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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Review: Japanese Bun Sponge Baby & Ms.Donut
by Nathalie Yong (Guest Blogger)

Fancy the kawaii looks? Or simply adore the Japanese doll like looks?
Geo lens to enlarge the iris, eyeliners and thick extension false lashes to enhance the eyes.
What about the hair?

Introducing the Japanese Bun Sponge Baby from my-pandorabox.com. This Bun Sponge Baby is the perfect tool to achieve the kawaii baby look.

Apart from the normal cute buns you could spot on the Japanese kawaii looks, the Japanese Bun Sponge Baby is a good tool to create curls on your long locks without the use of hot curling tongs or damaging rollers.
Which puts it at a propositional value to invest in these little Bun Sponge Baby.

To achieve this kawaii look:
  • Tie a pony tail (high or low depending on where you desire you bun to be)
  • Insert your hair between the hole of Japanese Bun Sponge Baby
  • Holding the edges of Japanese Bun Sponge baby, twist the tips of your hair inwards
  • Continue till the end of the ponytail.
  • With the Japanese Bun Sponge Baby on your ponytail, bend both end downwards to create a O till both end meets or overlaps.
  • Slowly adjust your hair towards the bottom to cover the Japanese Bun Sponge Baby. 

And voila, you have the super kawaii bun. 
To add more kawaiiness, you can opt to pin big floral corsages/ pins or bow ribbons.

My personal rating for this product is 9/10. Mainly cause its a very straight forward tool to create kawaii and buns suitable for both work and play. Moreover Japanese Bun Sponge Baby is a good investment if your a curl lover like me but do not have the extra time in the morning to curl my hair before going to work. All I need is just to bun up my hair with this Baby to sleep and the next morning; I have my very nicely defined curl which is effortless to achieve.

In addition to that, they have also an enhanced Ms Donut :- a new revolutionary band to create bun as well.
Its netting like fabric will enable your hair to stay on its surface this creating a volumised bun.

The methods of achieving the bun can be viewed from the Youtube Link provided by the affable and helpful owner of my-pandora box itself.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your  Japanese Bun Sponge and Ms Donut from my-pandorabox.com to gear yourself up for the upcoming CNY and Valentine's day.


The Soul said...

well done!! love it!
though u took my slot ;P

eha said...

hey there
im soo interested to buy this amazing gadget but i dont know chinese, is there any way for me to order?
tq! :)

eha said...

eh i just realise theres an english version for it hee nvm tq! :)

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