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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Going Ga Ga over Barbies

by Cynthia Lee

Warehouse sales! 
Who doesn't go ga-ga whenever we hear that?
Warehouse sales would mean with the same amount of money you get to most probably double up your purchase quantity. Yes! A wholesome discounts!

The Mattel Warehouse Sales that happens from 27th - 29th March 2014 in The School @ Jaya One was the first warehouse sales I have stepped my foot in this year.
I heard Charles & Keith too is having their warehouse sales in SSTwo Mall in Petaling Jaya at the same time. It also includes brands like Pedro.

Anyway, I went to the one that sell dolls. Yes. Not beauty, not fashion but dolls -_-
I started to pick up on dolls when I first started my review on the Monster HIgh dolls. And now, I am ashamed to tell you that I have collected about 30 of 'em. Which is not a lot compared to a lot of hardcore fans. They are so therapeutic to look at! And almost every week after yoga class, I would drop by Toys R' Us to check out the latest edition of the Monster High.

So when I heard about  the Mattel Warehouse, I must go! Toys are not cheap nowadays by the way ;(

It started on a Thursday and I think these were the lots of parents who were so eager to barge in and grab a year worth of toys supply. Look at the crowd!
(pic credit to Warehouse Clearance)

So what do you expect to grab from the sales?

Fisher Price toys going at unbelievably low price you can never get outside. These were a hit with parents who wants to instill educational elements in the toys they get for their lil' toddlers. Totally worth it!
(pic credit to Warehouse Clearance)

Barbie Dolls!
(pic credit to Warehouse Clearance)

Mariposa Barbie for RM30!

Barbie Fashionistas Series 

I am not really a fan of BARBIE and I must say the Barbie dolls now don't look as good in terms of details. But you can't deny a hot Barbie when you see them draped in glittery dresses that you can only wish for! These Barbies were going for RM40 fron the first day and went down to RM20 on the last day!! So I grabbed of course, for no particular reason.
I will learn to love 'em!

Rows and rows of goodies!

Crazy markdown!

My initial objective was to grab as much Monster High Collection as possible as it's never that cheap to buy off the retail rack. There weren't any more dolls left when I went over on Friday. Only left with the accessories which is going at half the retail price.

These were going for RM50 only!
(pic credit to Warehouse Clearance)

Spectra with her jamming studio going for RM100

My loots?
Day 2 

Need I say more? =D

This huge unicorn with a carriage for Barbie Mariposa for RM100. Gorgeous isn't it?

Day 3

Barbie Fashionistas Series for RM35 and RM20 each =D

Don't ask. They are just too awesome! 

There is still another 3 more hours if you are nearby Petaling Jaya.
Or like Warehouse Clearance at their Facebook Page so you will be notified for the next major warehouse sales!
Happy Weekend!!

Happy Shopping!!
by Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Princess Neverland said...

Everything is super cheap!!

john gates said...

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