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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Product review: "Invisible" Pantyhose

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)
Price: RM10 per pair

Leggings, jeggings, sagging butts, move over! Make way for the hosiery =D Commonly know as pantyhose, this pair of sheer thingamajigs is the forgotten basic of most OL (office ladies) nowadays except for those who are in the service industry, where it's made compulsory to wear it when wearing skirts.

Full length hosiery from Stuff R Love

If you have seen enough camwhore pictures of mine, you can very well see I am a believer of exhibitionism - flaunt it regardless if you have it or not =P

Non-exfoliated pair of legs gracing my personal blog banner =P

Of course I do have colored hosiery (if you call black and grey colours!) of different deniers, which are only confined for camwhoring purposes again! ;)

The black, black and grey ;)

The arrival of the sheer hosiery was at a great timing as I am phasing out my batik work wear for a while to go back to corporate work wear where short skirts complimented with high heels dominates ;)

I do have a few pairs of hosiery which I bought from the mall for RM10 or so kept at home. When compared with this lycra-based one we're reviewing today, there are obvious differences.
  • Those we normally buy from the local drugstores or malls are of crepe/tissue-like surface. This one is unusually different.
  • It is like a net of polyester yarn so soft to the touch and so sheer in appearance.
  • Definitely will not work if one intend to put it over the face and attempt to rob a bank without having your face identified ;)

Oh so sheer!

And the result? Very impressive!
  • Despite the extra sheerness, it does cover flaws like uneven skin tone and stubbles (from ingrown hair).
  • There is also a slight shimmer or natural glow if that's what you like to call.
  • And of course we girls don't wear these just for the sake of wearing if we didn't know that it also creates a slimmer sillhoutte for those legs of ours! Well, if not slimmer, the least it does was to make it look leaner =P
I love the slightly leaner appearance it creates. Go compare with my banner! O.o

As this is a rather sheer piece of socks, it does help to minimise uneven skin tone. Read: minimise, not erase. Which I personally think is good enough. Logically it would looked a lot more natural than having a complete coverage that alters your skin tone to a complete matte shade like what those crepe-like hosiery normally does.

Hahaha! I had a tough time myself trying to decipher
if I wore anything on the first left leg of the left photo.
I just realised I wore nothing on the left leg! Oh so sheer!!

Notice the bumps on left knees are concealed naturally under the hosiery?

I am a UK12-14 and it fits well! So if you are of my size or smaller and need pretty legs, check out Stuff R Love to see how can you get yourself a pair too! And hurry too! As this is a pre-order. Read more HERE!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki


Anna said...

Hehe... I've ALWAYS wondered what OL meant. Was almost gonna google it till this came along :P

Thank you Cynthia!! :P

Books R Love said...

Thanks for the review, girls! :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Books R Love - happy to do it, Rachel! :) Really nice pantyhose is surprisingly hard to find.

Anna - hehe *ahem* thank you Sha-Lene in the editing process la :P Cynthia just assumed everyone knew the meaning of "OL".

coupons fort myers said...

i have gone through many blogs and all the bloggers have put pictures of models which are very common but the pictures used by you are unique and looks real so i like your idea and the waxed legs as well.LOL.
thanks nice work.

Anonymous said...

Great report. And great Legs! We love your look with the sheer Pantyhose! keep up the good work.
-Lindsay & Erik

rodyeo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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