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Friday, March 13, 2009

Advertorial 1: Alice Wonders - "Find The White Rabbit!"

A blogshop promotion that sent Your Shopping Kaki squealing in excitement!

I was SO excited, in fact, that I didn't even finish reading the e-mail that Alice (of Alice Wonders, not Alice in Wonderland, hahaha) sent me with all the proper instructions and information...

... and I actually started looking for the white rabbit straightaway!

So Kiasu right?!


But after a few minutes, of course, I realised that this wonderful, wonderful contest will only take place from 16th March 2009 (Monday) until 20th March (Friday)!

Take note of those dates, people, because this is one promotion you WON'T want to miss!

Basically, it's OPEN SEASON now at AliceWonders.com, and the "hunt" is about to begin for Your Dream Bag! So let's get to the basic points now! :D

What is this about?

Find a white rabbit somewhere in their website - it's that simple - and you could win a FREE BAG from AliceWonders.com! Omigosh! And you can actually CHOOSE whichever bag you want!

Don't you feel those fingers itching already?
Mine are practically sprouting little pounding hearts of their own!

Three Categories

To help YOU win a bag, there are even 3 categories for this awesome contest!
  • Category 1: Fastest Hunter
    Each day, the fastest person to find the rabbit, capture a screenshot of it, and then e-mail it to alice@alicewonders.com with the title "I found the white rabbit!" will win a free bag! 5 days altogether, so try your luck each day! ;)

  • Category 2: Gung-Ho Hunter
    Speed not up your alley? If you're anything like me, and you get flustered when you've gotta "rush" for the prize, stand a chance to win for your ENTHUSIASM and determination! How? Find that iconic rabbit everyday (5 days altogether), and you could win a bag too!

  • Category 3: Creative Hunter
    Don't have time or energy to look for the rabbit amidst pages and pages of gorgeous bags? Be rewarded for writing the most creative blog entry on this competition, because the best blog wins a bag too! :D Good news for all bloggers out there!

    7 Free Bags to be won...
    The only question is...

    Will one of them be yours?

    *consolation prizes of 15% discount vouchers too - so this is a game that's definitely worth playing!*

    What are you waiting for?
    Visit AliceWonders.com today to find out more!
    There's even a practice session for you to try - so do check out their info page now too. :)

    GOOD LUCK!! :D

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