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Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I 8 Too Much Again"

Figure-flattering pieces galore! :)

This review is dedicated to the women in the world who are constantly frustrated at muffin-tops spilling over denim skinnies, having to suck in their tummies after an "All You Can Eat" buffet, and having to avoid sleeveless tops like the plague!

For every fashion insecurity you have, the blogshop-sphere has the solution for you.
You just have to look for it! :D

So today, Your Shopping Kaki will review 8 Solutions for you...
then you will be more than equipped to take it from there. :)



An extraordinary satin tunic dress with a glitzy-strip hemline, this piece is a staple Free Sizer for the wardrobe. ;P Affordable and pretty, it offers two different looks for you - wear it as it is and exude that simplistic cool vibe, or clinch it with a belt to show off your curves!

But hang on... are you worried because it's sleeveless?
Fear not! Your Shopping Kaki found a solution for you in the next item below! :D


"Cropped Up"

An extremely cropped jacket with white piping that contrasts so gorgeously with its black colour, this treasure is going for nearly half its original price (o/p RM55) because it's on SALE! :D

A necessity for any time you don't feel like going sleeveless. :)


"Satin Flowery Kimono Dress"

The must-have for Stuff Yourself Silly buffets is, in Your Shopping Kaki's humble opinion, the kimono-inspired dress that's all the rage these days!

And this particular piece is a real beauty because it's got those gorgeous floral detailing -
and because of what it looks like at the back:

Pretty? :D

Available in 2 other designs!

*One of the blogshops with a YSK-Readers-Only special offer!!*


A Gossip Girl-inspired checkered dress (yes, I do love that show!), it's the perfect get-go with a pair of opague tights and plenty of chunky bangles. Available in blue, red and yellow - and at such a sweet price, too! ;)

And to make things just a little bit sweeter for Your Shopping Kaki readers, you get FREE POSTAGE for this item! All you have to do is say "Hi, I'm Your Shopping Kaki!"

*One of the blogshops with a YSK-Readers-Only special offer!!*

"The Legendary Fashion Icon - Audrey Hepburn"

If you grew up watching Audrey Hepburn adoringly on old telly reruns of her movies, then this shirtdress is a great way to show what a fan you are! :)

A "statement tee" of your taste in icons - just not in words! ;)

Sleek Sisters' special offer for Your Shopping Kaki readers?

With a purchase of this item, get a FREE Adidas 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 6009 Shopping Bag! Omg, what a generous offer, right?!

The catch?

Upon ordering, tell them in brief
(1) What you like about Sleek Sisters?
(2) What you wish to see more from Sleek Sisters?


*One of the blogshops with a YSK-Readers-Only special offer!!*

"Sleek Kimono"

For Your Shopping Kaki readers: RM40
Password: "Hi, I'm Your Shopping Kaki!"

This popular lycra/jersey kimono-inspired dress is cooling, soft and perfect for our humid Malaysian weather! :) Look like an angel in this powdery-white colour.

Another plus point? The butterfly sleeves are flattering for shoulders and arms! :)

Also, a double-up on the YSK-readers-offer:
FREE POSTAGE if you buy just ONE more item -
and this includes Sugerkins' famous statement tees!

Check out their blogshop for a whole trove of them (can even ask them to see if they can help you find those you've been looking for) - and this here is Your Shopping Kaki's favourite! :D

Bundle Of Joy

"Candy Swirl"

What's more flattering to the figure than maxi dresses, right? ;)

These crazy candy-coloured swirl maxi dresses from BOJ caught my eye right away! :D
Colour up any dull events, and dance the night away at your favourite parties!

The New Colour

"Long Satin Dress"

One word: Love.

It reminds me of beautiful flowers bursting into bloom, on a mystical dark night, and then music starts playing on a flute somewhere.


Seriously now, not only do maxi dresses like these make one look taller and slimmer, this is the kind of dress that tells a story. ;)

~ Hope this review has helped! ~

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Irenelim said...

Kimono oh Kimono... I love ya! :)

Irenelim said...

Next time we shall have some promo together... and the password perhaps we can use "I wanna date you!". Hehe...


Solar Attic Fan said...

These are awesome.

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