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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Checkm8" (CheckmEIGHT)

There is no escaping it.

It's everywhere.

On the runways ...

On Hollywood's hottest fashion icons ...

On the music world's current "It" girl ...

But if that isn't enough to infect you with Plaid Fever, how 'bout the fact that Hayden Christensen has been nicknamed the "Plaid Prince"? ;)

To all Plaid Princess hopefuls (and plaid-lovers) out there, this review is for you. :)

Here are 8 gorgeous pieces in a mixture of...





Shopaholics Unite!

"Checks Please"

Truth be told, this was the outfit that inspired this checkered review! :D

Your Shopping Kaki is madly in love with this plaid linen fitted blazer, but her financer found the price to be a wee bit too steep, and we decided to go all "if you love it, let it go" on it.

But isn't that good news for a lucky plaid-lover out there who hasn't already seen this masterpiece on Shopaholics Unite? ;)

*Psst... check out their site for a whole array of freshly updated argyle goodies too!*

"Purple Checkers"

The classic picnic-in-the-playground checkered design!

Update this classic look with your favourite waist cincher or belt, and you're all set to pull off the casual (but trendy) Sunday style. :)

Couple Birds

"Lollipop 20"

One of the blogshopsphere's favourite vintage e-shops has brought us one of the classic plaid patterns! :) This black-n-white beauty has two parallel rows of buttons that remind me of double-breasted trenchcoats that are all the hype these days - so why not combine the now with the newly revived vintage style of yester year? ;)



"The Scottish Tartan"

Handmade bows galore! :D Baboobeep will feed your hunger for the bow trend, with a pretty tartan twist! What an adorable way to make even your simplest outfits so interesting! <3

Suay Mak Mak


A corset-inspired structured tank top in pretty checkers, Suay Mak Mak has done it again! :)

The frills and lace lend that perfect amount of over-the-topness that makes fashion fun - and babes, you know that fully smocked back is going to flatter your figure like crazy! :D Straps are also adjustable for height.

Closet Characters

"Plaid Red" (or Cast 55)

Instant love.

A vintage plaid vest with a reasonable price tag, this piece here is a rare find indeed! If you appreciate plaids and vintage, this may just be the perfect buy for you. :)

Free size with an adjustable back, so it should fit sizes S to XL, but Your Shopping Kaki does advise you to enquire for measurements before any purchase! :)

Sweet Toothsome
*Psstt... read below for this week's YSK-readers-only special offer!!*

Normal price: RM35
Your Shopping Kaki readers-only price: RM31.50 (after 10% discount)

A structured, fitting tube top with a sweetheart bustline and insanely cute buttons - which, at the same time, stays loyal to today's checkered theme! :D It even has a side zipper and straps which are both detachable and adjustable - as well as a smocked back for a better fit.

How to get the discount?

Simply e-mail Sweet Toothsome with some feedback:
1) What do you think of Sweet Toothsome?
2) How can they improve?

Shoes Zilla

"Plaid Oxfords"

Love love love love love!

Oxfords are already gorgeous, but mix it up with plaid, and you get an explosive combination that is nearly impossible for a shopaholic to resist!

Only one last pair remaining in Size 36/5, so I hope one of Your Shopping Kaki's readers will be the lucky one to get this gorgeous pair of heels! Aah! Rooting for you! :D


And there you have it, a checkered/tartan/plaid review that pays tribute to one of the most popular styles around, and one which Your Shopping Kaki is a great fan of as well! :)

Note to dearest blogshop owners, if you've got something gorgeous that is checkered, plaid or tartan, leave a comment below so that readers who want more can check out your e-shops too. :D Remember to leave your blogshop URL!

With that said, have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Ultimate-Dazzle said...

We do have some checkered clothes and bags....
Feel free to visit us @ ultimate-dazzle.blogspot.com =)

Ultimate-Dazzle said...

We've got tartan backpack, checked handbag, checked top and a few more checked items.
Visit us at http://ultimate-dazzle.blogspot.com
There's also some pre-order bag which are in checked and tartan.
Check them out at our very own pre-order sister site: http://ultimate-dazzle-preorder.blogspot.com

Miss Candee said...

Hey ladies, we've just updated with dresses, clinchers and ALSO checkered blazer! However, some of dresses uploaded are very limited pieces. What are you waiting for ladies? Do grab them now before it's too late!

Candee-licious Website: http://candeelicious.blogspot.com

Miss Candee-licious Online Boutique! said...

Hey ladies, we've updated with dresses, clinchers and ALSO checkered blazer! However, some of the dresses available are very limited pieces only! What are you waiting for ladies? Do grab them now before it's too late! =)

Candee-licious Website: http://candeelicious.blogspot.com

Miss Capsicum said...

hello, we've plaid heels, tartan blazers and checkered dresses.

come visit us at http://miss-capsicum.blogspot.com

thanks lovelies. :)

tangerineloft said...

hai... we've plaid dress.. check our clearance sales part 3... and there is burberry checkered vintage dress too... ;-)

do drop by at : http://tangerineloft.blogspot.com

hurry ladies.... :D

Seventh Day said...

Hie there!!

Seventh Day have some lovely checkered items too!!
It's selling fast!!
Check us out now!!

mydressingcloset said...

Hi lovelies, we have a checkered jumpsuit in store. Do come check it out at http://mydressingcloset.blogspot.com

Glitz-23 said...

hi dearies, we have checkered items too! We've got checkered halter top, bf top, and dresses! ;D

come visit us at http://www.glitz-23.blogspot.com/

Edward Cullen (: said...

selling clothesbucket preppy jacket for rm25 only :) !!
come visit :):)

Not-Quite-Vintage said...

We've got the CUTEST black&white checkered tube dress & red&white halter!! Do check us out at http://not-quite-vintage.blogspot.com/

Wonder Wardrobe said...

Hey babes come check out some of the lovely checkered goodies @ my blog - http://wonderwardrobe.blogspot.com/2008_10_01_archive.html Look out specially for SWEETY PIE, SCOTTISH ELEGANCE & LOLITA LOVE!!

Lady Like said...


We have one plaids dress too! It's only RM35 for one!!

Click this to view!! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NqBSt5ZCDCY/SafONXkvRrI/AAAAAAAAAVE/bOa2vXS1vwQ/s1600-h/IMG_0478.jpg

Remember to check us out too!!

Our Mutual Passion said...

Hey babes,

:) Come visit us at ourmutualpassion for gingham tube tops, three sweet colors (brown, turquoise, pink) and we're taking orders for this checkered tube dress in blue! No worries the blue isn't OTT. :)


Loves <3

Not Quite Vintage said...

More checkered stuff!!
Check us out.. cute, chic - you name it!!


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