What If You're Not a Size 8?"

A tribute to women with curves :D
Watch this space to find out where to shop -
for yourself, or for your curvy friends or family!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

LadiesFashion said...

Ladies Fashion Convertible Dress is RM65

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