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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Store Review: Chunky (Plus Sizes)

All's fair in love, war, and online shopping. While the plus-size community has long realised that the majority of the clothes in the market are catered for sizes 6 to 10, it doesn't stop us from searching for good plus size stores and larger clothes! No more hiding behind baggy t-shirts or shapeless potato sacks - for one thing, plus size fashion bloggers have gained consciousness and emancipated the Bridget Joneses of the world. ;)

So it's really, really wonderful when more plus-size stores open up, and one of the latest ones are Chunky! :D

Chunky is a plus-size catalogue blogshop selling clothes, shoes and bags - so the pictures are on standard-size models, but the clothes are available in astronomical sizes. ;) We have always been on the lookout to write a store review on a one of these catalogue blogshops because we've never been able to be sure if the clothes will turn out like the catalogue ones - or if 9XL really means 9XL!

Here's why Madihah, the owner of Chunky, decided to start the store:
"I'm a plus size myself . It's VERY hard to find any apparels that will fit me well. Then one day, I found a place where they have lots and lots of apparels for someone like me. It have its own sizes and really caught my eyes with its designs. I don't like it when a UK 8 clothes stretches to fit a UK 18. It looks horrible. Then I thought, other plus sizers in Malaysia would love it like I do. That's when I decided to open Chunky! :D I will update my collections when I found something that have multiple sizes usually from L - 5 XL. I rarely update my shoe collections as some shoe will only be available in some seasons. Sizes from 40 - 43 will be custom made by my supplier. My main updates will be jackets and dresses because I like them more than others ;P"
But where do the clothes come from?
Madihah says: My items came from many brands. Orange Bear is a Taiwan brand for plus size. They have normal sizes too. Other brands that I have is Fashion Classics, Miss Milan, Lee Young and others. Most of them are from China. :)
With an affordable price range of RM45 to RM98 and free shipping for all items, shoppers only have to wait 2-4 weeks for their purchases to arrive. Sometimes there may be some delays by the shipping company - as is normal with all pre-orders - but Madihah keeps her customers well informed. :D

I decided to personally try out three bestsellers on Chunky to vouch for what their largest size is! :) So, I ordered the largest size for the VIVI Sleeveless Black Cotton Maxi Dress, Orange Bear double-pocketed blue shirt, and Sheer Chiffon Dress.

VIVI Sleeveless Black Cotton Maxi Dress, RM80: I ordered this in 9XL!
Available sizes range from L to 9XL.
A different version with short sleeves is also available in grey.

Verdict: Good quality, heavy material, and 9XL really is pretty huge!
But I'm pretty huge too (haha) so I'm glad I chose 9XL!
Just a warning that the larger the size, the larger the arm holes,
so 9XL is so big that you'd need to wear a tube inside.

Orange Bear double-pocketed blue shirt, RM67: I ordered this in size 52, which is oversized even for me!
Sizes F, 44, 48 and 52 available - which means size 8 girls can rock this oversized OB shirt too!
It's quite a popular design now by this Taiwanese brand, and it's uber comfy.
The only thing is that you have to iron it before wearing because it'll get wrinkly. Hehe!

Sheer Chiffon Dress, RM80-85: I ordered this in size XXXL, which was too large for me. :P My bad!
The 3XL appears to fit only UK26 and above (which is good news for girls of that dress size ;)).
The only way I managed to wear this chiffon dress without looking like a hobbit was to belt it at the waist,
and honestly it's such a beautiful dress - great material, flawless stitching, sheer sleeves.
The good news for everyone - all sizes now - is that this dress is available for only RM80, in sizes S to XL!
Check the measurement chart, it's very accurate - don't overestimate like I did. XD
Sizes XXL and above (which were RM85) are out of stock at the moment.

Start shopping at Chunky now! :)
Say "I'm a YSK reader" in your order and enjoy RM5 off!
Offer valid until end of this month only - so hurry!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Cheap Online Pharmacy said...

some nice dresses looking good. Thanks for all this information.

Joey said...

Hi Sha-Lene,
I really like their items too but it's too expensive for me. I wish it could be more affordable :(

Glucosamine said...

some great plus size dress

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Joey - we'll be sure to pass on that comment to Madihah! :) I do think, however, that the higher price reflects the better quality of the clothing - and the truly larger sizes :) We have to pay much, much more if we were to buy plus-sized clothes in malls! Hehehe.

Chunky said...

Hi Joey, thanks for your comment ^_^
Our clothes are made for the quality but not price, sadly =)
You may find other plus size clothes that are very cheap but it doesn't have the right size for you or it may rip the third time you wear it ( it happens to me ) =P
But, it's your choice. You can buy from anyone ^_^

Thank you :D

ska said...

I wanted to buy 3 of the maxi dresses, but when i clicked on the link, it says that the blog couldn't be displayed. :( can you give me a new link?

Chunky said...

Hi Ska, you can visit this link to view the maxi dress :


we have it in more colours now =)

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