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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have a confession.

C'mon, 'fess up. We all have our favourites :D
It's what sets us apart from the next person, what makes our choices and styles distinct.
Although I still stand by the principle that everything is loved by somebody,
I'm personally a big fan of playing the "favourite" card -
favourite colour (yellow), favourite car (yellow Beetle), favourite song (Let It Be by The Beatles),
and most of all, favourite wardrobe pieces! :D

What are your favourite closet picks? ;) Here are 8 of my most loved styles!
And you can find all these items at Trendy Confessions!

*Trendy Confessions is a popular online store that caters to sizes 8 to 20
with a price range usually between RM30 to RM60 :)

Favourite 1: Instant Glam
  • It's Friday evening, you've just got back from the office - or just handed in a major assignment at uni - and you've got dinner plans! But man oh man, you're so exhausted, you can't even think of what to wear anymore. So your brain cells are fried, but you still want your outfit to have an interesting look - what do you do?
  • Make sure you buy a top with built-in jazz! :D This works whether it's shoulder embroidery/fringe/beading, or a built-in chain - or sheer lace and sparkly sequin ... or even a brightly-coloured tank top. Pull on a skirt and you're good to go - parties, clubbing, dinner, whatever! :D

Favourite 2: Address The Dress Dilemma!
  • Let's say you've got a function and you (feel the) need to wear a dress, but you're feeling out of shape! So how?
  • Worry not, shopping kaki! This is why shift dresses are so awesome :D Structure and shape without being cruelly clingy. Hehe! I've noticed that Trendy Confessions brings in a lot of shift dresses :)
  • Also one of my faves - the baggy oversized dress! Don't worry about looking like a potato sack - with the right accessories and attitude, you'll be able to rock it perfectly! :)

Favourite 3: The Top With That Extra Something Special
  • Sometimes I'm just too lazy to layer my clothes or dress up, or if I've pigged out too much over the weekend and can't zip up my jeans without creating a muffin top (don't judge me - we've all been there!). And to make matters worse, I want to wear my dullest sweatpants or shapeless palazzo pants. How do I avoid looking like I rolled out of bed and out of the house?
  • Invest in a Top With That Extra Something Special! :D Sometimes a simple design like a bow at the back or collage-inspired patterns can make a big difference to your entire look - and your entire day! :) Dress cheerful, feel cheerful :D

Favourite 4: Some days were just meant for shorts
  • Face it, our Malaysian weather is humid and sticky almost all the time! If we're going somewhere with no air-conditioning, it's going to be really uncomfortable :(
  • Now Favourite #4 is specially for fellow plus-sizers reading this, because it's pretty dang hard for us to find shorts that fit :P Thank goodness for online stores like Trendy Confessions - they bring in quite a lot of cute bottoms! :)

Favourite 5: When I say Jump, you say Maxi!
  • I can't speak for everyone, but I've got a total soft spot for jumpsuits and maxi dresses! :D I love how playful and cheerful jumpsuits are, and maxi dresses are just so lovely.
  • And one of the best things about jumpsuits and maxi dresses is that they are entire outfits on their own! You don't need tops and bottoms - just put on that ONE thing and you're all set! :D

Favourite 6: Skirt Alert!
  • I'm not usually a fan of skirts, but Trendy Confessions sure brings in some irresistible ones! :)
  • High-waisted chiffon maxi skirts and "full" circle skirts are figure-flattering for all figure types :D

Favourite 7: The Era Of The Shirtjacket
  • Since I'm magnetically attracted to air-conditioning, I'm also magnetically attracted to pieces I can use for layering :) The fun thing about layering is that you can add a piece to your outift and it instantly looks like a whole new outfit. Not to mention the ability to mix and match - maximizing the contents of your wardrobe!
  • The shirtjacket, in my opinion, is one of the staple layering pieces :D You can pull it on over a tank top or minidress, and it grants your outfit an immediate modesty and crispness. Also keeps you warm (an alternative to cardigans).

Favourite 8: The Good Ol' Shirtdress
  • I can't get enough of shirtdresses. Technically it's just a long shirt, but you can get away with wearing just safety pants under - or leggings or shorts! :) It's a very summery outfit that's well-suited for hanging out at the mall, kicking back at the beach, going to classes and vacationing :D (Unless it's winter.)
  • You can also wear it as outerwear :D Usually it's long enough to cover the butt and upper thighs - perfect if you're feeling self-conscious :P

And here's some awesome news if you'd like to check out Trendy Confessions' items in person! :D
They're one of the many fabulous booths at Chic POP Street Market
in TTDI Plaza this coming Saturday, so be there if you can!

*Click on the image above to visit the event's Facebook page - full list of vendors!*

And do say hi if you happen to see me! :D
I'll be shopping at the bazaar from around 12-2pm :P

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Pauline T said...

Hi there!

I came across your blog thru a friend's page that you tagged her on Facebook for one of your items.

I'm actually interested in your blog / online boutique. I would like to write a review on your site on my blog; i'm a event blogger and a part of Advertlets; one of KL's media blog site event and i found it really interesting about your site that i just have to write something for your blog! But that's if you wouldn't mind . Would it be appropriate?

by the way; here's my blog link incase you would like to look at my blog. Cheers!


Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Pauline! :)

Thank you so much for visiting Your Shopping Kaki! :) You have a wonderful blog! Of course you can write anything you'd like about our website :D

This is not an online boutique though :) Your Shopping Kaki is a shopping companion for online shoppers in Malaysia :D

Marcos Max said...

HI girls!, I have a question
Im found this site to buy Paris Hilton Perfume. Do you think my girlfriend will like these perfumes. She dosent like Paris Hilton but peoplo told that smells nice

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