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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad day?

Join the club :( I think I flunked an exam this afternoon - ran out of time! - so here's a quick review to cheer all the club members up! :D

From ditsydot RM51 | RM49
Oooooh, aren't these super duper classy pieces?
And not boring or old - very contemporary sort of classic!
These are perfect, perfect I tell you, for those of us who are a li'l more conservative -
and want to cover more up - and still be effortlessly fashionable!

From Chic-Chat RM32 | RM45
In American Beauty, Angela Hayes said, "I don't think that there is anything worse than being ordinary".
Someone should've showed Angela Hayes a link to this blogshop :P
A macrame vest or distressed denim overshirt would've done that girl some good :D

From Sleeping Beautee RM42| RM45
When an invitation says "Semi Formal" or "Smart Casual", I get really nervous -
and I feel like adding a remark to my RSVP: "Dear Person Who Wrote That Invitation,
Do You Have Any Idea How Hard It Is To Find Clothes That Are In 2 Different Categories?"
Luckily for us, these two tops fit perfectly into those dress codes -
so I'd say, grab 'em now so you don't have to worry about dress codes later!

From Diva's Divine RM48
How could anyone get tired of pretty floral dresses?
Denim and florals - always a winner! Always! :D

From Miss Capsicum RM52
Seriously, how how how how can anyone get tired of these? :D
The intricate fan design on this dress will make your outfit totally stand out!

From Burdoux RM25 | RM35 | RM25
Wheeee! Skirts, dresses and accessories directly brought in from Australia!
These are available in our Cotton On outlets (or maybe they're out of stock now) -
but for those of us who don't live in KL, yippee - these clothes are really awesome! :D

From Chloe's Closet RM37 | RM42
Loving the white tiered top (left) and the little blue dress with white overlay (right)!
Before you start groaning, "Oh man, not more catalogue pictures..."
I have four words for you: Ready stock, free postage! :D
And these two are pretty uncommon pieces! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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