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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Lens a Day Makes a Happier Set of Eyes

by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

If it wasn't for these minute little convex object, I cannot imagine how many of us here would have to play sports with four eyes and risk getting your spectacle smashed.
If it wasn't for these almost invincible convex lil' object, gorgeous eye shadow palette wouldn't be of any use if you are always with your glasses.

Contact lenses is a staple for me too. There is a lot of things that one cannot do when they are with their glasses, for example, stare straight into the customer's eyes and radiate out a big scream of 'Give me sales!' thru eye contact.

This is my first time trying out the BIOMEDICS® 1 Day Extra daily disposable lens. And I am glad to have them this month to further prove just  how convenient daily lens are.

Before this, I am using some monthly disposable lens, on the pretext that I can save some money using the same lens for one whole 30-day period. More often than not, I do sometimes wear it over 40 days, as I couldn't (or too lazy) to remember the dates to change every month. Which is not good. Over-use of the lens above their suggested period would mean that you are risking your eyes to many possible damages.

March is a month of drought. And my place is affected too :(
It's very inconvenient when you don't have clean water supply. And I don't think rationed water is anywhere near 'clean'.
Thanks to the BIOMEDICS® 1 Day Extra daily disposable lens, I can now put on clean contact lens without having to worry on washing the lens case with muddy water and having it to contaminate the lens.

Daily disposable lenses are totally so on-the-go.
You don't need much rinsing and rubbing of the lens as you wear a new pair everyday! There really isn't any residue or protein build-up that you need to rinse off ;)
You literally only need to peel the cover of the case out and slide the lens onto your finger and plonk it into your eyes =D

So, just what's this  BIOMEDICS® 1 Day Extra all about?

• Contains 55% water content
• Comfortable lens wearing for up to 11 hours
• Healthier eyes because replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health
• No-hassle convenience – no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses
• May be beneficial for people with allergies

What if you also have a hint of astigmatism and needing to get the right contact lens?
There's BIOMEDICS® 1 Day Extra Toric for those who suffers from astigmatism. 

When placed on the human cornea, the hydrated lens acts as a corrective refracting medium to focus light 

rays on the retina. 

The visibility tinted BIOMEDICS® 1 Day Extra Toric soft contact lenses allow the lens to become readily visible to the wearer when not on the eye. 

These  BIOMEDICS®  range of lens are products of CooperVision - a unit of the Cooper Companies Inc, one of world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. CooperVision brings a refreshing perspective on vision care with a commitment to crafting quality lenses for contact lens wearers and providing focused practitioner support.

Now you can try the CooperVision Daily Disposable lens for FREE.
Not a one day trial, but a five day kit for you try out in detail on the suitability of the lens to your lifestyle. 

Click Here to get you free trial kit : 5 DAYS TRIAL

The Biomedics range of contact lens can be purchased off the counter from most local optical shops.

Hello to good eyesight!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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