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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review: Diva Essential - DAYLA Eyeliner

by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Yup, you may wonder why another eyeliner review again.
Because it is simply every girls essential items tucked in your bag, besides mascara, moisturiser and perfumes of course ;)
Who can resist a good eyeliner that can do the job of giving you the deep set eyes effect, create the dream eye that you can never have naturally and at the same time last you almost a whole day with minimal traces of smudge. 
I stumbled upon a site that sell the DAYLA range of eyeliner and got myself the DAYLA Designing Eyeliner Pencil. Yup, 'Designing' as it says, would literally means that you are able to put your creative juice to use and start drawing!
It was a name not known to me, but a friend recommended and mentioned that it is a relatively popular brand in the Japan community of eyeliner users =)

I am not a pencil person besides color pencil ;) I am a hard core fan of liquid liner and gel liner. Anything that comes in a pencil form and needs to be drawn at the edge of the eyes scares me. Hence, I used to draw the lower lash line with black eyeshadow only =P

Until I discovered DAYLA Designing Eye Pencil!

Did they mention design!? Because I am thrilled to try design some eye lines! ;)

I must say I love it very much that I decided not to waste it by swapping on my hand. Hence I am going to show you a picture taken from the seller site =P

Yup, it contains waterproof formula

The term waterproof is prety much a word that we girls look for when purchasing make up. For all you know, we may shed tears of joy and sadness at times you cannot expect, or be splashed with drain water while walking at the side of road, or it may rain so immediate that we cannot find a shelter. And of course, some of us just couldn't bear to leave our face bare naked even when going into the swimming pool ;)

Besides being waterproof, of course our different type of complexion too sometimes plays a role in making the make up last. And most often that not, some of us who are fortunate to produce extra oil in the face to fry a banana will always have problems finding the perfect make up that will be strong enough to resist the oily face. 

I have oily face unfortunately =( Hence, it's crucial that I avoid eyeliner that will erode soon after my face turn slightly oily. In fact, that is the reason why I never do have any pencil liner as I have yet to find one that will not make me looked like I am clumsy in applying makeup. I have tried the DAYLA pencil and amazingly it is able to last me a whole day (from 9am to 10pm- yeah, that's my hours out of the house daily) with minimal smudge. Minimal here means it doesn't look like a smudge, but like a tinge of smoky effect =D
I have a friend who is a die hard fan of this pencil and she religiously slap on the thickest line possible when she is out selling her stuff in the bazaar. Imagine 6 hours under the hot sun haggling and sweating and she is still  prim and proper with no traces of smudge! (I suspect she definitely have dry skin =P)

I would reckon that eyeliner pencil is great for a more natural look for work or for a casual day out. As this pencil glides easily, hence it is able to draw a slightly thicker than usual line without over stretching your skin when drawing. It's clean and neat when drawn. Personally, after drawing, I insist on smudging it abit for a more blended look. But the best part is, that it stays there the whole day without me coming home looking like a drugged out panda! O.o

 Liner drawn on after eye shadow application and blended again for a smoother edge

Can you see how effortless is the stroke of the pencil. And when it is sharp enuf, you can even pull the cat eye lines as far as you desire --__--

Having said that it is nearly to waterproof, hence removing make up won't be as easy as a dab of wet wipes of course. Remember it's waterproof! Generally any oil based or cream based make up remover will be able to do the work. Only that it may take you a while to clearly remove off all residue compared to non waterproof products. But it is all worth it! ;)

Hop on over to Angelique Beaute and read more about this amazing pencil HERE
It is currently on a Promotion Rate of RM25 only. Totally reasonable for a water / tear / sweat proof piece of genius here!
For fans of online purchase via Low Yat thread, Angelique Beaute can also be found there via this LINK

Wonder how I did my lizard feet liner drawing? =)
Stay tuned for more post to come ;)

Happy Shopping!!
Cynthia Lee a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK


cherryberry said...

Thank you for the review ^^ Nicely done, I like how you put it as Diva Essential. =D

Mei Ng said...

I dont have dry skin la...
Seriously this is one helluva product. I cant get enough of it! =)

I use primer before the liner. Hardly any smudges even after a sweaty bazaar day. Baby oil removes it easily!

Get it for CNY girls!!!!

Isabel said...

Thanks for the review =) Am considering this but wish they had other colours

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