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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Product Review: German Kohl Eyeliner

Hi shopping kaki! :D Here's YSK's first eyeliner product review for your info-tainment! When Dexig Collection approached us to review their hot-selling Kohl eyeliner (particularly suited to create the sought-after "smoky eyes", I knew I needed to find an eyeliner "pro" to write the review, hehe. I'm a big fan of eyeliners, but with very limited experience and still at the "exploring" stage, I wouldn't be able to do the Kohl justice. So I asked my friend Michelle C., who has seriously tried a lot of different types of eyeliners - and here is her review! ;)

Product Review: Kohl Eyeliner
By Michelle C (Guest Blogger)
Product from:
Dexig Collection
RM29 each
(add RM3 for Pos Ekspres/Buy 2 free shipping)

Eyeliners are a staple in every woman’s beauty bag. It enhances and accentuates one’s eyes instantly and takes seconds or at most a few minutes to apply and you’re ready to go. For those who want to look good without spending too much time on makeup, an eyeliner would suffice to complete a simple look for a casual day out. I love eyeliners, I personally have tried a dozen brands of both pencil eyeliners as well as liquid eyeliners!

That Special Kinda Eyeliner
  • Some eyeliners have duo functions as an eyeliner and an eyeshadow and the P2 cosmetic Intensive Khol eyeliner from Germany does just that!
  • This eyeliner is very popular in Germany, and is not available in any beauty stores in Malaysia or Asia. Luckily for us, it’s available in Dexig Collection via online purchase.
  • I lovvve applying this eyeliner on both my top and bottom lids and top it off the look by using the smudger at the back of the eyeliner to create a mild to moderate smokey eye effect.
  • This eyeliner glides on easily, and smudges just the right amount.

Actual product photo and colors available, courtesy of Dexig Collection

I’m using the Color 10, and here’s my before and after photo. Pretty good stuff eh?
I am only using P2 cosmetic eyeliner color 10 (Dramatic Japan) and my regular colored lens, No eyeshadow, No fake eyelash and No mascara in the photo above.
This look is sufficient for you to go partayyy~!

How do I use it?

Photo of owner of Dexig Collection (Kaze) using P2 intensive Kohl eyeliner:

She loves it too!

What You Need To Know About This Eyeliner:

  • Colour: The black color is pretty intense, very pigmented, which is good. You need not bear down to attain the right amount of color unlike most pencil eyeliners which requires a few gliding/bearing down with pressure to attain the intense color needed.
  • Texture and Quality: Fairly creamy which helps with ease of application as it glides on easily. Not brittle and does not break easily unlike some eyeliners which I’ve tried. Pretty good quality I’d say!
  • User-friendliness: The smudger tip at the back of the eyeliner comes in handy to create a mild to moderate smokey eye effect within seconds. There’s no need for dark/black/brown eyeshadow application with this handy smudger tip!
  • Price: RM 29 only, this is really worth it! I could compare this with the Smudgie eyeliner I got from Sasa, both works equally well, the only difference is the price. The latter is RM69. You’re saving lots with this one for sure!

  • Does it smudge after couple of hours? I’ve tried it on for more than 5 hours in air conditioned environment, and non air conditioned environment. It does not smudge in air conditioned environment when I did not sweat. When I was outdoors it did smudge after a few hours on my undereye. An eye make up base applied beforehand would help counter the smudging problem if you decide to wear it outdoors for long hours.
  • Will I buy a Kohl eyeliner if this one finishes? Yes I would! It is really worth it for its quality and price!

It is so hot selling that it ran out of stock, LOL!

Dexig Dollection is taking pre-orders for their next batch;
do head on to Dexig Collection to get one or a few colors today!

Happy Shopping!
Michelle C a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki :)


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camouflage said...

has anyone tried ordering from them? i sent in an order form a couple of days ago but received no reply.

La Belle Vita said...

ya..me too.ive tried the order form n email them.few days ago.zero reply...:(

Sha-Lene said...

Hi guys :) From our Guest Blogger's experience of corresponding with Dexig Collection, it does sometimes take up to a week for them to reply emails. We are very sorry! :(

La Belle Vita said...

omg.really?oh dexig collection,pls do reply us asap.coz ive fall in love with the khol eyeliner :(

Anonymous said...

so gals,do they reply at last?

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