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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exclusive: Interview with Chics Closet

Meet Angeline.

"I took this pic in 5 Star toilet during a course break!" Angeline laughs.

A working mum 24/7.

A service management manager cum business consultant, Mondays to Fridays.

And then the weekend arrives ...

And Angeline brings you Chics Closet!

*All pictures credited to Angeline & Chics Closet*

Chics Closet, pioneer of non-nomadic bazaars and the infamous traders-get-traders project, is now brewing two awesome events that we'll be talking about for a long time to come! :)

If you're a staunch member of the online shopping community, you'll definitely have seen the flyers around by now! :D

First up, we have Youthtopia at Tropicana City Mall!

I love that name, don't you? :D "Youthtopia", I mean - not "Tropicana City Mall", haha! I might just be stating the obvious here, but it gives me the impression that it's meant to be a Utopia For Youth. :P Well, Utopia or just an awesome bazaar, it officially launches on 18th April (Saturday) from 12pm to 8pm! :D

From then onwards, you get to have a slice of Youthtopia EVERY first & last weekend of the month!

Can you say Wheeeeeeee?

Want more?

Second up - Retail Therapy bazaar at Monash University, Sunway campus!

Held for ONE DAY ONLY, in conjunction with the Monash Music Festival - 25th April (Saturday) from 12pm onwards. Don't miss it!

*Psst... Your Shopping Kaki's uni! :D*

Click here for more info! :)

Your Shopping Kaki was also honoured with an interview with the delightful Angeline Chin, founder and Chief of Chics Closet! :D

Q&A with Chics Closet

Pictured: Angeline with Karen (from Emmagem) at a Sunday Sundaes Bazaar :)
  • YSK: Who are the people behind Chics Closet?
  • Angeline: Used to be Angeline Chin (Chief…the chatty and the mastermind) and Jasmine Kee (Deputy…the quiet and deep thinker one), but Jasmine has left due to career commitment and left Angeline to man the business. Just recently Melissa Lai (the young and energetic one) joined the team as the new deputy after an SOS announcement in search of new assistant was published in the group’s Facebook and website. :) And she joined after a tedious selection of numerous email application sent to Chics Closet. Melissa fits in perfectly with the eccentric Angeline due to her likeable character and intelligence :) Melissa (or Mel) reminds Angeline of the energy she once had! Hahaha…

  • YSK: What started Chics Closet? ;)
  • Angeline: Chics Closet was born out of a deep thought in the loo. Yes, it is a pet project of Curvychics (blogshop) after Angeline witnessed the numbers of youth traders that has grown rapidly like mushrooms – scrambling for a platform to showcase their talent/skills in business, music and art. Most of the bazaars at that time were organized once a month or once every two months and the team decided it is good to have a regular bazaars to enable youth make steady income. Chics Closet basically complements the market by providing an alternative outlet for youth traders.

  • YSK: What is the purpose of Chics Closet? What is your big end goal?
  • Angeline: Our objective is very simple – to provide a platform for Youth Entrepreneurs to showcase their business skills or talents. By having this platform, they are able to get close to community and eventually generate an income. Or perhaps, being spotted by companies/organizations that will hire them if their products/services matches the requirements :) It’s a win win exposure for everyone! :)

  • YSK: What is the Chics Closet website about actually? It's a not a review blog, it's not a blogshop... so it's obviously something different. What is that difference? :D What sets Chics Closet apart, makes it special?
  • Angeline: We basically announce events and to make it personalize, we share music, opinions from time to time. We don’t mind being a review blog some day. At the moment, we’re working on something as we expand our horizon :) We’d like to think that everything we started, there will be a continuum to it, hence we might branch out to doing other things that is related ;-)

  • YSK: When did Chics Closet start? How long have you guys been around? (A spin-off from a blogshop, if I'm not mistaken?)
  • Angeline: The team has been around for more than a year now, you are right… a spinoff from a blogshop. Being a trader ourselves, we knew what traders want. But we only seriously take off with the event business mid of last year…after a series of discussion and observation.

  • YSK: What events (a.k.a. successes) does Chics Closet have under its belt?
  • Angeline: Our first (we were raw and green and is open to better ourselves!!) was for WiP Café, Bangsar (sister café of the famous Souled Out Hartamas. Then we moved on to Sundays Sundaes at 3rd Mile Square, Jalan Klang Lama. We were there every Sunday! We decided to move to a better place after gathering facts and surveys on every post mortem we’ve done with the team. We knew both traders and customers wants comfortable place to do business and shop :) We believe in the Togetherness = Unity = Sharing concept, in view of that we have extended our invite to any bazaar organizers (even performers) out there who wants to join us in our events. The ocean is wide enough for all of us, so we don’t see why we cant share them with one another :)

Hope you had an insightful & enjoyable read! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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Irenelim said...

Oh yes, Youthtopia is certainly a chic name! :)

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