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Monday, May 18, 2009

Advertorial 10: Summeracres, Your Fashion Intervention

Opened on 17th March 2009 by Fiona Loh, Summeracres is your virtual escape to summery shopping! Known for its cute and highly affordable products, this is one blogshop worth visiting.

Summeracres - Your Fashion Intervention

Your Shopping Kaki's Review

The first thing that struck me about Summeracres is how quickly Fiona replied e-mails! Which I love, because as a typical "gan cheong" shopper, a seller who manages her blogshop full-time was my dream come true! :D There's even fixed times that she's online - Monday to Friday, 6.30am-3pm and 4pm-6pm. On the same issue of promptness, she also delivers parcels on the same day the payment is received - up to a few times a day and every day of the week! There's nothing a shopper appreciates more than a serious seller, seriously. :)

Oooh, and did you know there's free postage for purchases of 3 items and above... as well as a lovely little free gift (pictured below) for purchases above RM80? Returning customers and bulk-buyers also enjoy further discounts!

Free trinket box with purchase of RM80 and above!

Want Some Customer Feedback?

"Summeracres is my love at first sight. Not just the clothes are simple, comfortable, and trendy at the same time; but I might say that they offer the most affordable clothes on-line! Plus, they cater the convenient way to window shop virtually: easy to view their items and sufficient info were provided." - Emmi Fazlina

"shopping experienced at [Summeracres] is so nice+fun.i really need a new clothes and when like crazy with your stuff i got a new style for me and it suit me well. thanks to you feeyona. you such an angel. cos of my size that is XL, actually it hard for me to find the suitable dress plus buying clothes using e-shopping?? it very risky cos i cant try the clothes.but i always ask u if the dress fit me or not.n u always be honest with me.thanks a lot babe!!! n i trust all your opinion . not to forget your customer services that is superb!!! u are very friendly n u make me felt like making a deal with own friend. keep up the good work n i promise to spend my money at your blogshop..hehehe" - Nur Syarafina

"i heart all of Summeracres Store's collections..my 1st purchase is a very beautiful summer dress n the list goes on..nice stuff..nice, friendly n trustworthy seller too." - Masliza Mohamed

Not Convinced?
"We are having our Storewide Sales from 13th April 2009 onwards to clear some stocks to make ways for new arrivals. Enjoy major discount from 30% up to 70%! Everything is below cost! Price range from RM19 to RM30 ONLY! Click for Clothes, Bags & Wallet!" -Summeracres

*Psst... Your Shopping Kaki readers enjoy a special offer!*
Free shipping for every purchase!
Password: I Love Summeracres!

Want a sneak peak at some of the goodies in Summeracres?

Agnes B Inspired Card Wallet RM19

Made of faux leather, take your pick from this impressive collection of wallets! :)
From electric blue to shimmering silver, these have been restocked more times
than I could count on the website's list! Add only RM3 for Pos Ekspress.

Wow, four ways of wearing this black cropped cardi.
Useful. Versatile. Nicely fitted.
This is too perfect!

It says here that these pretty floral skirts fit all sizes - S to XL!
It's so dainty and feminine, I feel so tempted to get one already. :P

Bring on the goddessy Greek fashion style! :D
Toss in the Japanese-inspired kimono cut with the Grecian relaxed look.
Or go cool casual with their zipper tees!
Yes, you read it right! Zipper! :D
Go see what I'm talking about ;)

Pastel Flowery Kimono Dress RM39

LOL, more floral goodness!
Lilac flowers for the demure. Sunshine yellow for the bubbly. Barbiedoll pink for the girly.
There's a colour for everyone here!

Starry Night Halter Dress RM39

I have a long tube top in the starry print of the blue on the left. :P
Mine is super comfy, the smooth and cooling kinda non-cotton material -
so if this dress here is anything like it, it's so worth the buy!

Talk about value for money! :)
This outfit is actually a combination set of two pieces of clothing -
the off-shoulder floral cropped top, and the inner racerback tank top!
Wear them together or wear them apart, mix and match with other wardrobe goodies,
experiment already! :D

Hands down my favourite pick in the pool of "items to review"!
This is one heckuva versatile piece, don't you think? ;)
Great to wear it alone, or as the base of lots of fun layering!
Cropped jackets, patterned overcoat, leggings, bangles, big colourful earrings...
Whatever You Want! :D

Polkie Dolkie RM27

Cutesy as pie! :) Reminds me of Minnie Mouse. :D
Wear it as a tube top or as a high-waisted skirt.
These polka dots are timeless, after all! :)

Last but not least...
Q&A with Fiona Loh
Owner of Summeracres

  • YSK: Who are the people behind Summeracres?
  • Fiona: Basically Summeracres is being handle by myself. I'm currently doing this for full time after I quit from my full time job. As a girl and as someone who loves to shop, this is my hobby and interest. I enjoyed stock shopping, taking pictures and clothes folding a lot hehehe
  • YSK: Why did you decide to start it?
  • Fiona: I started this blogshop after being persuaded by family and friends. The e-shop existed since 6 years ago. I started from eBay Malaysia back then and we are one of the pioneer seller there. For the past few years I have been doing nothing but working for others and when I was about to quit my Sales Manager job, I decided to give this a try. And the blogshop is actually created just a few days before my last working day! Lol. My main intention besides earning a decent income is also to provide beautiful, nice and good quality clothes to everyone with an affordable price. That's why our clothes is relatively cheaper. We want to keep new clothes coming in constantly.
  • YSK: What is your favourite part of running Summeracres?
  • Fiona: To see and feel my customer's satisfaction, smile and happiness when they received the clothes. Especially those who really really appreciate very much and thankful towards my effort in giving a small discount. My regulars would know that I don't profit much but yet I still will offer small discount to them.
  • YSK: Why "Summeracres"? Any story behind the name?
  • Fiona: In fact yes there's a story behind this name. I actually asked a friend of mine to design a dot com website for me. The problem is he need a name in order for him to create the official logo. At that time I have a special guy friend and he suggested Summeracres. The name mainly means Summer + Acres. He says that this name somehow have a soothing, relaxing, laid back feelings. I kinda like the name so I decided to use it. The best part is I can tell people that my name is Summer too and I love the name Summer lol
  • YSK: If you had to pick 1 favourite item you've ever sold, which would it be? And why?
  • Fiona: Summeracres is still new and if I were to pick 1 favourite item I've ever sold, it would be this Candy Colour 3/4 Pants and Candy Colour Long Pants I sold in Lowyat.Net (LYN). Reason is simple. EVERYONE LOVES IT! I'm happy to be able to offer this great clothes with great price for everyone.
Pics from Summeracres' Lowyat Forum
  • YSK: What's the most important lesson you've learnt from Summeracres?
  • Fiona: That I can't satisfy everyone! That is why I never promise anything without knowing if I can do it or not. If I can't, I rather the customer buy from other blogshop.
  • YSK: What influences your selection process for the clothes on your site?
  • Fiona: Most importantly customer demand and clothes preference and also cost of the clothes. This is because I refuse to sell anything higher than RM39 lol. So if the cost is high but I know that my customers are looking for it, I will sell at low profit just to cater to their needs.

What are you waiting for?
Start shopping at Summeracres already! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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