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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi shopping kaki! :) Did you have a good Halloween? :D We hope you did! But if you didn't go out and celebrate it this year, do it next year!

Last year, we wrote a little feature to give readers some costume ideas. This year, we went out and decided to check out what kinda costumes Malaysians wear to celebrate Halloween! ;)

Costumes we saw included:
Vampires, the grim reaper, characters from Twilight and LOTR, superheroes,
characters from Fairy Tales, famous singers, zombies (a lot of zombies!), pirates,
devils, angels, Catwoman, lady in wedding dress, people in bathrobes,
men in tight cycling gear (with bicycles!), nuns, priests, witches,
or people in normal clothes but with painted blood on clothes/skin! :D

We realised that it's a lot easier said than done when it comes to dressing up in costumes - or even getting those costumes in the first place - so here are some tips to help all of us with next year's Halloween! :D
  • How to get costumes? Buy, rent, or make! There are many articles and videos online to help you make your costumes - but that takes time and patience. So a lot of people just opt to rent or buy costumes :D
  • Where to rent costumes? Costume stores, party stores, Halloween kiosks, or online! Hopefully next year, more blogshops will bring in Halloween costumes - but at the moment, lingerie blogshops are your best bet (see sidebar for Lingerie blogroll). Most shopping malls (kiosks and stores) will also sell Halloween costumes and accessories close to the end of October (on the day itself too!). We're talking witch hats, pitchforks, pumpkin baskets, capes, face paint, masks, etc for RM10 to RM50. For a truly unique and extravagant costume, of course, you'll usually have to rent it :D This usually costs anywhere between RM50-RM200.

What did you go as? :D
And what're you planning to go as next time round? ;)
I'm thinking of going as a Pos Laju parcel next year.

Also - if you have any suggestions on places to get costumes,
do leave a comment to share! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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