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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Advertorial 2: "Baby Be Dazzled"

Click on the banner above to
enter Baby Be Dazzled! :)

Brought to you by Business student Nicole Chua, Baby Be Dazzled has a strong and loyal customer base - largely thanks to its friendly owner and affordable prices. :D

Your Shopping Kaki knows this because she's just spent two weeks corresponding with Nicole to gather material for this write-up, not to mention going through the entire blogshop to survey prices and select items to review - as well as getting feedback from some of her customers! :)

Kristine, a housewife, says, "I have been a customer of Babybedazzled from day one, and a regular ever since. I am most delighted to express my feedback. I have been very happy with the choices of items as well as the reasonable prices, not forgetting to mention the excellent service and prompt delivery. Apart from that, Babybedazzled bothers to shop around for any particular style of item which I am interested in. I definitely would recommend it to every girl /lady who likes to follow the trend."

The People Behind Baby Be Dazzled

Nicole & her mum :)

*All photos in this advertorial are credited to Nicole & Baby Be Dazzled*

YSK: Why "Baby Be Dazzled"?
Nicole: I chose "Baby Be Dazzled" because I want my customers to feel gorgeous & dazzling wearing my collection. Baby Be Dazzled promotes "Be dazzling yourself without burning a hole in your pocket"! :)
With clothes sourced both locally and from countries abroad (e.g. China, Taiwan, Korea), Nicole assures the online shopping community that "Baby Be Dazzled believes in high quality fashion which is value for money".
YSK: What made you decide to start Baby Be Dazzled?
Nicole: Actually I've wanted to start this a long long time ago. First of all, I adore fashion. It has always been a passion of mine since very young. So one day, I decided to sit down in front of the computer and start a blogshop. Why not share my passion in fashion with the rest of the blogshoppers huh? :)
YSK: So it's started, but what keeps you going at it?
Nicole: I guess my customers are the real reason why Baby Be Dazzled is still operating. Their support means a lot to me. On top of that, I get the thrill when I go on buying trips especially overseas. It’s tons of fun.

Did you know that Baby Be Dazzled specialises in hairbands and other hair accessories, on top of selling clothes and bags? :) I found so many when I was browsing through their e-shop! From homemade to store-bought, in polka dots to checkers, florals to metallics, Baby Be Dazzled is your go-to shop for the hairband brand. :D

Price range: RM5 - RM18

Besides hair-related goodies, they also have uber cute hoodies! :)
Below are the 2 available ones.
Price range: RM35 - RM37

And of course, pretty clothes at affordable price tags! :)

As an online (and offline!) shopper myself, I really do appreciate their reasonable prices. For example, the blue cropped cardigan is going for only RM18. *Psst... last piece, by the way! So grab it quick if you want it! ;)*

Price range: RM15 - RM48

Phei Yeing, a 19-year-old student, says, "Baby bedazzled's clothings are
exceptionally simple yet lovely. The dresses are suitable for all sorts of
events, whether casual or formal. Most of her stuff are trendy too, especially
the kimono tops =) Besides, the new hairbands are really cute!! Her service is
good, since she's usually on time to deliver purchases. All i can say is, Baby
bedazzled ROCKS!!! =D"

*Psst... this lovely top is going for only RM15!*

*Blue cropped cardi for RM18 / Blue high-waisted pinafore for RM28*

Also, a last pair of purple checkered skinnies going for RM35 :)

One other thing that Baby Be Dazzled is known for? It's very funky bags!
YSK: Which item sold on your blogshop is your favourite one? :) and why?
Nicole: Honestly, I have lots of favourites :) One of my favourite item
is the maxi dress which I used to bring in a lot from overseas because I totally
love how they look on a person. I also love the funky bags that I brought in
such as the Clock Bag, Phone Bag, Bus Bag and so forth. Actually I got one for
myself as well. Haha. I couldn’t help it. hehe

Denise, a 19-year-old Metropolitan College student, says, "The designs are unique and nice, this boutique gives you something different and it never fails to impress me with every post. The prices are also very reasonable ... Who can get an original 'GUESS' wallet for 60+ only? ... I feel that the quality is also very good and her stocks are worth every cent of your money ... Nicole never fails to deliver and is always on time and very friendly to her customers."
What else makes Baby Be Dazzled, Baby Be Dazzled? ;)
Your Shopping Kaki would have to say... it's outrageous statement tees! :D
*Psst... graphic/statement tees for guys also available!*

19-year-old student Melanie adds, "I think that babybedazzled's e-boutique is really good. Price wise, service wise, and information wise. There's also sales once in a while and the prices are really really worth the goods. The materials of goods sold on babybedazzled are surprisingly good. Every time, you can't wait for it to keep being updated with new items."
24-year-old Yuki also says, "Her featured pieces were unique and at a reasonable price. Transaction was smooth as her reply was fast indeed! I received my order the following working day and Im pretty pleased with it, exactly the same from what I've seen on her blog."
Two last things I love about Baby Be Dazzled!
(1) Contact number is provided on the website, so for the "gan cheong" buyers like me, you can contact Nicole right away! :D And the bonus? She usually replies right away too! :)
(2) Clearance sales site! :) Everything on Baby Be Dazzle's Sales Site is so awesomely priced! In fact, some of the items pictured above are on that site. Click on this small banner below to go there now! :D

Some bonus Q&A to get to know Baby Be Dazzled a wee bit better...

YSK: What do you want your collections to represent?
Nicole: I will try to have different collections to suit the different ages. My mom helps me to pick for the classy collections whereas I tend to go for anything that is fashionable, hip and trendy, avantgarde and the list goes on.

YSK: What influences your selection?
Nicole: I keep myself well informed with the fashion overseas, for example U.S, Italy and Asian countries like Korea, Japan via any channels such as magazines, fashion shows on television.

YSK: Tell us something quirky about yourself. :)
Nicole: When I was a child, I would always play dress up using my mom's clothes and pretend to be a supermodel. It's no different now cause I still play dress up :) but of course, in my own clothes. haha I guess being the only girl in the family, my mom loves to pamper and indulge my fetish for clothes. Once when we went overseas for a
buying trip, I had a momentarily buyer's panic attack as I were confronted with
thousands of wholesale outlets. I took a whole day just to complete one floor of
the complex. Being a buyer is an ever challenging job because you have to work
within your budget and pick clothes that can sell and which are fashionable.

So... what are you waiting for?

Visit Baby Be Dazzled today! :)

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