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Thursday, March 26, 2009

"8 Must-Haves For Your Wardrobe"

Hello, basics! :)

The basics of every shopaholic’s wardrobe are essential, because we can mix and match them with any number of clothes – and effortlessly create different outfits! These must-haves also come in handy when we've got absolutely nothing to wear, despite our overflowing closets and the fact that we're running out of hangers. :P

So, in the spirit of sharing - and as an Earth Hour weekend treat for Your Shopping Kaki's wonderful readers - here are 8 must-haves for your wardrobe, with a few alternatives to each necessity. :D

Must-Have 1: The Cardigan

Glittery Glamour

"Short Cardi"

Classy, chic, and affordable - there's simply no denying that the black cropped cardi is a staple piece in the wardrobe. For chilly lecture halls, popcorn night at the movies, or when you just don't feel like showing off your arms. Goes well with any colour. :)

Dressers Perfection

"Dye Smocked Cardigan"

If black is too anti-cheerful for you, then colour up your wardrobe with a tie-dye piece like this cardi here! :)

The Cute Closet

"Black Long Cardi"

And if you prefer something full-length and cosy, then this is another versatile piece that you can wear over just about anything. :) An especially popular choice in the workplace as well as on campus!

*Psst... You can also have fun experimenting with different-coloured cinchers to wear over this cardi!*


Must-Have 2: The Tank Top

Buttons & Biscotti

"ButtonsBiscotti 004"

Here's a white tank top that embraces your silhouette in a most flattering way! :) The perfect piece for layering and having lots of fun at the same time - wear it on its own, or with a cropped jacket, a scarf, shrug, vest or even another coloured tank! :D

Chilli Kiss

"Yummy Tops"

Yummy designs indeed! :) If you've got enough plain-coloured tanks in your drawers already, why not try some colourful patterned ones? :D


Must-Have 3: The Cincher

Cinchers, waist belts, waspies - self-explanatory wardrobe essentials! :)

Above: Mannequin Beauty
"Butterfly Kisses"

Above: Our Mutual Passion
RM15 *cheapest price online!*

*Psst... Our Mutual Passion is offering 15% discount on ALL items on their site - for Your Shopping Kaki readers only! :) Just give the password "Shopping Is Our Mutual Passion" when you e-mail them!*

Above: Seventh Day
"Ribbon Cincher"

Above: Dressing Lab
"Round Studded Belt"
RM35 *a little bit pricey, but it's sure unique enough to merit its price tag!*


Must-Have 4: The Tube

Ah, tubes!

They come in all lengths and colours, smocked or plain, minidress or tank-formed, and most importantly, they are very, very practical. :) Not to mention comfy!

Above: Glitz 23
"Full Length Tube"

Above: Ultimate Dazzle
"Plain Short Tubes" a.k.a. Boob Tubes
RM5 each *Get the 6th piece at 50% off*

Above: Alirey's Beautiful Garbage
MNG Basics purple tube top
*pre-owned but never used*
RM20 including postage

Above: Suez Closet
“Candy Purple”
Tube Minidress


Must-Have 5: The Vest

Vests, one of the critical essentials of layering! :) Wear it over a tank top, a tee, blouses, even a dress if you've got the right vest (and the right dress), hehe!

They also get snapped up really quickly, so I'm lucky I managed to find five deliciously different ones to review tonight! :D

Above: Cheap Weird Stuff
“Little Black Vest”

The basic black vest! The fitted structure and V-shaped neckline is totally flattering to any figure too. :)

And if you feel like going for something a little different, try these below! :D

Sealed With A Kiss RM26 / Think Glamz RM36

Luscious Lips RM32 / Hazel Mazel RM25


Must-Have 6: The Tights

Aren't we madly in love with them these days? ;) What's even more exciting is the endless variety of tights and leggings out there!

First up we have two blogshops which have truly created names for themselves in the leggings/tights niche market ...

My Clothes Affair RM15 / Ministry of Clothes RM15

And then we have a pair of leggings here that I just couldn't resist reviewing! :D

Above: Sensual Seductionz
"Vineyard Hosiery"

Because they look too cool.

Haha - sexy, artsy, and definitely something very different!


Must-Have 7: One-Piece Wonders

One-piece goodies that look like two have been making a big comeback! :D

Above: French Kiss

This one-piece dress is perfect for uni (wow the crowd during presentations, hehe!) and for the office as well! Who said Jill can't work while lookin' good and having fun? :P

*Psst... comes with the elastic waist cincher, free of charge! What a good deal!*

Above: La'Belle Closet
"Miss Uptown"

A pastel-pink and velvet-purple dual-toned dress, it looked so sweet that I couldn't resist reviewing it too! This one is sleeveless for a change (compared the the French Kiss one above).

Above: Miss Shopaholic's Closet
"Shorts jumpsuit"

If one-piece goodies are making a comeback, jumpsuits have been doing it with a vengeance! ;) This blue one is particularly cute. And look how great it looks with white glads! :D


Must-Have 8: Somethin' Formal

While fashion is about fun and self-expression of personal styles, there comes times when all of us have to dress according to codes - like in the office or during presentations! :)

So, the final must-have, in Your Shopping Kaki's humble opinion, is something formal enough - like a blazer, a pantsuit, pencil skirt, etc. :D

Above: 80's Vintage
RM20 *after 50% discount*

A beautifully tailored 3-piece suit, vintage from the 80’s. Very classy, and doesn't compromise figure-flattering cuts for formality. ;)

*Psst... Visit their site for more vintage goodies on 50% clearance sales!*

Above: Mella Bella
RM50 *including postage*
Original price: RM99

Brand new pre-owned Forever 21 blazer! :D Being resold because it's too big for its owner - so who'll be the lucky girl to own this lovely piece? :)

Above: Chance Boutique
"Cream Jacket"

The blazer on the right has such a great cut! :)
Cream-coloured for a change, perfect for formal-attire-needed days. :D


There you have it, 8 must-haves for every girl's wardrobe. :)

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Visit again for more weekly reviews, as well as regular features! :D

Next review: Thursday, 2 April

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Miss Capsicum said...

We've lace leggings and cute printed tank tops too. :)

Rags&Threads said...

Hi there!

Rags&Threads are selling colorful tubes. Pick your color :)

Our Mutual Passion said...

Hey babes!

Besides the Rm15 clinchers, we also have really pretty printed long tank tops! Buy more, save more! :)


:) said...

Oh and just to add a note:
Our tubes are made of GUARANTEED EXCELLENT MATERIAL. Fairly thick and padded. Definitely not the thin see-through ones. Do check 'em out


Happy shopping!


hey there,

RAINBOWS CLOSET has vest too!
what's more, its with a BOW in both front n back! cute ain't? ;)
check them out now!!

Kelly Chan said...

Trendy-Attire has the pre-loved white vest that Luscious Lips is selling as shown in the post..its actually brand new and i'm selling it for RM25..
http://www.trendy-attire.blogspot.com now!!

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