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Monday, January 3, 2011

8 Baby Steps into 2011

Your Shopping Kaki humbly wishes all of her dearest readers the happiest 2011 that is humanly possible! :) I was hoping to write a rabbit-filled review of rabbit-inspired fashion, but it looks like they haven't quite hopped their way on to shelves and racks of local stockists yet! :P

As someone who keeps an Angoran lop-eared rabbit as a chubby, floppy-eared pet, I'm pretty excited about what the Year of the Rabbit will bring! :D Here are 8 tips that'll keep that bounce in our step and our eye on the carrot.

Tip 1: Buckle down, boy!
The new year can mean new things, a fresh start, changes to our comfort zone. Some of us could be starting a new job having just graduated, others could be gunning for a promotion, and the rest of us might just be starting on new diet plans. :P Whatever your new year brings you, remember to keep it together and buckle down - take whatever comes! :)

Buckled boots from Angel Boutique RM61
And when you're buckling down, think about these buckled boots -
gorgeous belted designs on the sides and a chunky heel that'll
keep us up in the air and stable at the same time! :D

Tip 2: Check the checklist
I think it's important not to lose sight of our long-term plans. It's probably easy to get carried away in the small stuff, but while we don't want to obsess about getting our ducks lined in a row, we must not forget what our goals in life are! If your target is to be the first university graduate in your family, then keep it in mind and don't sweat the small stuff. If you want to open a successful blogshop so that it could lighten your financial burden or lead to a future career in fashion/enterprising, then every decision you make should lead to that. :)

Checkered oxfords from Angel Boutique RM41
While you're checking your ultimate checklist in life,
will you be checking the Order Form for these swanky checkered oxford flats
with old school shoelaces and glossy pointed toes? :D

Tip 3: Chain those demons
A new year is always a great time to reassess one's flaws and attempt to chain your inner demons! :) Every year I write down a long list of new year's resolutions and then forget what I resolved to do - I'm gonna work on the stuff I shouldn't be doing! Like how I should procrastinate less, eat less, lose my temper less, etc. :P

Chained peeptoe wedges from Angel Boutique RM57
Chain your inner demons, but unleash your inner fashion diva!
These edgy booties ought to do the trick! Perfect for clubs and parties!

Tip 4: If it's not OTT, it's not worth the fuss!
Think big, dream big! If you're not gonna aim for the moon, then how do you expect to land on the bedazzled stars? If our wildest dreams aren't over the top, then we'd have lost our imagination - and we never want to lose that "Wow!" factor. The world is a much more shimmery place if you can still go, "Oh, wow!" at age 89.
Studded combat boots from Angel Boutique RM66
If it's not over the top, it's not worth the fuss! :)
Let everyone ogle your footwear with childlike wonder as you saunter into the room,
your sexy legs laced with these OTT combat boots. LOVE IT, FLAUNT IT!

Tip 5: Seize the day!
Although "carpe diem" (seize the day) is a little bit of an overused phrase, but it still rings as true as ever! TODAY is the day to use the china you've been keeping aside for the Prime Minister to visit your open house... TODAY is the day to wear that maxi dress you bought two years ago and never dared to wear out... TODAY is the day to do what you wanted to do, say what you wanted to say...

Balenciaga inspired boots from Angel Boutique RM70
And if you wanted to buy - or wear, if you already bought -
these insanely designed and beautifully structured boots a la Lady Gaga,
GO FOR IT. I even have a pair of these myself! (from a different store) :P

Tip 6: Find a work song

Jingle jangle, tassels tangle, work is never work if you're having fun! :) If you work with a work song, the work day goes by that much faster! And if you're doing chores, sing your favourite work song or hum your favourite tune - mine's "Happy Days" or sometimes "Billionaire". What's yours? :D

Fringe pearl flats from Angel Boutique RM53
There's a very musical tint to these pair of ethnic-inspired flats! :)
Reminds me of bellydancers, which is what inspired Tip 6.

Tip 7: Old friends are like gold
We can say "In with the new, out with the old!" about ex-boyfriends or worn out pantyhose, but we can't say the same about old friends! :) There's no test like the test of time - if you've got a friend who's stuck by you through thick, thin, and in-betweens, you've got a keeper. :D

Studded zipper gladiator flats from Angel Boutique RM53
Time to remember the old familiars of blogshopping history! :D
These glad flats have been around for as long as I can remember,
but as with all products, there are new shoppers discovering them each day.
Today is their turn. ;)

Tip 8: Stay safe
Risks get us further than playing safe and straight, but some risks aren't worth taking. :D Like, don't invest your entire life savings into one "sure deal". Just in case. And if you're on a tight budget, you might want to consider investing in safe staple pieces for your wardrobe instead of whimsical pieces you can't wear to work or school! ;) Once you've got your basics, then you can experiment! :D

Studded pointy ballet flats from Angel Boutique RM45
There aren't another pair of shoes for casual fashion that can be a safer bet! :)
These pointy flats will go with any basic outfit and yet not be boring because of the bling!

All items in this review are available at Angel Boutique Online,
either ready stock or on a pre-order list that takes 2 weeks.


Fun Fact: How did Angel Boutique Online start? Angel says:
  • "I started when a friend of mine approach me after we did our first shopping online. After discussed with my friend, we planned to buy ready stock from local wholesaler and snap the photos to be posted to our blogspot. Business wasn't that good. Maybe we are not professional photographer and couldn't really have a good snap on the clothes/accessories.
  • Then, we shifted to sell pre order stuffs. This business is just our part time job and we did not disclose it to our colleagues and just can do it very secretively to avoid any conflict to my full time job. We used to go to the pos office during lunch break and our colleagues wondered what are we doing, why were we go to the pos office so oftenly. One of my colleague, which is a joker, asked that whether we ship drugs =)
  • Besides, we used to exchange clothes. For example, after I packed, then i will pass to my friend to do the posting. When passing stock, we have to act very secretly also, in order to avoid people see it. We kept this secret for around 2 years and have no idea why my manager knows that I'm running this business online.
  • Very surprisingly, she did not stop me and yet ask me to teach her to setup a blogspot, she is seling hand-made sequins =)
  • Thanks to the support of many customers, our business managed to sustain until today. Thank you! =)"
Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Florist said...

those gladiator studded shoes will still be hype for 2011 i guess. the studded flat shoes are awesome too. nice :)

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