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Friday, January 14, 2011

If you inspire us, we'll love you forever.

As a journalism major and avid blogger, my worst fear - apart from cockroaches - is writer's block. On that note, I'm constantly on the lookout for things, people, subjects, activities that inspire me. Whether it's a neighbour walking his granddaughter around the playground in the evening or this month's issue of Cleo, I know inspiration when I see it.

And Like Igloo is it.

Fun fact: There's a Karen O song called "Igloo", which was a movie sountrack in "Where The Wild Things Are".
The storyline inspired Jane so much that she decided to name her store after the song!

With all their apparel and accessories carefully handpicked and imported by Like Igloo's enterprising young owners, Jane and Julie, they assure shoppers of quality and exclusivity. With new updates once or twice every week, this is one blogshop that is a steady supply of inspiration to doting lovers of effortless fashion.

I mean, they take basic items like cardigans and compile these gorgeous collages that inspire us on different ways to wear a cardigan:

And of course, of course, it's only natural to buy Like Igloo's cardigans after seeing pictures like that! :D

It's like, a camisole isn't just a camisole anymore - it's a nude camisole that's nailed street chic on the head. XD

Very much like the oversized white shirt - if you don't have it already, Like Igloo has them available for you! :)

Or perhaps you prefer something a little different, like a shirtdress with a sash? It goes great with hosiery ...

... which is also available at Like Igloo! ;)

And that got me wondering, I wonder who are the people behind this brilliantly conceptualised store? Their photography is impeccable, their style is simultaneously consistent and up to date, and the way they market their products are very impressive!

And then I met Jane at a bazaar in Cineleisure (now known as e@Curve). It's time you met her too. :D

Q&A with Jane
Co-owner of Like Igloo

Jane, in the many style shots of her strong personal fashion sense.

YSK: Hi Jane! Can you tell us about the team behind Like Igloo?
Jane: It's just me and my sister-in-law! Myself is pretty much into administration office jobs before (while switching many) and as a hobby, I love fashion! People-watching on the street at shopping malls or browsing through fashion blogs to me is like registering latest datas that I cannot live without. I also shop alot through the internet as well. As for Julie (my sis-in-law), she has her own business currently in a different line. Seeing me so 'lost' in a corporate world, she suggested me to try this officially with her as a partner and so I did! The first thing I did after a long consideration, I quit my job last year and brought myself into this world. I am now full-time administering everything for our blogshop since then and Julie is more like a quiet advisor aka lady boss behind haha!

YSK: What kind of products do you sell on Like Igloo, and why?
Jane: In our online store, we sell wide range of female apparel from street fashion, casual, formal or even dinner & party wear. We are trying to bring in more variety of clothings for our customers by targeting to not only young teenagers, also to professional working ladies & fashionable moms. This is to highlight our customers that not only they can purchase through department stores, they can also purchase through the internet conveniently without spending extra time or miles driving to the mall! Also a buyer myself, I always come to this eagerness feeling to get hold of the real item a.s.a.p! Therefore, we like to maintain our prompt service by replying our customer enquries through email within less than 30 minutes (Except bedtime!) *Hehe I'm on the screen almost 12hours everyday* And then, make free delivery on the very next working day via Pos Laju throughout Malaysia. Overseas customers are welcome as well but there will be a standard postage charge for international buyers.

Like Igloo's signature pieces are always easy to match with other clothes in your wardrobe.

There's something for everyone, whether you love sheer tops or striped blazers and dresses.

It keeps its tone young and classic at the same time, with items like earth-toned paperbag skirts!

YSK: What is the price range of your items?
Jane: Lowest RM25 to highest RM85.

YSK: I understand readers can find you offline as well, at bazaars and possibly even a boutique in the future!
Jane: Anyone is welcomed to find our booth at e@Curve, at Mutiara Damansara every weekends from March 2011 onwards. We will be on Ground floor, first corner booth right in front of Adidas outlet or near to Maxis Centre. We have existing customers requested to collect their items there before or even trying the cloths there in our personal fitting room last year. Sad to say that we do not have a firm bazaar anywhere lately, though we have been to several in the past (*pictures here*). Only when if there is, we will always announce them on our blog or our fan page in Facebook. As for boutique... I guess we seriously need to gather more experiences before stepping on a different mile.. haha! But we certainly hope that we can make this big wish come true one day! As what people always say, must dream big ha!
YSK: Where are your clothes from?
Jane: We carefully handpick our pieces and brought them in through Korea, Taiwan & Thailand. What we are selling are quite limited and is not be re-stockable once they are sold out.

A handpicked collection of shirts and workwear that follow corporate dress codes
and look good at the same time! :)

YSK: I've heard from shoppers that they love your packaging! Tell us about it! :)
Jane: We have a standard wrapping package for everyone to ensure it reach to our customer in safe condition (In butter paper, tied up with a ribbon, placed in a plastic, and into our brown eco envelope) Also we will like our customer to feel like receiving a birthday/christmas by a surprise seeing our parcel :D

YSK: Is Like Igloo having any promotion for YSK readers? :D
Jane: Yes yes! The first 10 lucky readers from YSK can enjoy an RM5 shopping coupon to be used on any items including sale items that valid for a month from the date of issue. Just email me at likeigloo@gmail.com with the password 'I Like Igloo & I am a fan of YSK!'

These pieces are my personal favourites: studded bib tops and artfully ripped tunics!

Are you feeling inspired yet? :D

Use your reader discount and start shopping at Like Igloo already!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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