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Monday, January 31, 2011

How much is that dress on the screen?

Pardon my lame "how much is that doggie in the window" parody! :P Your Shopping Kaki is officially back from a 10-day adventure in Sri Lanka, which included an exhausting climb up a very important rock in Sigiriya, elephant-gazing in Pinnawala (did you know they make paper out of elephant poo and call it POO PAPER? lol), drinking (nearly) too much booze at the waterfront bars of Colombo, and singing Bohemian Rhapsody very loudly but not very well in a karaoke bar.

I am happy to report, however, that Malaysia still takes the cake in the shopping scene! :D

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and I'm sure you - like me - have been shopping like the shopping kakis that we are! :P I even bought cheongsams this year! There are mad sales everywhere - online and offline - and Miss Capsicum is no exception!

RM10 price slash promo for all older batch items, and free postage for 2 items and above! :D New arrivals are all imported from abroad - this means you won't bump into your relatives wearing the same dress! - and not restockable.

Check out these dresses, which are all RM35 only! Wow!

And if you're still squeezing in that last-minute shopping for Chinese New Year, there are some seriously gorgeous red festive dresses available in store! :D

What spectacular detailing!

Shop away at Miss Capsicum today! XD

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


cheesebun said...

hello, how was your trip to Sri Lanka? I'm thinking of a trip there too but not sure where to go/what to do there.. Any tips? :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

hi cheesebun! :D

for the usual tourist tasks, you have to check out:

1. Sigiriya - it's a UNESCO world heritage site, very beautiful, has a 25USD entrance ticket fee for foreigners. It's like the old king's fortress, so you can see the amazing architecture and layout of the place - and climb up a big big rock. LOL. that part scared me a lot because i'm terrified of falling!

2. If you like climbing more important historical rocks (with stairs of course) then Dambulla is another nice one :)

3. Buddha's tooth temple in Kandy is a must-see :) Kandy is a very nice place - the weather is very cooling, the scenery is very picturesque! The weather in Colombo is usually very warm, like Malaysia, so Kandy is a nice change.

4. Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala - probably every tourist who goes to Sri Lanka will go there. HEHE. You can go for elephant rides and stuff too!!

There are 7 UNESCO sites in Sri Lanka, so if you're a history buff you might like to make your trip about visiting all 7 sites. :D They're all pretty spectacular!

And if you wanna chillout with the locals at nights in Colombo, I really liked 7 Degrees North and Breeze Bar - you get the night breeze in your hair and good live music from young musicians.

And you have to ride a tuk-tuk. Of course :D

cheesebun said...

wow cool! :D thanks.. I guess I gotta spend some time in researching all these places you just mentioned :D any recommendation on the hotel? and do you happen to blog or upload pics of your trip? care to share? :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hehehe yes definitely plan your trip carefully! :D

I haven't blogged about my trip yet, but I've uploaded photos on to Facebook. Hehe here you go!

Part 1: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=337834&id=500856290&l=3e8160659f

Part 2: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=337871&id=500856290&l=7f570106ec

I stayed at my friend's house in Colombo so we didn't use any hotels there, but if you were to stay in a hotel in Colombo I think the Galadari hotel or the Hilton would be really nice. :) Actually there is like a "hotel district" in the Galle area which is quite heavily guarded by security - one of the hotels there will be fine. The hotels I mentioned are located there. There are road blocks and stuff before you can even enter the vicinity of the hotel district! XD

Also, the Galle face is a total beachfront paradise~~ Can fly kites there and stuff. Super near the hotels.

In Anuradhapura, I stayed at the Palm Garden Village Hotel. It was SO beautiful. The hotel is like a whole destination by itself, scenic green gardens and your hotel rooms are little villas.

In Kandy, I stayed at the Chaaya Citadel Hotel. This was another really really nice and comfy hotel :D

For shopping, ODEL is like their Pavillion. Pettah is like their Petaling Street. :) I went to handicraft places like Lakmedura and Barefoot, very nice places to visit even if you don't buy anything! I don't really recommend shopping for fashion stuff in Sri Lanka though, we have a lot more variety in Malaysia :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

I forgot to explain that Anuradhapura is basically where a lot of the temples are. A lot of tourists go there :D Sri Lanka is BIG on Buddhism.

Oh and a lot of people go to Sri Lanka to watch dolphins and whales too :D I didn't do that though, because there's like no guarantee you're gonna see them even if you make the trip. So my friends didn't think it was worth it :)

cheesebun said...

Thank you so much :D All this are very very helpful! :) Actually I plan to check out the beaches there, I heard it's very nice :) Oh ya, Happy Rabbit New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! :D

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