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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Bazaar Review 2: A:fair Weekend"

Did you have A:fair Weekend? ;)

Was it a creamy, sweet, sugary-soft weekend,
topped off with 200-calorie icing that was so totally worth it?

Was it a weekend well-spent hanging out with your girlfriends,
doing something all of you love? <3

Click To Shop


*Not technically a blogshop, but a Facebook online store! o.O
Intrigued? Search "Flowerpot" on FB to check them out*

Was it a weekend spent spending quality time with family? ;)


Perhaps a weekend doing something really cool and unique? ;)

Or a weekend spent doing something really cool, but the photographer had to go home before you could get back to your booth? :P

Hehe, sorry, Fashion Cream!
*I couldn't find their link, so if anyone has it, please leave a comment below ya. Thanks! :)*

Perhaps a weekend kicking back with the guys? :D

Alice Wonders

The Seller

Or a weekend to bring the muscle in to help? ;D

Our Mutual Passion

Lush Serendipity

Cool Crocs

Super Venus

Eight Designs


Graphic Playground
*website under construction - catch them at Curve's Flea Market on weekends!*

Eye Candy

Fashion Palettes

How 'bout a weekend where you get to hang out with a bunch of your friends? :D
137A Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Quadruple Queen

Art Junkish & So Haute

And maybe a weekend to see a friend, while making new friends! :)

All the wonderful memories of A:fair Weekend are largely thanks to the organisers ....

... who we all hope had A:fair Weekend as well! ;)

* * *

Q&A with the organisers!

*Interviewee's answers are 100% unedited to retain authenticity*

  • YSK: Who are the people behind A Fair Weekend? :)
    M&Z: The organizers is actually Marlena (The Wifey) and Zuhri (The Hubby) - Who would've guessed right?

  • YSK: What made you decide to organise this?
    M&Z: After attending a few bazaars we decided to make a different concept in the conventional existing bazaar. Give more to sellers and buyers rather than profit for organizers. That's why we're providing tables, chairs, table cloth, drinks, tags, signs and many more to sellers so they'll be able to give the best for buyers. We also wanted to create a more relaxing ambiance and made it into a gazebo concept. We also run promotional marketing from every aspect with a big investment to make this happen. This is also a platform for us husband and wife to do something together.

  • YSK: Can we expect to see more of AFW, in other places and on other weekends? :)
    M&Z: Initial plan is to make the first AFW a success and to do it on alternate weeks to allow sellers to refresh their stocks and for us to rest as well (quality family time)

  • YSK: One more question - why "A:fair Weekend"? Is there a story/meaning behind it? ;) M&Z: Good question - A:fair actually means a lot of things to us, amongst it :
    1. A:fair = Affair - to have relations, since it's a husband and wife project. To have good relationship with buyers and sellers and also treat everyone as a family.
    2. A:fair = Fair/Fun Fair - to make the event into something that everyone can enjoy, the same feeling they would have when going to fun fairs
    3. A:fair = Fair prices - To set up the bazaar so everyone can get good bargains and the benefit to sellers is wayy over the top as we want this to be success AS A FAMILY
    Our tag line is also "(Name of blogshop) just had an A:fair - example "Trendy Confession just had an A:fair"

Hope you enjoyed the review! :)

If you want to experience "A:fair Weekend",
the good news is that it's still going on tomorrow (Sunday)! :D

Happy Shopping,
Your Shopping Kaki! :)


Thrift Book said...

nice work! looking forward to more bazaar reviews like these, and the Q&A with the organizers offer an insight to the purpose of the events, which is good! ;-) keep it up sha-lene!


Irenelim said...

Wow, so many beautiful items on sale! :)

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